By Tiana

Episode 11
**You and Nadine are two different people from two different world, “** Nadine’s mom words echoes in his ears as he kept tossing on his bed.
“What makes them think so,”

Lorenzo wondered as he sat down. Thinking about his whole life he felt so miserable, unwanted and rejected.

Till now people still regard him as a lowlife, the only person he can proudly say that loved him so much is Nadine and aside from her he’s just a misfortune to some other people.

Till now Austin is still a je.rk that he is, he don’t even regard him as his brother and even Mr Adams he only see him as that poor street boy picked by Mrs Pinna.

“It not over Lorenzo, you can still make it,” he subconscious said. Even after finishing his studies in California he’s still in search of a better job that will take him to a higher level.


He thought of having a name of his own, building an empire and swimming in riches maybe then the Montes will regard him as somebody and only then can he marry Nadine. Only then can he avenge his parents de.ath too.

“Am still coming for you senator Kendall.. when the right time comes,” he thought.


Miguel stare at Yeng as she dropped the bags in the vehicle. It’s Day three already and they were done with the medical mission.

“You dropped this on my table,” Miguel smirked as he showed her one of her letter. Yeng bow her head in shame, surprised that he knew about that.

” I guess it’s high time I start to fire some nurses in MMC. I thought nurse are decent but not the annoying ones I have here. I want to make it clear to you to forget about me and be responsible for once.

There are still good men out there and it shouldn’t be only Dr Miguel everytime,” he snarled while Yeng just nodded.
” Am sorry doc,” she apologized while Miguel just walked pass her and headed to his car.
*What now Kacey! Are you leaving me?

**I hate you now Miguel**
Those words echoed in his ears.
“Drive,” he ordered his driver who just started the engine.


@ The Montes Mansion

“I really love him mother,” Nadine pout holding her mom’s hand.

“Just give him a chance and I hope dad will allow me be with Lorenzo,” Nadine enthused. She was glad her dad came back and Miguel too is back from his trip.

.. Nadine and her mom join Josie and Miguel at the dining table.
“So how are things at the work? Josie asked.
” Fine dad, you can trust me with that,” she smiled.

“One more thing dad. I know you love me and you’re interested in my future and everything but to be honest dad I like Lorenzo and I still hope you won’t get mad at us,” Nadine started hoping her dad won’t be angry this time.

” It’s barely a month you came back from US Nadine. I expected much from you and not this lame talk about that poor boy again.

He has nothing to offer you, what will the whole world say if they get to know my only daughter will end up marrying a lowlife like that guy.

He has no future and you can’t mingle with such people,” Josie spoke angrily while Nadine was already boiling in anger but she kept quiet.

“I love him dad..,” she said almost in a whisper but Mr Josie heard that.

“Enough Nadine! What about Leonard I know he’s very much interested in you. I didn’t raise you just so you will be taken away by some lowlife who has nothing to offer in your life.

I won’t discuss this with you anymore,” he said sternly as he stood up and headed upstairs.
“Arrggg.. ” Nadine yelled in anger.
“Nadine.. it’s okay,” Miguel cooed.

“It’s not okay Miguel. Dad has to stopped seeing Lorenzo as a lowlife. Isn’t it enough that he has finished his studies in university of California Berkeley, what’s next again.

You all aren’t interested in my happiness,” Nadine said trying to hold back her tears.

” Your happiness is the utmost my dear but your life is already planned out well by your dad. He knows better,’ Mrs Julianna cooed.

“No mom. I don’t think he knows better this time,” Nadine cried letting out her tears.

” That Lorenzo was still the same guy that pushed Dianne remember? And that was the genesis of his problem everyone hate him for that one eviI act he did. He might end up destroying you Nadine.

Dad is right Lorenzo has nothing to offer you and aside from that he might end up destroying the only sister I ever had,”. Miguel said.

” Lorenzo will never hurt me. Non of you really understand him,” Nadine said bitterly as she stood up and ran to her room.
” Nadine…,” Mrs Julianna called out.

“Don’t worry mom. I will talk to her. Nadine is just obsessed with that guy I wonder what sweet words he had been feeding her with,” Miguel said angrily.

He really hate Lorenzo gut in still trying to make Nadine his.
“Why can’t he just leave my family alone,” he thought.


@Adams Mansion

Lorenzo munch on his food, thinking about lots of thing lately. He has a lot to do so he thought.

“Lorenzo.. Lorenzo,” Adams called as he nudge him, jolting him from his thoughts.

” Josie is giving you the last chance to forget about Nadine or you’re in for it,” he said while Lorenzo angrily looked at him.

” You’re not the one to tell me this,” he said while Adams laughed.

“Okay! But the next we will talk about this Josie won’t take it lightly with you. Enjoy while it last,” he said as he stood up and left.

“you know Miguel hate such guts of yours,” Austin said who was standing by the door.

” Yeah, but Miguel never wish to hate me. You pushed Dianne and blame it all on me because I was just this naive poor boy who just got into a rich school.

I will clear my name someday Austin and all this hatred and rejection will backfire back to you and your family,” Lorenzo said.

” Let see how you will go about that. You have nothing Enzo, nothing at all.

I just want you to remember it was my mom that gave you this life you’re living, she picked you from the street and brought you in here and she save your ass from prison or you would have still been there,” Austin said mockingly.

” And til now we choose to accommodate you in our house because we know you have no where to go.

Lorenzo you owe us a lot, so you should be grateful you’re still living under this roof,” he said while Lorenzo just nodded.
” It’s okay Austin,” he said.


@ The Montes Mansion

Julianna sat down on the bed while Mr Josie sat on the chair.

“Nadine is really into to him and I guess the happiness of our daughter matters much. In this aspect of her life we should allow her choose who she loves,” Julianna said calmly trying to convinced Josie.

“But she’s choosing it wrongly. I have already planned her life out and I didn’t plan it with that poor thing.

Leonard Enerstos is the right man for our daughter and she have to obey whatever I say Julianna. We are all talking about the Montes-Tech this is also klling two birds with one stone,” he said.

” You know how stubborn Nadine can be,” Julianna sighed.
” Am more stubborn than her and not when am alive will I allow her to marry that son of a nobody.

I guess it’s high time we tell her the real story of her life. We should tell her about the deal,” he said while Julianna nodded sadly….
What deal…?
It seems like Nadine life is already planned out by her father.


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