Roselia noticed the way Seth kept sneaking little glances her away from the opposite couch he’s seated, but decided to act oblivious.

For a second there, she didn’t know Seth would agree easily to place a call to Luciano on her behave.

She was thinking to use her power before if he proves adamant. But it turns out he was an easy bone after all.

The minutes later, the main entrance door was opened and Luciano took slow strides in.

Her man… This is her man! Her eyes glinted at his ravishing sight. His dishevelled air that gave him the smoky hot appearance.

His royal black shirt and black jeans matched the colour of his hair. His pink eye catching lips and heck… the way he was walking in such a royally way.

She found herself falling for her king again. Even though it’s been long they’ve seen each other… He was still her king and she still remains his queen.

Luciano looked round the room and his gaze moved from Seth’s longing eyes and to the unfamiliar lady on seat who was lost staring at him.

Roselia rose up on her feet and ran towards him.. Jumping and embracing him unannounced.

“Hubby, I miss you.”she cooed, her mouth trailing ksses down his neck as she snaked her arms around his neck.


“Hubby, I miss you.”she cooed, her mouth trailing ksses down his neck as she snaked her arms around his neck.

Scrunching his face in disgust, Luciano jerked her arms from his neck so hurriedly like it burns.

“Who the h’ll are you?”he almost yelled exasperatedly, stepping backward and away from her.

Luciano held chuckles from the opposite direction and looked to see Seth palming his mouth, holding in his laughter.

“You can’t just allow a random person in at any time of the day, Seth.”he groaned in annoyance at him.

Seth removed his palm from his mouth and smirked at him, shaking his head amusingly.

“Funny how I wasn’t even the one who let her in. Neither do I think it was the guards.

And had I not knew better, I would say she kind of appeared in here.”Seth responded, sipping from his whiskey and crossing his legs.

He doesn’t know why but he’s loving the show already.

“Is that even possible?”he asked, and when Seth only gave him a shrug, he turned towards the lady,”Look… Maybe you got the wrong place.

You can leave now and since you might as well want to use the same method you applied while coming here to go back, I had like it to be soon, please.”

Saying that as tenderly as he could even though he so much want to yell his lungs out at her for ever been here, he strutted past her and started walking for the stairs.

Roselia who has been dumbfounded since and was all the while in shock that he couldn’t recognize her, quickly found her voice seeing as he had started going away from her.

“I’m Roselia, your…”

“Yeah, Roselia. I know you’re sorry about misplacing wherever it is you’re going and instead finding yourself here.

Stop being guilty for banging into someone else’s house cause have forgiven you already.

You can go now and try to remember wherever it is you’re going on the way… bye”It was so heartbreaking how fast it was for him to quickly cut her off, and jogging up the stairs.

Luciano opened the door to his room and sighed out.

He was glad he was able to get the stranger to go back and find who she’s looking for; because he possibly could never be that ‘hubby’ she just called him.

He wasn’t even married yet, so she’s got the wrong person.


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