Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



“Harry? I heard Angel say as Harry came inside and sat beside me .

“Oh my gosh… Valerie…what happened? I’ve been trying your number ever since I came back from my business trip ”

“Harry…they…I lost Jordan”. I wept resting my head on his shoulder as he patted my back .

“Angel…what happened? Where is Jordan??

“It’s a long story but we are sure he’s fine , he’s with his father”.

“His father? I..”. Harry wanted to say when Angel cuts in.

“Harry please…don’t make things hard for Valerie, she’s just recovering

“I’m sorry Angel, I know how it feels to lose a daughter too”. He bowed his head.

“What do you mean? What happened to Annie? I watched him with his long look as Drake came out with tray of cookies and coffee .


💙🧡 HARRY 💙🧡

The guy who came out seemed very familiar .

I can’t really remember where I saw him , he’s just so familiar.

“Thank you Drake, do you care for tea…Harry? Valerie said .

“…I’m good thank you “. I declined politely

“Okay…Drake, let’s go upstairs , Valerie has a visitor”. Angel said then I remembered the guy.

He is one of Harris friends. Thankfully he doesn’t recognize me. Harriet was once crushing on him back then at college, one of the reasons why she detest Valerie.

“What happened to Annie? Valerie said jerking me off my thoughts about the strange guy.

“Annie….I lost her”. I broke down in tears. I tried hard to cry by thinking about the memories of the little girl .

Her smiles, her laughter echoed in my ears .

“Oh my gosh! “. Valerie dropped her cup of coffee and hugged me but not so tight because of her waist . She ran her hands through my hair thereafter patting my back .

“It’s been so hard … I can’t imagine living a day without her . Annie has been such a sweet little girl right from toddler. I wanted to raise her to become a strong woman…”. I kept crying

“Annie was a fighter….She tried hard to survive…. I’m sorry Harry ….it must have been hard for you, I thought she was recovering

“That was what I was told too, until she was diagnosed with heart problem again , everything became so complicated… we’ve taken her body to the morgue, she’ll be buried tomorrow. I really hope you’ll come”.

“Humm…I’ll do that, I’m so sorry once again”. She patted my back .

“Erhmm….I’ll take my leave now, I’ll call you..take care of yourself”. I pecked her as I went out.



After Annie’s burial, Drake told me he was gonna do something about my son. He would fight for him. After all, the Graysons sent a letter to us that we can come and fight for him at court .

They’ve decided the date and Drake promised he was gonna get me one of the best lawyers in town to make sure Jordan returns to us.

I know who I’m up against, Harris and his mother will never give up like that.

I was busy in the living room that morning when I heard a gentle knock at the door . I wasn’t expecting anyone.

The knock was persistent.

“Yeah…I’m coming, wait up…”. I headed towards the door and opened it. I met my greatest surprise .

“Mommy”. Jordan said removing his hand from Harris hand as he entered inside and ran into my arms.

“Oh my gosh….my son…Angel, come and see Jordan”. I shouted running my hands into his hair .

I was in tears. I missed him so much . But he was fine, he was doing so well .

“Are you hurt…are you okay…are you….Angelll…!!”. I screamed checking his body, armpit everything as I hugged him once more. I kept admiring how handsome he looked for the past few weeks he spent at the Grayson’s mansion .

“Is that one of your siIIy pranks again? Angel came out from the kitchen . She thought I was kidding as soon as she sighted him.

She jumped on us and almost carried I and Jordan into her arms. We both bent down while he was in front of us hugging him.

His hair was perfectly styled and he looked handsome, more like Harris. He had a little bag strapped to his back ,he was wearing new clothes and shoes too.

“My godson…oh my gosh! You’ve grown so well, you have a new shirt…shorts ohh and sneakers , Wow … Valerie,look at him “. She kept kssing him as he giggled playing with her hair .

My heart can’t explain the numbers of joy flowing in me. Tears trickled down my cheeks . I never imagined I could hold my son again .

I patted his hair and smiled.

“My bag… grandma got me bag…. aeroplane …shoe and shirt, I’ll take you to New York with my aeroplane” . Jordan cooed showing me his bag as he removed it from his back and opened the zip showing me and Angel what Harris Mom got him.

He just called Harris Mother, grandma? I giggled within .

“Wow….you’ve always wanted an aeroplane…”. I admired the beautiful aeroplane he removed from his bag.

“Zuummmmm….zummmmm”. He ran inside as we looked at him happily as the people in front of us cleared their throat.

“Ahemmm”. Harris Mom cleared her throat. I and Angel stood up instantly .

“Come in please”. I offered as Harris and his mom exchanged glances .

“We’re not here to have a chit chat, I came here because Harris forced me to. Jordan has been a sweet little boy and I’m not ready…read my lips…not ready to release him”. She flinched while I avoided her eyes.

“Mommnn??” . Harris held her shoulders as she shrugged his hands off.

“I’ll go in now”. Angel held my hands and smiled as she went inside to meet Jordan.

“I’ll do the talking Mom, we’re not here for a fight… please “. He said. His eyes was soft and repentant, so was his voice.

“I’m sorry Valerie for the problem my Mom caused. She didn’t mean to, kindly forgive her .

“Forgive? Harris….I don’t owe her an apology for crying out loud! She…owes me…she kept checking her son as if we harmed him . Do you see how nice he looks? The boy is suffering because he’s with you ” . She ranted on and on .

“I’m sorry ma’am. I’m sorry if I offended you. I need to check him so well. I’m a mother and it’s my duty to make sure my son is safe . That’s the definition of me checking him. And for taking care of him. I really appreciate it….thank you for bringing him back too”. I bowed my head .

“Stop putting all this act in front of my son”. She swung her arms up.

“I’m sorry Valerie for everything I and my Mom did to you”.

“It’s fine, I’m…I’m okay now. I should thank her for paying for my treatment at the hospital “. I bowed in appreciation .



“Treatment? You were hospitalized? I asked exchanging glance between her and my

“Not only hospitalized! I was shot! Thankfully It was minor one anyways”. I

“Shot?? Mom?? I looked at her

MY eyes widened. How could she be shot? Mom didn’t tell me all this .

“What? Was that necessary? After her she said it herself that it is minor . She’s fine now”. She rolled her eyes away.

“Gosh! Valerie….I’m so sorry, my sincere apologies to you, Angel and Jordan….how are you feeling now?

All of a sudden I cared for her .

“Fine”. Her reply was sharp and she avoided my eyes.

“Harris….go straight to the point… infact I’ll talk . Valerie”. Mom said

“Mom…. please”. I looked at her so she could reduce the tone of her voice .

“I’m sorry for what happened! And…as for Jordan, we brought him here intentionally so he could have fun. He couldn’t sleep throughout the night yesterday when it rained, we gave him many things but he did not sleep

“He is scared of thunderstorms”. She interrupted.

“What? Mom looked at me and scoffed.

Funnily enough! I’m scared of thunderstorms too .

“Well….I see where he got that from. Harris here too is scared of thunderstorms. We brought him here and we’re coming back to take him before the court decides his final abode”. Mom said .

“Really? Excitement was written all over her face. I felt sorry for her. I wish she was my real wife. I wish I never told her to abort Jordan ! I wish…..she still loved me.

“Yes, we got him toys too, they’re in the car , our maid would have followed us but she’s kinda indisposed….so can you escort us to the car “. I said as the three of us took a stroll to my car .

I brought out his toy car and placed it gently on the floor . I brought out his other toys too.

“The fact that we brought him here and his toys too doesn’t mean we’re giving him to you finally, he’s still my grandson and the only heir to the Grayson so….”. Mom said looking away.

“I’ve heard you ma, thank you so much… Harris,thank you so much for your kind gesture, I really appreciate it”. She smiled bowing once more.

I wanted to hold her tight so she could hug me . But I can’t.

“Jordan honey…. granny is going”. Mom shouted as Angel came out with Jordan.

“Zzuuummmm…. zummmmm”. He kept running around the compound with his toy aeroplane . We went out for lunch when he kept looking at the toy with a boy who is older than he is.

I noticed how silent he was then I traced his eyes and saw him staring at the toy. I searched for it online and ordered it online, in no minutes it was delivered to the restaurant where we were.

His joy knew no bounds. He never allows me to carry him or play with him , eversince that day. I became his bosom friend or perhaps…

His father .

“Baby…come take a look at your car”. Valerie bent down beside the huge toy car.

“Uncle….my car”. He babbled running towards me as I lifted him off his feet and threw him up .

I placed him carefully inside his huge toy car .

“It has a remote…” Mom moved towards the car and brought the remote out as it dropped from her hand .

I and Valerie bent down together to take it as our hands touched each other. We kept looking at each other waiting for someone to make a move .

“Urh…yh…hm….remote”. I feigned my smile as we both stood up.

“Are you ready?? Angel shouted

“Yes ….I wanna go to the front… beside the garden”. He made an option as I pressed the remote and controlled the direction of the car.

He was so excited as he placed his hand and the steering wheel .

“Zummmmm…..chikrrisssshhhhh”. He made sounds with his mouth , rolling his hand around the steering wheel.

We watched him excitedly

After few minutes, we were prepared to leave .

“Bye Jordan…my cute little grandson…I’m gonna miss you”. Mom ruffled his hair as he smiled showing his growing teeth . Mom started to cry as she entered the car .

“I’m so sorry Mrs Grayson”. Valerie apologized.

“Humm….you might need money for his upkeep”. I brought money out

“Never mind…!” . Valerie and Angel cuts in sharply making my hand pause from coming out of my pocket

“Humm…. okay…hey kiddo,be a good boy…I’ll take my leave now”. I bowed my head after ruffling Jordan’s hair and drove home.



As soon as they left. I and Angel held our hands together and did “ring around the roses”,like little children.

“I’m glad we finally have Jordan,we need to leave this country and go”

“No! We can’t, it would be unfair… Drake has gotten a lawyer for us , so we will fight for what belongs to us”. I gave her a reassuring smile.

“This calls for celebration. We need to pop champagne. I’ll inform Drake about the progress then” . Angel squeaked

“I’ll call Harry too…but first let’s go inside and pop champagne “. I shouted .

“Yhayyy….” . Jordan added .

As soon as we got inside , we heard a knock at our doorstep again.

“Urghhh….!” I snuggled my feets to the door.

“Valerie”. He smiled

“I was about calling you… come in, Jordan is with us and we’re about to pop champagne”. I closed the door behind him

“Wow! I came at the right time…”. He entered and carried Jordan up after tickling him.

“Don’t tickle him so much…” I sI.apped his back .

“What do you girls say, I take you out for this celebration … Amusement park, Zoo… Joyce’s Home …. name it all, Jordan needs to have fun with his family once more … right?

I looked at Angel

“Brilliant idea, we’ll get dressed…you can head to the car with Jordan . He’s all dressed up anyways “. Angel winked at me.

Sooner or no later , we were on our way to Amusement Park. Jordan visited almost all the swings and toys for kids.

He puked when we went on the merry-go-round, thankfully they gave us a shirt as we entered inside the park. Every child has the shirt on.

“Maybe he should not go on the merry-go-round again”. Angel said wearing the orange t-shirt for him .

“Mommy….Ice-cream”. Jordan squealed rubbing his eyes with his hand.

“That’s a very good idea”. Harry clapped carrying Jordan on his shoulder .

“Yhayyyy”. He raised his hand up smiling.

We go to the Ice-cream counter . It had a big sign .

🥘🥪🍕”PIZZA N’ CREAM”🍧🍨🍦

A lot of people flooded the place as we sat round a table. I played with Jordan while Angel pressed her phone , we were given a number because the place was crowded .

“I’m going to the bathroom” . Angel said .

“I see you’re tired of pressing your phone”. I remarked as she smacked my head and left

“So…Jordan, what do you wanna become when you grow up? Harry asked smiling

“Become? Geez! He’s too young for that question”.

“Pilot”. Jordan babbled . I was amazed as we both shifted our gaze at him.

“Wow…high five”. Harry raised his hand up as Jordan did a high five with him.

“He’s not too young…I told you , Children of nowadays are so smart …why do you wanna become a pilot son? Harry said . The way he called him son , I wished he was Jordan’s father .

“I love aeroplane…I want to fly all around with Mommy and Aunt Angel”. He smiled sheepishly as I ruffled his hair then Harry’s phone rang .

“Erhmmm…. excuse me,I want to take this call”. He stood up and went to a corner to receive the call .

“I love you Mommy”. Jordan said out of blues . I wasn’t expecting that .

“Awww….I love you too son”. I kissed his head .

“Why isn’t Angel back from the bathroom? I looked sideways when our number was called.

“Number 15, kindly come forward and place your order please”. A lady said .

“Ohhh…sure thank you, Jordan stay here I’ll be right back now”. I smiled at him and went to the counter.

“Hello Miss…what would you like to order? She said politely .

“Oops! I forgot to ask …erhmmm, let me just ask from my son”. I chuckled as I left her front .

“You can take this Ice-cream menu maybe if he sees the pictures of the Ice-cream he will choose from it”. She said while I turned and came back to collect it .

“Ohh…thank you”. I collected it appreciatively. I know the trouble I’ll go through if I don’t get his flavor . I walked towards our table .

“Jordan what flavor would you like? Orange, strawberry…. banana”. I read the content of the menu walking towards our table .

The book dropped from my hand.

“Jordan?? I called. He was not there . I was so restless.

I looked around and spotted Angel walking towards me with Harry, they were even smiling .

“What’s wrong? Where’s Jordan? Angel said removing her hand from her coat .

“Valerie? Are you okay? Harry asked again.

“Are you seriously asking me that question? Jordan ….I left him here to get us Ice-cream and now… he’s no where to be found”. I broke down in tears .

“What do you mean he’s no where to be found? Harry moved to our table searching everywhere.

“How could you leave him all by himself? He’s just 3 for crying out loud”. Angel yelled at me almost in tears too.

“I…why did you take long in the toilet? Why? And you too Harry …why did you receive the call for too long? Why? I moved towards Harry and started htting his chest .

“We have no time for this…let’s inform the security now”. Harry said as we saw a policeman walking towards us

“Excuse me officer…did you see a young boy of age three …he was wearing an orange t-shirt,he’s a bit tall….and ….oh my gosh! My son”. I shouted as I saw a boy of Jordan’s age with a lady .

“Jordan”. I turned the young boy as his mother looked at me irritatedly

“Are you crazy? Do you want me to sue you? She said as her son cried .

“I’m sorry… I’m looking for my son…I’m so sorry”. I bowed in tears .

“Let us check the CCTV footage of this area”. The officer suggested

“My son must still be around here…Jordan? I ran to the merry-go-round again. I saw lot of boys like his age, they were all wearing an orange t-shirt . I didn’t know where to start from.

I kept checking them one after the other, a woman even slapped me as I fell in front of Harry’s legs

“Valerie… don’t”. He held my hand and hugged me

“I have to find my son…I must find him”. I cried trying to break free from his grip.

“You’ll only hurt yourself the more, let us check the CCTV camera…I’m sure he’s close by .. please don’t hurt yourself”. He

“Ma’am…let’s go to that counter over there, we’ll check the CCTV footage…we will find your son, I already told the officers at the gate to lock all gates and check everyone going out ….”

“How will you recognize my son? I sniffled

“I sent his picture to them already, I just hope he’s alright”. Angel came close to me and hugged me .


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