QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 41-50

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 47?

By Debbie

Next morning

Aidan’s pov :

They were already seated at the dinning, when I came downstairs

“Hi sweet” I greeted back hugging Lissa

She beamed with smiles

“So the rest of us doesn’t deserve to be greeted?” Mason said

“Don’t tell me someone is jealous” I said sitting beside her

“Why should I be?” Mason asked

“Well I don’t know” I shrugged

Emily kept smiling

The chef served us our food and we eat in silent


“Let’s go shopping” Emily said

“Yes. We will be needing some things for school” Lissa said

“Mason can you guys go with us?” Emily asked

Mason nodded and I had no choice but to say yes

We entered into the car and drove to the nearest mall. We got the things they needed and head back home.

The rest of the day was fun

Monday Morning

Weekend was fun. But Monday is for work. I got dressed In grey suit as advice by Lissa. She was also dressed in a peach short gown and a blue heel. She said it is called a T-strap heels

Ladies and their problem

We went downstairs together to meet Emily and Mason already seated. Lissa sat down

“Won’t you sit?” she asked

I shaked my head and I sipped from her coffee then kssed her goodbye before leaving them to enjoy their meal

Lissa’s pov :

After our meal, Mason dropped us at school and promised to come pick us up. We walked straight to class. I couldn’t help but smile at people. A lot of them looked really shock.

We got to the class and Stella was on her way out of the class.

“Hi Stella” I greeted

She raised her head to look at me

“Hi Stella” Emily greeted

“Ar……are you both greeting me?” she asked

“Lets say I’m in a very good mood today” I said walking over to my seat with Emily

We got seated waiting for the Lecturer. Soon he was in and the rest of the lecture was as boring as h.ell


“Can you call your boyfriend to come pick us” I told Emily

“He’s not my boyfriend” she replied

“Whatever just call him to be fast, I’m starving!!”

“Just be calm he will be here soon”

“He should better be. I just don’t know the reason they won’t let us drive to school ourselves” I complained

“Come on Lis they’ve got their reasons” she replied

“Whatever their reasons are, I don’t care. I’m driving to school tomorrow” I answered

“Lissa you know we have to tru……” She was interrupted by Mason

“Hi girls” he greeted

Emily answered but I ignore

“Lissa, I’m sorry I came late” he said

I ignored him

“Come on Lis, I said I’m sorry. Forgive me” he said

“If you want me to forgive you just take me home I’m starving” I answered and he smiled

“Your wish is my command my Lady” he replied

We walk to the car and entered. He ignited the car and zoom off

Unknown’s pov :

I waited patiently for them to come out so I can carry out my operation. The boss had told me to abduct both of them as a bait to get Mr Anderson.

After waiting for a while, I saw them coming out.

“Good one” I thought

I waited for them to enter into their car but instead they sat on a pavement talking

‘Aishhhhh” I scratched my head

Why are they wasting time

“Just get into your car” I mind yelled

They kept talking until a guy showed up and soon they were up and heading to their car. I watched them go in with the guy and finally zoom off.

I hit my hand frustratedly on the wall

“I will call the boss” I thought and bring out my phone

I dialed the boss number and on the third ring, he picked

?Hello boss

?Do you have them already?

?No boss. They left with a certain guy, I couldn’t get close

?Where are you now?

?I’m still at the school. I want to confirm if I should follow them

?Don’t follow them just keep an eye on them until you have the opportunity to abduct them

?Ok boss

?I need a very clean job with no trace, do you understand??

?Yes boss

The call ended and I entered into the car and drove off

If I can’t get you today I will surely get you tomorrow

Aidan’s pov :

Work has been stressful today. We started working on the project at hand and also finding a perfect way to get the mur.derers without shedding bl00d or losing someone.

Mason had come up with a very nice idea and all I did was to add little things to it. I think it’s a perfect plan. You might be thinking what the plan is all about. Well it’s simple


I was busy with some documents when the door bursted open. I raised my head to see Mason grinning

“What’s up man, do you want to pull down my door?” I asked

He pulled the chair opposite me and sat down

“Sorry man”

“You seems happy?” I said arranging the scattered files

“I think I have a plan” he answered relaxing on his chair

“What’s your plan” I asked

“I think we should implant a chip on the girls, it will help us track them. You know we can’t always be with them. And then we could use them as a bait” he said

“As a bait???” I asked

“Yes, they will definitely be on a look out. We will just let them get the girls and then we can safe them and use the opportunity to catch the mur.derers”

“That will be risky!” I answered

“Of course it will be but I think that’s the best way. We should let them believe they are ahead. If we stay too long, they will keep strategizing and we might never outrun them. Base on the information I got, Liam’s dad is a drug Lord and he’s known as the boss”

I sigh

“Well I think that’s right. We might end up using our magic if need be” I said

“Alright man. I should get going the girls will be waiting” he said standing up

“We will still come up with a plan” I said



I watched him leave and I sigh



“Aidan!!!” Lissa yelled running towards me

She jumped on my body

“Hey” I cooed holding her to prevent her from falling

“I missed you” she cooed

“I miss you too cupcake” I replied

“Hey Aidan you should learn to greet others. We are humans too” Mason said rolling his eyes as usual

“Chill man, I’m not done with my cupcake” he said

I rolled my eyes too

“Emily how was school today??” I asked

“School was fine but your girlfriend would not let me rest” she replied

“That’s a lie” Lissa said

“I believe you” I said

“I never expect you to believe Emily” Mason said

“Stop causing trouble” I told Mason

“Am I??” He asked

“Of course!”

“No I’m not!”

“You are” I answered

“Whatever!!!” He replied

We couldn’t help but laugh

It’s fun having them around but this will end soon

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