QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 41-50

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 46?

By Debbie

Lissa’s pov :

I stood up to take my bath after Aidan left.

I do suspect he’s hiding something from me and I will definitely find out.

I went into his bathroom and a ‘wow’ escape my mouth. The bathroom was beautiful. It was tiled with a glass. The walls were made of gold.

“He’s got a nice taste” I thought

I walked towards the jacuzzi. It was the latest design. I really could not say if it was made of diamond or glass. It shines real well. I removed my t0wel. I entered into the jacuzzi enjoying the cool water.

I closed my eyes to enjoyed the moment. I washed my hair first and finally washed my b0dy.

I left the bathroom and went back to the room. I sat on the chair and picked Aidan’s cream. It sent so nice.

I rubbed my skin and dried my hair. I needed something to wear and I couldn’t go to my room with a t0wel.

I decided to check through his closet. I entered and find a black shirt. I put it on and it was reaching my mid thigh.

I left his room and went back to my room. I changed into a black bu.msh0rt and a blue off shoulder crop top.

I was hungry so I went downstairs to get something to eat.

“Where is Lissa?” Aidan asked

“Ooooh he’s back” I thought

“Is someone missing me already” I said

Aidan’s pov :

I left the house and headed to the address sent by Viol. It was a storehouse in a deserted area. I drove in and parked my car.

It was guided by some strange looking men. After thorough search, I was allowed to go in. I saw Viol seated on a chair. She stood up immediately she saw me.

‘Aidan” she cooed

“Viol, thank you so much for your help” I said giving her a hug

“Anything for a friend” she replied

I sat on one of the chairs, looking sternly at the guy tied.

He looked so tired and worn out. I was tempted to punch him but I restrain myself from doing that.

“Viol, I need details of every information he gave you” I said


She explained everything to me. From the information she gave, I was able to depict the fact that they were killed because he refused to sell his business idea to them.

I stood up from the chair

“Viol, I will get in touch with you. Thank you so much for your help” I said

She saw me off to my car and I gave her a last hug before leaving. I entered into my car and drove off

I got back to the manson to see Mason and Emily watching movie.

“Where is Lissa?” I asked

“Is someone missing me already” her angelic voice said

I traced the voice to see her coming down from the stairs with a black bu.msh0rt and a blue off shoulder crop top.

I smiled, she walked to me, giving me a hug

“When did you come back?” She asked

“Just now”

“Have you eaten?” I asked


“Hey can you guys stopping disturbing us, we are watching a movie please” Mason said annoyingly

I rolled my eyes

“Let’s go get something for you to eat” I said holding her hand

We went to the kitchen. I made her seat on one of the kitchen stool.

“You should leaveee, I will do the cooking” I told the chef

He bowed before leaving

“Are you serious?” Lissa beamed

“Of course, I am a great chef” I replied

She smiled

“What do you want me to prepare for you?” I asked

She placed her hand on her chin, closing her eyes a bit. She finally opened it beaming with smiles

“I want chicken soup, spinach salad, mashed potatoes puff, spaghetti squash with Ricotta, sage and pine nuts” she squealed happily

I looked at her shocked

“Are you kidding???, you want to eat all?” I asked

“Of course”

“Is that not too much?” I asked still surprised

“No it’s not, just prepare them for me please” she pouted like a baby

“Ok, I will prepare them”

I picked up the apron and put it on. I set to work immediately, getting the necessary things ready.

30minutes after. I was still cooking

“Don’t tell me Aidan is cooking?” Mason said and I turned to see him looking at me

I rolled my eyes and continue cooking

“Lissa, thanks for changing him. I can’t believe Aidan is cooking for you” Mason said

“Mason can you please go back to the sitting room. Emily is waiting for you” I said

“Whatever!!!” He said


We were all seated at the dinning.

“Hmmmmmmm, they taste so delicious” Lisssa said happily

“You’re such a great cook” she added and I smile

“Aidan, you food are nice” Emily said

“Thanks, Emily” I replied

“It’s so tasteless” Mason said

“That’a a lie” Lissa replied

“Can you please keep quiet” I said getting pissed off already

The rest of the meal was quiet


“Mason can I see you?” I asked

We were watching movie with the girls but I couldn’t concentrate cause I need to strategize a plan.

“Oooooh, do you have to see me now?” He asked

“Yes now” I replied standing up

He groaned and finally stood up. He placed a kss on Emily’s forehead before following me

We got to my room and he sat on my bed while i satt on the couch

“Mason, I know who is responsible for Emily’s parents’ death” I said and he sat up quickly

“Are you serious?” He asked

“Of course. Her ex boyfriend is responsible. His name is Liam”

“Liam???, she once told me about him. But how did you know?”

“Well Viol told me” I answered relaxing on the couch

“Remember when she said she want to see me?” I asked and he nodded

“She took me to an abandoned warehouse. There is this guy that was caughtt close to Emily’s room trying to implant a camera into their room. After much beating he confessed”

“What are we going to do now? We need substantial evidence against him”

“Yes, that’s why I called you. We both will sleep over it. By tomorrow we come into conclusion” I said

“That’s a nice idea”

“Emily and Lissa must not find out about this” I said

“Definitely, to keep them safe we need to keep it away from them right?”

“Yes. We will find a plan to involve them but we will work differently from the plan”

“Good idea, thanks man”

“Anything for a friend” I replied

We shared a hug before going downstairs to join the girls.

Lissa’s pov :

Immediateely Aidan and Mason left, I turned to face Emily. She focused her attention on the movie

“Emily” I called

She turned to face me

“What??” She asked

“Don’t you think Aidan and Mason are hiding something from us?” I said

“I don’t think so” she replied

“Well I overheard Aidan talking about Liam been responsible for your parents’ death”

“Are you serious??” She asked

“Of course. I asked him but he said it has nothing to do with you but I know they are hiding something from us” I said

“Liam!!!! Can he actually be involved in my parents’ death??” She asked as tears drip down her face

“Come on Emily, we will find out if he’s responsible” I said trying to calm her down

I never trusted him all this while. I knew he had something up his sleeve.

If Liam is actually responsible for their de@th, I will fking kill him

I sw.ear!!!

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