Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade


?? HARRIS ??

“Lara-Jane, please clean this table , I and my son wants to visit a neighbor,take care of the house we’ll soon be back”. Mom said standing up from the table .

“You can actually call me LJ ma’am”. She said packing the plates.

“LJ, please take care of this house and don’t allow any stranger in we’ll soon be back”. I said heading towards the door.

“Yes sir”. She said and went to the kitchen

“Mom, is it really necessary for us to visit Aunt Rose? She’s probably busy with the summer stuffs and won’t have our time.

“We going there, we can show her the video of Valerie. She must have seen her somewhere or something

“We don’t even have a clue of where she can be . They didn’t give us a description of her house ”


“Let’s just try. I’m out already”. Mom said exiting the door as I tagged along with her .

We walked towards the compound and luckily for us, we found Mrs Rose husband .

“Mr Roger? Mom smiled walking up to him . He looked up and embraced us.

“Wow, when did you get back? Come inside let’s sit”. He offered as we entered.

I scanned the field when we entered peeping through there window, it was quite filled with lots of families and little children.

I wonder how this man is coping with these people here .

“We came back some days ago, how is Ruth?

“She is the organizer of the summer house camp,have you forgotten when you would attend it with your husband and Harris who is fully grown now”

“Yes, that true. You remember how little he as back then? They both laughed. I rolled my eyes and sat down .

“Harris, how are you and any plans for the future?

“Plans, he is married now. My son is a married man”. Mom boasted .

They kept talking about business and family as I stepped out to feel the freshness of the air outside , but I wanna be very careful so I’ll not disturb the peace of these children .

People notice me instantly, because I’m one cute guy .

I dipped my hands inside the side pocket of my coat. I balanced my neck on the fluffy hoodie and stepped out closing the door behind me.

A tray of people including children and their parents flooded the field. Some gathered themselves at a corner with Mrs Rose in front, it looks as if she was talking to them . I never knew Mrs Rose still runs this stuff, I once attended it with my parents anytime we came here for holiday before Dad and Mom divorced.

“Uncle…Sir? I felt a soft tap on my leg and I looked down to see a little girl who had a sweet in her hand. She should be up to 3 or 4 years of age . Her hair was braided into two and she has pink ribbons ? on them .

“Hello? I bent down and looked up to her shoulder .

“Can you help me with this candy? She said politely

I closed my eyes and sighed . I need to start practicing on how to treat a little child .

“Sure” . I collected the sweet from her and helped her with it as she collected it .

“Thank you Uncle” . She giggled and leaned over as she pecked me and ran away .

I touched my cheeks and smiled. Such a cute little girl, I later saw her with a woman who I assumed to be her mother with the way she fondles with her . She waved at me and I waved back .

I was about going again when I saw a small boy , about to cross the road and an oncoming truck was coming.

How do I do this? Gosh! Why does this have to be in my presence? And where the h’ll is his mother? He seems terrified as he saw the truck all he did was cry.

No one could hear him because the music was loud . I ran towards him and swept him off his feets and we both rolled to the other side of the road.


?? ANGEL ??

Mrs Rose just started with the information about the vacation hunt and I was jotting some things down after telling Jordan to be still . He kept tapping me an was murmuring but I wasn’t paying attention.

“Jordan, be still…I’ll soon be done”. I said not looking at him

“So, after crossing over to the bridge you can start your hunt for gem. We have two green gems hidden and one red gem, the person that brings the gems is the winner and the person with the red gem gets extra cash “. Mrs Rose said

“Excuse me ma’am”. A woman raised her hand up to ask a question.

“Yes please”. Mrs Rose adjusted her glasses and spoke

“What if a person found the two or three gem? Will that person be awarded according to the gem?

“Of course yes”. She said.

I kept scribbling in my note when I noticed that Jordan’s voice is faint and he’s not saying anything.

“Jordan…let’s get you prepar–” . I looked down after closing my book just to find nothing beside me.

I looked amidst the crowd. My heart made a loud beat,my head pounded countless times . I felt something swirling around in my eyes too as everyone doubled .

Someone’s child…!

“Jordan?? I looked around and started searching for him. He is not that tiny to look for .

Angel, how could you be so stupid to lose Valerie’s son. What would she do when she discovers that ??

Everyone was minding their businesses and nobody seems to care . They were all heading towards the direction of the hunting forest .

I saw a woman dressing for her daughter. She stayed beside a canopy and dressed her . I moved closer and tapped her.

“Excuse me, please have you seen a little boy in shorts and polo?? He is of average height, he had brown hair and powdered blue eyes.. he…he??

“No ma’am, I’m sorry”. She said politely and continued what she was doing.

I asked few more people but they have not seen him around.

I was running ¢razy!!

“Mrs Rose?? Something spoke to me as I rushed like a mad woman to her. She was heading towards the hunt forest too.

“Mrs Rose…. ma’am… ma’am”. I shouted but she couldn’t hear me. The noise coming from the DJ didn’t solve the problem at all.

“Move it or leave the way”. A man shouted pushing away from the road . Few other people did that as I left that place and went back looking for Jordan instead of Gems .

Tears flickered down my eyes. What do I tell Valerie?I needed to inform her.

I removed my phone from my back pocket and dailed her number. She picked instantly

“Hey babe, how are you? How is the hunting experience? How is Jordan? Immediately she asked of him I felt my heart stopping.

“Jordan?? Jor… Jordan”. I broke down in tears.

“What’s going on? What happened to Jordan? Where is my son?? She raised her voice. It was shaky and I know she’s in tears.

“He was just beside me…in a twinkle of an eye, he disappeared from my sight…I can’t find him Valerie”.

“Oh my gosh! My son! My poor little boy , how could you lose him…how? Angel what have you done? She said and ended the call .

I cried my eyes out when my kind drifted back to our room. He could be there.

I walked back to our room and checked everywhere. The kitchen,the bedroom and everywhere.

“Jordan? I screamed for the umpteenth time. I checked under the bed when I raised my head up, I heard the tyres of a car screeching as I opened the window and saw a man taking a little boy from the road .

“Jordan??? I shouted my eyes almost popped out from it’s socket. I raced back downstairs. I almost tripped as I went to the door and jumped out .

The truck driver already parked, he came down and was insulting the man. The truck blocked them as I crossed the road.

Jordan was in tears , few people gathered round us as I ran to the other side of the road . The man bent down and was patting Jordan’s back so he wouldn’t cry, he himself was backing me.

“It’s alright little one, where is your mommy? He said

“I’m here…I’m here”. I knelt down in front of him and hugged Jordan. I closed my eyes and wept.

“I thought I losed you….I thought I was not gonna see you again! I’m sorry I let you trail off like that….I’m so sorry…I’m sorry, Valerie would be so mad at me for letting you slip away….I’m sorry Jordan…I’m really sorry”. I kept crying when the man spoke.

“Valerie? He said and I opened my eyes slowly just to behold my wildest dream in front of me .

“Harris Grayson?? My eyes raced and locked with his .


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