Godiva quickly left her bed to the sitting room where she met Raphael and vespertine talking and laughing..

She rolled her eyes and made to leave but Raphael noticed her

” Hey.. ” he called and she turned to his direction

” What pe..rvert..” she snapped looking pissed and he frowned

he was confused at her actions

” Did he do something wrong?” Vespertine asked but she didn’t say anything and made to enter her room

” What about the perfume? Are you still doing it tomorrow?” Raphael asked but she ignored him and entered her room

” That motherfker..” she muttered sitting on her bed

Her mind drifted to her dream and a loud scream was heard from her

Vespertine and Raphael rush in immediately

” Are you okay?” Raphael asked..

When she noticed it was him, she threw her pillow at him

” Stay away from me @s$hole..” she shouted

” Leave…. leave both of you” she shouted again

” What did you do to her?” Vespertine asked and Raphael shrugged slightly

” I dunno ” he replied staring at her one more time before leaving her room

‘ Why is she weird?’ He wondered sitting on the couch with Vespertine




Larina and her husband walked into the house and it was so quiet that Alston was left wondering why..

” Lora.. ” Larina called yet no reply..

” Why is it so quiet in here? Are they asleep?” She Wondered aloud, entering her daughter’s room with her husband. They met Godiva lying on her bed holding on to her pillow tightly

” Is something wrong with her?” Larina wondered

” Baby.. ” Alston called sitting next to her on the bed..

She tilted her heard sideways and after realizing it was her dad, she sat upright

” Papa ” she hugged him

” Is something wrong?” He asked and she shook her head in denial..

” Lora left. I don’t know why… I tried stopping her but she wouldn’t listen.. ” She pouted slightly

” Is that why you’re gloomy ? She must have had her reasons yunno”

” I’m fine dad, just stressed out that’s all..” she replied still in the hug

” Do you miss me that much?” He asked stroking her hair and she nodded before disengaging from the hug

” You’ve become skinny.. did Larina deny you food? She didn’t cook for you? ” She asked while her dad chuckled

” Of course not.. I was just too busy to think about food over there but I’m back now.. ” Alston smiled

” So where’s the cute guy? What’s his name? I forgot to ask the last time..” Larina chirped in

” His room is next to mine, you should go see him if you wish..” She replied and almost immediately Larina rush out of her room to Raphael’s..

She placed a light knock on it and the door opened immediately

” Oh mom.. good morning.. ” Raphael did a little bow

” How are you son?” Larina asked, smiling broadly

” I’m fine mom..” he said and her eyes fell on the book he was reading

” It seems you’re busy.. I will come by some other time with enough food.. I still need to head to the company now.. “Larina smiled and he returned it.

” But before that, you need to see your father in law.. ”

” Huh?”

Larina pull him to Godiva’s room while Alston turn to their direction

” Hey honey.. he’s the guy I was talking about”

” The one who likes our daughter?” Alston asked

” Huh?” Raphael’s eyes widened in surprise and he stared at Godiva who had a cold look on

” Can you please stop it mom and you too Dad.. “Godiva spoke up

” But..

” You both should leave..” She said, leaving the bed..

She pulled her dad up before dragging him to meet Larina.. then push them gently out of her room

She came back when they had left and met Raphael still waiting for her

” Why would you tell your parents that?? The guy who likes their daughter?” Raphael asked

” If you don’t have anything to say please leave my room..” She said sitting on the bed

” I don’t know what it is but I’m here only because I want to help in the little way I can.. I don’t like you too.. and about the kss in the office, my grandma told me it could work so that’s why I tried the method and it did work.. I know I kinda took it too far and lost my senses for a while but I believe I apologized already

” Like I said earlier, I came here with no intention in heart and I’m deeply sorry for what happened in the office too. You don’t have to worry cus it’s never gonna happen again.. ” he said and walked out of the room

” I hate you.. I fking hate everything about you, you idót..” She shouted after he had left




Vesper sat down when Trisha came to him.. she was wondering why he needed to talk to her but all the same, she’s happy since they’re still close

Good morning.. Trisha greeted normally sitting next to him

” My messages, why didn’t you reply them?” He asked not looking at her

” You sent me a message ?” She asked checking her phone and really, he did

” I was very busy with Mom yesterday. We went to the cinema together and I kinda forgot my phone at home”

” How am I sure you went to the cinema with your mom and not some random guy”

” C’mon vesper!! Right, I’m sorry for not replying huh?” She pouted cutely

He stared at her lips for a while before looking away

” Apology accepted” he said, still not looking at her and she smiled

” So, You wanted to see me.. “she said

” Yeah, Come with me..” he held her hands and started taking her out of class while she stared at their interlocked hands

They kept walking till they got to the lab

” What are we doing in here?” She asked

” We came to learn.. ” he replied

” Learn? We could do that in class right?” She asked staring at him strangely..

” Is something wrong?”

” You look pretty this morning..” he complimented and she felt her cheek turn red..

She looked really embarrassed

” Gosh, why would you say something so…..

He pecked her lips and her eyes dilated

” Trisha….I…I ” He stuttered continuously

She held his shirt and pulled him to her level, crashing her lips on his

She kssed him for a while and made to break the kss but he didn’t let her

He held her face in his hands delicately, deepening the kss

He broke the kss and stared at her

” That was my first kss Vesper.. why did you take it when you don’t like me?” She questioned even though she knew she kssed him back

” I know i once told you the feelings weren’t mutual but they are now. Let’s forget about that day and pretend it never happened. Do you know how restless I was when you wouldn’t reply my messages or pick my calls? I don’t know why I have this feeling either but I can’t seem to control it”

” We’ve been friends for a while now and that’s why I wasn’t able to acknowledge you cos I never wanted our friendship to end. Let’s not just be friends anymore Trisha. I never saw my self doing this but I love you” He said and she felt tears leaving her eyes

” I’m sorry vesper, I’ve gotten over my feelings for you..” She said and made to leave but he held her back

” That’s a lie Trisha.. I’ve known you for a long time now.. and why would you kss me back if you don’t feel the slightest emotion for me? You’re worried, you’re worried about what the other kids would say if they see us together but I don’t care and you shouldn’t care either”

” What makes you think I’m lying”

” Then I dare you to push me off and sI.ap me across the face” He said, attaching their lips together again

She tried to push him off but what could she do when her heart was beating very fast for him

In a twinkle of an eye, she held him firm, kssing him back passionately..

Hannah just watched from a distance in tears

” But I’m prettier ” she sobbed, walking away hurtfully


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