Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade


? ? VALERIE ??

••••”Hospital Machine Beeps ??

I saw my son sitting on the floor. I beckoned on him to come he only giggled and started crawling away towards another leg.

The leg looks feminine due to the shoe the person was putting on. I only saw legs and not face .

I called his name again instead I saw hands which was stretched forth as the hands picked him up and he started crying.

The legs started moving away from me. I kept calling his name but he cried . I wanted to move but I was fixed on a spot .

“Jordannnn….!” I shouted my lungs out .

“She’s awake”. I heard someone say . The vision was blurry but the voice sounded familiar.

My head hurt and I couldn’t remember what happened the previous time .

The bed looks so long and comfy. I couldn’t feel my waist again .

“Valerie? A lady ran to me wearing a bumshort and big top . She was bare footed and she seem so unkempt.

“Who are you? I said to her .

She looked at the guy whose voice was familiar. My vision was back.

“It’s me…Angel …oh shit! Did she loose her memory?? She ran her hands in her hair and paced back and forth in tears .

“You seriously don’t remember anything? The guy said .

“It’s my fault…I’m sorry…this happened because of me”. She wailed .

“Angel? I raised my head as she paused and ran to meet me on the bed throwing her arms up as she hugged me.

“Ouch….my waist…what happened to me? I winced holding my waist. It was all bandaged .

“Gosh! You scared the heII out of me. I couldn’t control myself! I wanted to die..I had to call Drake “. She withdrew from the hug and smiled faintly at me

“Why are you wearing a bumshort and big top? What happened? It’s so unusual for you to wear something like that”. I said .

“Don’t you remember anything? Did you loose your memory for real? Drake touched my forehead.

“No..! I slapped his hand.

“What’s wrong with you? Stop acting all cute”. He rolled his eyes after folding his hands .

“What? Who is acting cute or like a doctor here? Me? No! You…” I pouted.

I hate to admit it but Drake is kinda looking cute that’s why I intentionally ignored him but he wouldn’t let me be.

“What’s wrong with you both? Angel cuts in.

“Wait…it’s not my fault…it’s hers”. Drake accused me.

“Hey..hey.. accuser of the brethren” . I smirked

“Are you calling me a devil indirectly? He raised his brows .

“No! Except you look more handsome than the dvil “. I bursted out finally cvrsing under my breath .

Gosh! Valerie do you have to say that . I covered my mouth with my palm .

“Hmmm”. Angel winked giving me that dvilish smile .

“Are you admitting that I’m handsome? Drake smiled raising his eyebrows. My heart almost stopped.

The butterflies that yearns for Harris during college came back tugging at my belly.

“My son? My eyes was widened .

“Valerie…he? Angel stuttered. I wanted to stand up so I could sit well when I felt a shape pain accompanied by my voice.

“Arghhhh”. I cried holding my waist as they both held me.

“Relax…you’re not yet okay…you’re just recovering,you’ve been unconscious for 2 days and now you’re awake,don’t complicate issues …. please “. Drake did his best to allow me rest my back again on the bed as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I was feeling pains all over my body .

“Val? Angel was in tears again , she held my hands and kssed them with tears in her eyes. I shut my eyes and tried remembering what happened to me.

“Jordan”. His name escaped from my lips as I remembered how I was in that state .


“Angel? Her name echoed so does the gvnshot I heard.

Suddenly I felt numb, I couldn’t feel my stomach. It looks as if my ribs shifted. Everything became blurry.

“Take her to the hospital…I don’t want a dead person to hunt me down”. Harris Mom said .

I could see people gathering around me .

“Valerie? Oh my gosh! Angel ran to me cuddling me up in her arms as I rested my head against her chest .

“Stay with me…stay with me Valerie… someone help…!!!!” She screamed loud .

“Mommy”. I heard my son’s voice. I need to stay alive for him . I was in pains. I traced my hand to my stomach . I felt a deep hole and I touched it as I saw bI.ood .

“Get her to the hospital…I’ll pay the bills”. I heard that fierce voice.

“Mommy”. Jordan called. I couldn’t help him . I was feeling helpless too . I couldn’t help my helpless son.

Everyone was fading from my sight including their voices.

“Mommy…” That was the last thing I heard before everything became black out.


“Are you feeling okay? A man who was wearing a white lab coat said. He stood near the drip that was standing beside me .

Drake and Angel were at the other side feeling so worried as they held my hand .

“Yeah…” I nodded and sobbed .

“Doctor, is the issue complicated? I thought you said she would soon heal up and you can discharge us anytime from now…why is she having pains again”

“Yes I did, that’s because she is stressing herself. The wound is so delicate and we need to be extra careful when doing things. All she needs for now is rest “.

“Thank you so much Doctor”. Drake said

“Are you here boyfriend? Or husband? You seem worried than the victim. You must love her so much”. The man smiled .

“No …he’s no…” . I wanted to talk when Drake interrupted me

“Yes I do very much” . He interrupted me by clearing his throat and blushing.

I looked at Angel as if it was all planned and she winked at me . I just groaned. I have no strength to argue with them .

All I need is my son.

“That’s interesting, young couple of nowadays are not as sweet as you are. Miss Valerie…do not let go of him , he loves you so much”. The doctor said.

I only nodded and smiled.

“So, are you saying we can go home today? Angel asked

“Yes, but do not stress her . Make sure she sleeps well at home”. He said .

He left after checking other stuffs .

“Sleep? Rest? How can I do all that when my son is in the Lion’s den

“Relax…Harris Mom will never hurt him, yes, she’s wicked….she loves Jordan and will never hurt him . After all, he’s her only heir “. Drake said

“Harris must pay for what he did to me. My poor son, he’s just so little and doesn’t understand what is going on..I don’t know if he’s hungry or wants to play or…or…” I started crying again.

“Valerie….don’t cry please, we’ll bring Jordan back “.

“I’ll do anything I can to bring him back . I promise”. Drake said to me .

Harris , I’ll make you pay for what you did to me and my son.


When we got home. I staggered inside holding my side . I looked all around with tears in my eyes . I stepped on broken glasses and paused .

Our house was untidy . I paused for a while again scanning everywhere as Angel entered.

“Huh?? I’ll tidy everywhere now”. She said with uneasiness.

I could hear it in her voice . I know she’s quite hurt about what happened and she is probably feeling guilty because of it.

It’s not her fault anyways! Nobody can stop fate from happening be it good or bad side .

“Thank you”. I muttered as she looked back and smiled at me .

“I’ll get the broom now…sit over here”. She helped me to sit on our long couch.

She came down minutes later with a broom as she begins to sweep . I noticed she was silent when she bent down.

“Angel…are you okay? I was worried as I stood up hearing her sniffle. She heard my footsteps and decided to wipe her tears away instantly .

“Are you crying? I bent down in front of her and saw her holding something .

“Are you hurt? Still came no response as I checked her hand and saw Jordan’s broken toy .

“He broke it the previous day …I’m sorry Valerie…I didn’t mean to”. She hugged me tight and wept.

Drake was outside bringing baskets of fruits from the car.

“My son…” I cried like a child . She helped me up to the chair as we cried .

“Geez! What’s wrong with you both? Drake said as he sat on the table in front of us .

“Why are you doing this Valerie? You need to be strong for Jordan..we all need to be strong for him …. crying won’t bring him back at all we need to take steps to bring him back …..”

“But he…

“You’re just so stubborn…this is the end of our conversation, Angel don’t make issues complicated, be strong for Valerie. She needs to rest because of her wound , I’ll make tea now…take her to her room “. Drake said as he stood up and went to the kitchen .

“Let’s go inside so I can finish what I started”. Angel sniffled when we heard a knock on the door.

Who could that be? I and Angel exchanged glances at each other.


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