By Tiana

Episode 15

@The Montes Mansion.

Nadine sip a little from her hot chocolate tea and drop the cup on the table. She sat down on her chair and switch on her laptop.

Suddenly the door went open and her mother walked in.
“Mom,” she called.
“Nadine, how is work? She asked with a sad smile then sat down at the edge of her bed.

“Fine mommy. Have you talked to Dad, you promised to talk to him and I hope he has changed his mind? Nadine asked so worried.

“Your dad won’t just listen. He’s so stubborn Nadine, he don’t want to listen to anyone. Am sorry, ” Julianna said with a sad face while Nadine just nodded.

“It’s okay mom,” she whisper.
“I will..
” Please mom, I want to be alone,” she said.
“I will still talk to him again,”

“I just want to be alone mom. Please leave, ” she said calmly trying to hold herself.
” It’s okay Nadine. Goodnight,” Julianna gently pat her shoulder before leaving.

” Am not gonna marry Leonard and that’s final,” she seethed as she let out her tears.

The whole thing seems to frustrate her alot and her dad doesn’t really care all he want is for her to get married by all means.

She walked to her bathroom and washed her face, she parked her long hair in a ponytail and stare at her face in the mirror.

“You’ll sail through this Nadine,” she said to herself then walked back to her bedroom. She carried her laptop and continue what she was doing.

She clicked on the photo as she stare at the picture of the old man

**Kendall Rodney” A former senator. His daughter, Audrey is getting married to the Mayor Kamil Robinson.**

Nadine read just a few lines about Kendall then click on the name *Kamil Robinson* she saw the picture of his former girlfriend.

**After the mysterious de.ath of Cassandra Vincente, Kamil’s ex girlfriend he decided to get married to his childhood sweetheart Audrey K Rodney.*
“So he has a daughter, Audrey and she’s even getting married soon, ” Nadine said to herself as she read more about it.
“just hang in here, am coming,” **
Nadine slowly opened her eyes, the early morning sun reflecting in her eyes through the window.

“Lorenzo” she quickly sat up then remember the nightmare she had. She stoop up and close the window to avoid the reflection of the sunlight.

She sat down and recall last night browsing more about Kendall and his family and how she slept late having nightmares about Lorenzo but she couldn’t remember what actually happened in the dream.

She quickly picked up her phone and called Lorenzo.

📞Babe,” Lorenzo smiled hearing her voice at the other end.
📞Are you okay? Can we meet up at the office today please..
📞You sound so tensed up. Are you okay?
📞I just want to see you,” she sighed.
📞Okay love. See you,” he smiled before hanging up.

Nadine quickly got down from the bed and have a quick shower, then dressed up before heading downstairs.

“You’re right on time Nadine. Breakfast is ready,” Julianna said. She was already dressed for work too.

“Thanks Mom,” Nadine smile as she take a seat next to her mom and sip from her coffee.

“Where’s dad and Miguel?
” Miguel has a surgery to attend to so he left early and Josie, he’s in the room getting ready for work.”

” Okay mom, I also need to go now. I have a pile of work waiting for me at the office,”
” Am so proud of you Nadine,” Julianna smiled.
” Thanks Mom”



Nadine took the elevator up to where her office is located. She walked into her office and sat down. She stare at nothing in particular as she thinks of Lorenzo.

She loved him so much and can’t imagine her life without him, the thought of her getting married to Leonard is slowly eating her up, maybe that’s what is giving her nightmares,” she thought.

Just then her door went open and her secretary walked in.
“Good morning,”
“Morning Lena,”
“Sir Leonard gave me this to give you,” she said as she hand over the file to her.

” Thanks,” Nadine smile as she glance through it. It about the new project they’re planning with Leonard they have to see each other more often now.


Few hours Later,
Nadine seems busy working on the paperwork, she wanted to round up everything because Lorenzo will soon gonna show up. She yawn lightly as she checked her time it almost lunch time.

“What! I have been working since morning,” she said to herself then stood up and stretch herself.

“Nadine,” a masculine voice called which startled her a bit because she don’t even know when he entered.

“Leonard what are you doing here? She asked.
“To see your beautiful face,” he smiled.

“Don’t be a joy kller, just let me be,” she said.
” Let’s go out for lunch,”
” Am busy,”
“Will you stop giving me excuses,”

“I want to get to know my wife to be, I just want us to bond so well Nadine, please give me a chance,” he said moving closer to her while Nadine was moving back until her back was touching the wall.

“I don’t love you and I will never be your wife, is it too difficult to understand.

Leonard, you’re handsome, hardworking and gat everything you need and am sure you have all the ladies in the world to worship you, why not leave me alone and go for them,” Nadine snapped while Leonard chuckle.

” It’s you I want, ONLY YOU. You’re mine Nadine, alone,” he smirked. Nadine frown at him as she turn to leave but he grab and pinned her to the wall.
“You’re mine alone,” he forcefully kssed her.

“Let me go,” Nadine yelled but he shut her up again with a kss, she struggle to get out of his grip but he was way too strong.

Suddenly the door went open and Lorenzo walked in with a paper bag, he prepared her favorite lunch and package, he wanted to surprise her with it but was shocked to see Leonard forcing himself on her.

“You animal! Lorenzo yelled as he grabbed Leonard and pvshed him so hard to the wall, gave him several pvnches.

“Nadine is mine alone, so you have no right to lay your filthy hands on her,” Lorenzo yelled at him pvnching him again.

” That’s enough Enzo,” Nadine quickly held Lorenzo and hugged him so tight.

“It’s okay,” she whimpered
“Argg,” Leonard groaned in pain. He stood up from the floor adjusting his suit, he was already bI.eeding from the nose, his face full of bruises already. He watch in anger as Nadine hugged Lorenzo and cried in his arms.

“You’ll get it from me,” he said before walking out to make a quick phone call to Mr Josie.
“is he harassing you? Why not tell your family about this.

What if I haven’t come on time Nadine only God knows what would have happened to you,” Lorenzo said in anger as he disengage from the hug.
“I don’t know what to do,” Nadine cried.

“Am sorry, but I swear on my life I will kll him if he ever hurt you again. You’re not safe with him,” Lorenzo said as he pull her into a hugged and kssed her hair.

“I love you Nadine and it hurt me so much to see you this way,” he said sadly.

” You son a of bch,” Josie yelled when he walked in and saw Nadine and Lorenzo hugging each other.

“Dad,” Nadine called.
“How dare you,” Josie pvnched Lorenzo making him to staggered back but Nadine held him.
Leonard who was standing at the door smirked.

“I don’t want to see your face ever again not in my house or in my company or else I will have you arrested,” Josie yelled at him.

” He only save me from this monster dad,” Nadine snarled as she point at Leonard.

” Don’t be too stubborn Nadine just give Leonard a chance to treat you right because he will soon be your husband,” Josie yelled at her.

” One day you’ll realize how much I loved your daughter and not this animal you called Loenard or Leopard.

Just admit it you are a bad father because you want to give out your daughter to someone she don’t loves because of a mere company.

You are depriving us of our happiness for your selfish reason and one day you’ll surely regret that,” Lorenzo fired back at him while Josie was so furious. He raised his hand to sIap Lorenzo but he stopped it halfway

“Go ahead, h!t me or maybe kll me. You see me as a garbage because you think I have nothing to offer, is true that you’re just after money which we all know money is not everything.

One day I will prove you wrong, I will be at the top where you will come begging for my help and I won’t even spare you a glance,” Lorenzo said with so much rage as he quickly walked out in anger.

“What! You just let him leave like that. You should have call the security to throw him out.

He’s threatening you and he have no respect, how dare he speaks like that to the whole ‘Josie Montes’ like that,” Loenard said in anger trying to trigger more hatred in the heart of Josie.

“And you Nadine aren’t you ashamed now. Your so called boyfriend just talked back at your dad as if he’s nothing. Now I get where you got that rude attitude of yours, it from Lorenzo,” he smirked.

” I will deal with Lorenzo personally and you Nadine we will talk at home,” he said before leaving.
” Your father loved and trusted you Nadine.

He gave you everything you ever need, the money, the education, the connection and even the fame so what else do you need.

You’re only repaying him with such heartbreaks and sadness from that useless boyfriend of yours.

Don’t allow your stubbornness make you loose everything you have including the blessings of your father and don’t be too surprised to wake up one day and realized you’ve loose your family because if you continue this way your dad might disown you and am hundred percent sure your sweet boyfriend as you think will not be there to stand by you.

Think twice Nadine, your family or Lorenzo?


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