(Be Careful With My Heart… )


Jerry walked over to vespertine and pulled him away from gift before pvnching him hard across the face

Vespertine smirked cleaning the bI.ood from the corner of his lips

” You’re such a loser.. ” He said and turned to leave but Jerry held him back, turning him around in an attempt to pvnch him again but he (Vespertine) caught Jerry’s hand and landed him a pvnch instead, sending him unconscious to the ground

” Take your boyfriend to the clinic before he dies.. ” He said walking away..

Gift just stood there dumbfounded.

She touched her lips and stared back at the unconscious Jerry.

” Jerry ” she kneeled beside him and shook his body lightly..

When he wasn’t waking up, she opened her backpack and got the bottle of water she had.. she poured it on him and he breath back to life

” You’re awake..” she said but he immediately pulled her into a hug..

” Don’t leave me..” he said, still hugging her but she didn’t hug him back..

She inhaled before disengaging from the hug

” I seriously like Vespertine.. ” She said and he swallowed

Anger gripped him immediately..

” Why is he always the one?..” he muttered htting his fist on the hard floor countless times untill it began to bI.eed..

” Stop it Jerry, you’re hurting yourself..” she said.

Vespertine giggled as he got into his car. He got his phone and texted Trisha

💌 Did you get home safely? He sent and waited few minutes but she wasn’t replying

” Is she busy?” He wondered, dropping his phone

” Jerry..” he laughed driving out of school .

” Don’t worry, she’s not my type.. her lips aren’t that addictive either..” he laughed again as he drove to the mansion




They both alighted from the car and she walked in immediately leaving Raphael behind..

He kept Wondering what was wrong

” Is she mad at me? Is it because of what happened earlier?” He wondered before following her behind..

They got to her room and she threw her bag on her bed, then laid on it afterwards

” Are you mad at me?” He asked but she didn’t say anything

” If yes.. I’m deeply sorry okay? It wasn’t my intention either, I just wanted to see if that’ll work too. I’m sorry for risking your life ” he said

” You should rest.. we’ll be doing the perfume together.. ” she said and he sighed

‘ she’s still mad at me?” He thought dropping the lunchbox beside her bed

” My grandma gave me this.. you should eat some ” he said and with that, he left her room to his.

” I’m home..” Vespertine announced, going into his sister’s room

” Hey, You look down, is something bothering you?” He asked sitting next to her and she sat upright..

She stared at the lunchbox and went for it.

She opened it, taking the chop sticks.. she drew the plate closer and began to eat from it..

” It’s delicious..” she sniffed

” Diva..” vespertine held her hands and she looked up at him in tears

” You’re crying, Is something wrong?” He asked

She hugged him to herself crying loudly

” Viper ” She cried on his shoulder

” What’s wrong? You’re scaring me ”

” We kssed Viper.. that guy kssed me. Can’t believe I kssed him back..I’m angry, I’m angry at myself but can’t even get angry at him.. It’s frustrating” She cried

” Wait.. you both kssed? You mean it?” Vespertine asked disengaging from the hug and making her face him

She nodded slowly and he smiled

” Wow, great!!” Vespertine exclaimed

” What?”

” You didn’t sI.ap him or anything, you kssed him back. That’s new and great ” he laughed

” I wish to see it for myself.. ” his smile grew wider

” Leave my room..” She said and he chuckled before walking out

” Do that often okay?.. I’m sure you enjoyed it ” he winked while she threw her pillow at him..

He duck it and stick out his tongue at her before leaving for his room

He threw his bag on the bed and reached for his phone from his pants pocket

He clicked on his message icon and went through his messages but didn’t see the one he was looking for

” She’s not replying ” he muttered, tossing the phone away and entering his bathroom




” We should go see them tomorrow.. Lora will be very happy to see you..” Larina told her husband who nodded in agreement

” Let’s do as you’ve said..” he replied pulling her closer to himself



” Hey..” Raphael walked in

” you should learn to knock ” Godiva scolded since she was just done taking her bath and was in only a short towel which exposed her thighs

” So what can I do for you?” She asked and he walked to her

He stared down at her long flawless legs and bit his lips

” You look pretty in the towel ” he said

” What…What are you… Saying?” She asked nervously

He smiled shortly and wrapped his hands around her tiny waist pulling her closer while she gasped..

He caress her face with his hands then her lips with his thumb

” I like the taste of your lips, I can’t take it out of my head ” he lifted up her chin slightly and gently placed his lips on hers

Her eyes went wide, her body shivered as he started moving his lips slowly against hers

What was wrong with him? Was he drunk? But she couldn’t deny she needed to feel his taste on her lips too

She closed her eyes involuntarily, feeling the softness and flavor of his lips..

He drew her impossibly close as his hands gave her à$s a gentle press.

Her to..wel loose on it’s on, falling to the ground and leaving her nked


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