Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



I hopped down from Harry’s car and ran like a mad woman. The field was kinda scanty.

My eyes raced across the field to another side .

“What’s going on Valerie? Harry held my hand

“Harry….. Jordan is missing”. I landed facing him as tears escaped my eyes. I can’t bear the pain of losing my son.

He’s the only companion I have .

“Chill, should we alert the police? He said looking around to take his phone

“God actually saved that little boy,thanks to the man”

“Exactly,I wonder how a useless woman would leave her son recklessly here in the camp”.

I traced those voices and found two ladies coming from a corner of a truck that was parked across the road. I knew they were talking about an incident so I guessed it is about Jordan.

“Over there ….” I said and ran towards the truck .

I saw 3 to 4 people gathered around , I saw Angel’s brown hair which was properly styled before I left her and Jordan but now it is tousled and so unkempt.

“Jordan? I said on seeing Jordan as I bent down and hugged him.

“Mommy? He cooed and ran to me .

“Baby, oh my gosh…I thought I lost you…I thought I would never see you again” . I cried on and on until I heard a familiar voice.

“Valerie ? The husky voice said. I stopped crying and lifted Jordan off his feet as I turned back with Angel and behold those sparkling eyes I’ve always loved back in college.

“Harris? Harris ?? My eyes widened. He looked more finer . His arms are more built and muscular. He styled his hair perfectly and it was her black . The light top he wore revealed his abs and chest. He even looked more taller.

“What is going on here? Harris? What is happening? Someone said coming in between me and Angel as she moved towards Harris and faced us .

It was that same woman who had embarrassed me right in front of the public during Harris birthday.

~F 🌹L 🌹A 🌹S 🌹H 🌹B 🌹A 🌹C 🌹K~

It was Harris birthday, it had been his custom to celebrate a significant year he clocks. We were all having fun when I told Jennifer I’d get us some drinks. I saw a guy holding a tray of drinks as I rushed towards him and grabbed two cups.

I was dancing and was about going when I mistakenly spilled a drink on a woman , the next thing that happened was a sIap.

The cups I was holding dropped on the floor and shattered . I touched my face and was in tears.

“I’m so sorry”. I apologized instantly kneeling on the broken glass as my legs bIed .

“How dare you wench destroy my dress? Do you know how much I got this? I’m sure your parents 5 years combined salary would never buy it… that’s even if they have jobs” . She ranted

“Aunt, she doesn’t have parents…Okay, she has parents but they don’t have her time “. Autumn came too wearing a sleeveless sequence gown which has sIit on the laps .

“Simply put, she has useless parents”. She said as everyone laughed.

“Mom please,stop this madness, you’re drunk… Autumn what’s wrong with you? Harris came to my front and held his mother .

“Leave me alone ,I’m not drunk let me talk sense into this poor girl’s head . Why did you even invite her to your party huh? Why? His Mom staggered.

Even if she’s drunk,she has no right to talk to me like this. Tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted to floor to swallow me up .

“Valerie,let’s go”. Jennifer said .

“Valerie? We need to go now”. Jeffrey said too as they both pulled me and I landed straight in front of Drake as he pulled me into his arms.

“You’ll be fine,get over it”. He whispered taking me out.

“Dump her outside Drake,and those rats she calls her friends too”. Harris Mom shouted.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on us as we left the party . That was the most embarrassing moment of my life .

“Let the party begin please”. Autumn screamed as the DJ played song and they all danced.

~~P 🌹R 🌹E 🌹S 🌹E 🌹N 🌹T~~

“Valerie? Oh my gosh… she’s really the one…my grandson? Ohhh…my grandson? She stretched forth her hand and carried Jordan from my arms .

He was silent .

I don’t know what to do, everything seemed like a dream to me . I really wanna wake up from the dream but it all dawned on me that it is real when I took a second glance at my son, his father who rejected me , who threw money right at my face and told me to ab.ort the baby.

And his grandmother? Who humiliated me right in front of the whole school!

“What do you mean by your grandson? Angel said making so startle . She moved forward and carried Jordan from Harris Mom’s hand .

“And who are you? Ohh… you’re the other girl in the cooking video? This doesn’t concerns you so being back my grandson”. She said

It all dawned on me that they came through the video . Harris and I kept staring at each other . We kept watching them argue whole Jordan cooed . He was enjoying the sight.

“What are you doing here? I finally broke down in tears .

“Valerie? I’ve looked high and low for you….I’ve searched everywhere for you and my son but you’re no where to be found”.

“What? Look for me?? You must be joking right? After how many years? After how many months? Harris? Can you hear yourself?? I said with tears streaming down at every words .

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…. Valerie…. sincerely I want you and my son back, we can live happily ever after without anyone obstructing us ,not even Autumn “. He said almost in tears . His blue eyes were so repentant that I couldn’t resist it .

“What do you take me for? I yelled making my son startled . He stretched his hand and cried .

“Mommy…Mommy”. He cried as I carried him .

“Harris was acting like a baby then…he was scared and doesn’t know how to nurture a baby…he is so sorry Valerie please forgive him”. His mother defended him.

“Did he tell you the tales of how he threw cash at me that I should abort the baby? Have you forgotten how you embarrassed me in front of everyone at school….now here you are claiming my son and you want forgiveness??

“Valerie… please come with us , Angel can come along too. I need you both by my side …. please Valerie, consider the fact that Jordan is the only son I have and the heir to my properties” . Harris pleaded .

I was about to talk when Angel interrupted.

“Not even in your dreams . We would never allow you take our Jordan away from us”. Angel said moving I and Jordan to the back .

“Hey…stop meddling in this case, Valerie….we have money and we will take care of Jordan better than you do . Trust me we will give him the best education…he will receive care and love from us…just let him be with us”. His Mom said almost in tears

I was confused at the same time Jordan needs to be properly taken care of .

“Look at you bragging about money again ? Valerie, don’t mind this old woman she can never give you a life that is so sweet …. Jordan is the only bundle of joy that we have , we can’t afford to lose him”. Angel held me .

She was in tears too .

“Valerie, we’ll give you time to think about it, as fate would have it . This whole place belongs to us ….you can come around anytime you want… please don’t take my son away from me”. Harris said.

Those words made me almost cry . After gullibly falling for him . I had a son and he even told me to abort the baby and now here he is claiming the father.

“What happened to Autumn? I said knowing fully well they had an elaborate wedding.

“She’s at home. She just losed her baby and now she’s loosing her mind . She broods day by day because of her child . She would be a good mother to Jordan,trust me on that”. Harris said.

“If Jordan will follow you, I can’t allow Autumn near my baby”. I said hugging Jordan tight.

“Valerie are you out of your mind? What are you doing? Are you trying to give Jordan away? To the people who once rejected you? Have you forgotten all these? Angel sobbed .

“Give me time to think it all through. Angel, Jordan deserves to know his real father. I’d be so selfish if I use my pain to hurt him. I can’t say because Harris used me in the past , I was so hurt and I will never allow my baby see his father . Remember Harris is still his biological father and nothing changes that”. I said .

“Please think about it “. Harris Mom said.

Angel carried Jordan from my arms and hissed as she left with Jordan .

“Angel? I called but she didn’t answer.

“I’ll wait for your response Valerie, anyways…you look more prettier”. Harris said .

I felt butterflies tugging at my belly. I felt the same way I had always felt when we were at college. I then remembered how much pain he has caused me .

I just smiled and bowed as I left them alone .



I watched the argument between Valerie, Harris , Angel and my step-mother.

This is getting more interesting. My phone beeped and rang at the same time. I couldn’t watch the remaining scene .

“Harriet,what is it? I said heading to my car .

“Autumn is at New York, my tracker just beeped , didn’t yours beep too”.

“It did, I was actually wondering too . That’s good! I’ll meet up with her soon . This is just the beginning of this ”

“How is Annie and her mother? Harriet inquired

“Annie, I don’t think she has any chance of recovering . Apart from leukemia,she’s suffering from kidney problem and needs a transplant as soon as possible but we don’t have a donor yet “.

“What about her mother? Harriet asked

“Larry Jane is still bent on receiving 500$ and yes we need to find a transplant for her daughter Annie . I really pity the poor woman”.

“I’ve transferred 300$ to her account , we will balance her as soon as she completes her job”. Harriet said .

“As for Autumn, I’ll get her now”. I said with a smirk on my lips.

I ended the call and zoomed off . I have a prey to catch .

I’ll come back for Valerie as soon as I’m done.


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