(Be Careful With My Heart…)


” Let me get this straight grandma, are you saying it’s possible to return to one’s self without any sort of medical attention?” He asked and his grandma nodded

” I’m old you know, I’m not 50 nor 60 talk more of 70.. so I know what I’m saying.. it’s very possible.. Your mom and I witnessed it before..” Grandma Jane said

” So what happened to this person?” He asked curiously

” There are very rare cases of perfume allergy. Some gets cure through medication, while some don’t get well no matter how much medication they take. Some perfume allergy are deadly while some aren’t

” Well… The guy kssed the girl in public.. They seem to be lovers though maybe that’s why it worked for her. I could see she was in pain but then she became normal again.. so you see, some things are destined to be..” Grandma Jane replied he laughed

” That’s the lamest thing I’ve heard in my whole life ” he laughed

” I’m serious. You Mom was a perfumer so she could recognize a perfume allergy ” Grandma Jane frowned

” I’m not arguing Grandma ” he laughed again and his grandma scoffed

” So why did you ask when you were not gonna believe me? Did you see someone like that?”

” Not at all, I was just curious..” he replied..

He glanced at his wrist watch and realized it was late already

” Oh my..” he exclaimed and stood.. he made to leave but his grandma held him back..

” You need to microwave the food..” she said, taking the lunchbox from him..

She entered the kitchen and did exactly before going to meet him again

” I added to it.. give the other plate to Arnold” She smiled as they walked towards the door..

Raphael twisted it open only to see his Grandpa

” Oh oh.. I wish I could stay longer but I can’t, I have work to do.. ” he smiled, hugging his grandpa

” I’lll come some other time okay?” He said and left the house

He boarded a cab which took him directly to Godiva’s company



” Kss me hard..” Raphael said and Godiva nodded, Kssing him back in the same pace despite her condition

They kept kssing and it was getting tensed all of a sudden.. They both lost it at once..

They both didn’t even know what was happening again.. It seems the kss had taken over their sense of reasoning

It perfume had no effect on her too that moment..

He sucked her lower lips, biting it softly which made her gasped

He svcked on her lips again then her tongue

It was supposed to be a short kss but her lips were somehow addictive and tasted too good.

It felt new to Godiva but that moment, she wished the kss never stopped…

Slowly, she wrapped her hands around his neck kssing him more fiercely..

He deepened the kss as he press her @$s gently and she m..oan sweetly into the kss without knowing..

He was getting turned on already as he felt the bulge in his trousers but he wasn’t in his right state of mind and wasn’t ready to stop either

His free hands went to her bb giving it a light press and she again to his touch and that seemed to bring his senses back

He broke the kss and took few steps away from her then ruffled his hair

” I really didn’t mean to take things that way.. don’t see me as a pervert please..” He apologized

” I’m sorry.. ” he added she took in her lips, confused on what to say to him

” I can see you’re okay now..” he said and turn to leave..

She stare at her body and indeed she was okay, She didn’t lost consciousness like she use to

” Wait.. ” she said and he faced her

” It’s nothing..”

” I’ll wait for you in the car..” He said and left her office

She slumped down on her swivel chair and touched her lips

She stared at the small bottle of perfume on the table and reached for it

” I must admit You smell great.. ” She muttered, her mind drifting to the kss at intervals..

” How do I look at him? He’s just my employee.. so why would he keep Kssing me like that? But it felt good though” She heaved a sigh

She pick up her phone to call Gianna and minutes later, she walked in

” You called me” Gianna said

” Yeah, take this.. ” She said handing Gianna the bottle of perfume

” We’ll be making something of such.. I will send you the ingredients or better still, we’ll make it together..”

” But you’ve never entered the lab.. ” Gianna stated

” Don’t worry, it’s nothing.. I just decided not to enter but tommorow, I might come along” She said and Gianna nodded”

” Alright.. I’ll leave now..” she got her bag and left her office with Gianna

” Bye boss..” Gianna smiled and Godiva nodded before heading to where her car was parked..

Her steps faltered when she met Raphael already in the car though he wasn’t facing her direction.

She inhaled before walking to the car. She opened the door herself and got in without say anything to him

” Is everything okay?” He asked igniting the car

” Yeah, just drive..” she said closing her eyes


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