QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 41-50

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 42?

By Debbie

Lissa’s pov :

What?? Mason??

I totally forget Mason sent me to him??

I quickly put on my br@ and top. I made to stand up but he held me

He spoke for a while before dropping his phone.

“Did Mason send you to me??” He asked

“Yes” I cooed

“I wanted to tell you but you didn’t let me” I added

“You’re not leaving because we’re not done yet” He winked at me before standing up to get his laptop

He sat on the bed and set to work. When I noticed his attention was not on me. I tiptoed and got to the door

“Hey, where are you going?” He asked

“I…i…..” I shuttered

He stood up from the bed and walked closer to me. He pinned me to the wall as he placed kisses on my neck

“Won’t you finish what you’re doing??” I asked

“I’m done” he cooed

He placed his l!ps on mine as he nibble on my l!ps. The kss was so pa$$ionate that I felt wet in between my l.egs.

This is my first time feeling this. I have always heard about this, but right now what I felt is different.

He released his l!ps from mine and I whined a little in disappointment

“We shouldn’t be doing this” he said

“But I want you Aidan” I cooed not sure if he heard me

“But you’re not ready” he answered

“I….i am, I…. I….really am” I shuttered

“Are you sure about that” he asked and I nodded

I know it’s my first time and it might hurt but I don’t care.

He stared at me without saying a word. He moved closer to me and moved me slowly to the wall. He held my cheeks.

He slowly placed his l!ps on mine and kssed me hungrily like his life depended on it.

He wrapped my hand around his shoulder and lift me up slowly. Without breaking the kss, he took me to the b.ed and made me lie on my back.

He yanked 0ff my t0p. I stared at his cute face as he lifted me up a bit and placed his bare hands on my back.

I sh!vered a little. He released soft breath on my face and reach for my br@, unh00king it. He took 0ff the br@ and took one of my full sized bre@$ts into his hand, c@ressing it a bit.

I m0aned in ple@$ure

He lowered his face there and bit my npp.le.

“Ah” I ga$ped lightly as it gave me v!brations

He teased the npp.le with his t0ngue before taking the full size in, scking and thr0bbing it.

“Aidan” I m0aned his name more in a whisper

I gr!pped his head to my che$t and sent my fingers into his hair c@ressing it softly.

What’s he doing to me?

Oh my God!

He used his free hand to hold the other bre@$t, rolling the npp.le with his thumb, still fee.ding on the 0ther.

It was dr!ving me cr@zy.

He took his l!ps from my npp.les and looked at me.

“Should I?” He asked and I nodded

He rested his forehead on mine again and moved his hands to my wa!st.

He unzpped my tr0user and I gulped nervously as I stared into his face while he worked with his hands.

He unzpped it and started pulling it d0wn and I found myself holding him t!ght.

This is my first time going n@ked in front of a guy

I was kind of nervous

After taking 0ff the tr0user, he gr@bbed my a$$ with both h@nds.

“You’re beautiful” he cooed

He held the tip of my p@nt and started dr@gging it d0wn as well.

I was st@rk n@ked in front of him. I shuddered a little

Oh God!

My h@nds were still wr@pped around him

He kssed me tenderly and I had no idea he was unh00king his belt at that moment. I was fascinated in the kss and didn’t pay attention.

He only broke the kss when it’d gotten to his l.egs and my eyes widened in shock, seeing he was taking it 0ff.

Oh my God!

My eyes glanced at his….

And I flinched when I saw something like a r0d, being pointed at me.

He was really h.uge

I fl!nched and took my eyes away immediately.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked

“No” I replied shyly

“Look at me” he said as he teased my v with his dk.

Oh my God!

I could feel him pre$$ing it h@rd against my entr@nce.

“If you want me to stop just tell me” he said and this time around, I felt the tip of the dk go int0 me a bit.

I fl!nched and he pu.lled 0ut

“You’re tight, Why are you still a vrgin?” He asked

He moved the tip of his dk int0 me again and pulled 0ut and I had no idea what he was doing, but it was hu.rting like h.ell.

“I…..i……” I stuttered as he pushed the dk int0 me again.

This time around, it wasn’t just the t!p and he didn’t pull 0ut as usual.

“Hah!” I winced as he f0rced it int0 me.

“Oh my God!


With his hand on my hair, he leaned his head on my shoulder and pushed himself in…

My l.egs shook and became extremely w.eak

“It h.urts” I cried and pierced my fngers into hi.s sh0ulders.

I just needed something to clutch onto.

He dipped his h@nds into my w@ist and grunted a little as he finally succeeded in pushing everything inside.

“Argh!” I yelped as the p@ins dr0ve me w!ld.

My fngers p!erced deep int0 his sk!n as I w.ept.

“Please….stop” I sobbed.

It was hu.rting like h.ell. I never knew it will be this p@inful

I felt my v expand as his size rested in me.
It was so d.eep and p@inful.

“I’m so sorry I hurt you” he cooed

He wasn’t moving, but just left his dk st.uck in me.

He touched my l!ps and kssed them.

Oh God!

My l.egs were hurting.

My l.egs, w@ist…everything.

He placed his hands on the b.ed for support and made a slight movement with his dk and I scre@med.

“Arghh” I lifted my head and cried out.

“You’re hu.rting me”

“I’m sorry” he murmured into my ears and pounced int0 me.


Few minutes later the pain lessen and I could feel a little ple@sure. It was like bittersweet feeling.

My m0ans filled the entire room. He finally pulled 0ut and I rested my head on his shouldered.

“I’m sorry” he cooed

He placed my head on his che$t, c@ressing it carefully

“I really so sorry” he said again

I could only nod my head. I was so tired and weak that I couldn’t listen to what he said until I finally drifted to sleep.

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