QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 41-50

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 45?

By Debbie

Next morning

Aidan’s pov :

We all got prepared to returned back to Miami. Lissa and Emily will be going with us because Mr Anderson will be traveling to Paris on a business trip.

He had come to meet me, last night about it. He said he wanted Emily and Lissa to stay with us for a week or two since him and his wife will not be available and they will be going back to school on Monday.

I was d@mn happy. I will have my cupcake with me. And we will be able to map out plans and keep them safe without stress.

I really don’t know why he trusted them with us, but I will try my possible best to keep them safe.

You might be wondering about the shaggy guy caught by Viol. Well, Viol said he confessed yesterday. She was able to get their next move and we will be mapping our plans on that. Although there will be a plan B, in case he tried playing pranks on us.

I did not tell Lissa about Viol helping us cause she’s such a jealous fr.eak and I’m not ready for some female fight


“Aidan we should get going” Mason said

The guards already took our bags downstairs. I joined the others and we entered into the car. Drive to the airport was fun.

Mason and Lissa kept arguing and Emily and I couldn’t help but laugh at them.

“It’s 2. The answer is 2” my cupcake said

“Of course not, it’s 2.1” Mason defended

Both were practically good in arithmetic but will not accept that they were both right. Lissa had round up her number while Mason had preferred the decimal point

“Aidan who is right, I or him” she asked

“I think you’re both right” I answered

“Who is the winner?” She pouted like a baby

“Well my baby won” I said and she shrieked happily

“That’s not fair” Mason said

“Come babe, don’t be a crybaby” Emily said

We couldn’t help but laugh at him. He rolled his eyes.

“Sir we are at the airport already” the chauffeur said

We got out of the car and went straight to the private jet.


“Home sweet home” I said

“Welcome to our humble abode” Mason said

“Welcome home masters” The head maid greeted

I smiled.

“Brian please show them to their rooms”

They were both led to their rooms. I already called Brian yesterday to get the rooms arranged to their taste.

I went upstairs to have a shower and little rest. I got to my room and took a quick shower.

I change into a simple black short and white sleeveless shirt. I picked my phone from the stand and placed a call to Viol

?Hi Aidan, missing me already

(I smiled)

?Is it a crime to miss you??

?Well I know you can’t, with Lissa always at your peck and call

?Why do I have a feeling you’re jealous

?Maybe I am but I do have someone now. So I have no reason to be

?Wow I’m so happy for you

?Thank hun

?Any update??

?We have him here with us. I will like you to come over in the evening

?Just text me the address

?I will. Come alone

?Sure. See you by evening



I dropped the phone and lie on the bed.

Dad gave us 100 days to fulfil the quest and come back home. Now we have less than 70 days to go.

“How will I explain things to Lisaa” I thought

“Hi” a voice I have learned to love said, jolting me out of my thought

I smiled

“How to you know my room” I asked

“Mason showed me” she chuckled

“You’ve got a nice taste” she said and I smiled

She lay beside me, placing her head on my che$t.

“Cupcake” I cooed

“Yes hun”

“How will you feel if I have to leave you” I asked

She raised her head up

“You’re leaving?” She asked

“Of course not. I’m just asking”

“Don’t leave, don’t you dare leave me or I will die” she said and I dilated my eyes in shock

“You….you will die if I leave?” I asked uncertain if i heard her well the first time

“Yes I will kill myself if you leave. I can’t live without you” she cooed and placed her heard back on my che$t

“Promise me, promise me Aidan, promise you won’t leave me. And if need be you will come back for me” she said in a sad tune

I sighed

“I promise to always be by your side and if I have to go, I will go with you” I said

She smiled and stretched herself a bit to kss me. I engulfed her l!ps in mine. I have always felt some special sen$ation anytime she’s with me.

If this is what love is all about. Then I’m so happy to fall in love.

I finally released my l!ps from hers after a plea$urable kss. I made her lie on my b0dy

“Let’s make l0ve” she cooed


She buried her face on my chest shyly

“You want us to make l0ve?” I asked to be sure I heard her correctly

She nodded

“Wow, my cupcake is getting bold this days. She has always been bold but not in this aspect” I teased her

She hit me playfully on my chest

“It’s hurts” I whined playing


“It’s hurt” I teased

“Stop” she cooed

“I love you” I said and she raised are head to look at me

I guess this is my first time saying it sincerely from my heart

“I love you cupcake, and I will always love you”

She smiled shyly

“I love you too Aidan”

I turned he.r over, laying on her b0dy, I kssed her. I was ready to enj0y the moment and make sure she reaches cl0ud nine.

There was removal of fabrics. Seeing her n@ked naturally turns me 0n.

I teased her npp.le and I could see the excitement. She was enj0ying every bit of it and I love that.

I went down to her v part and teased her. I sck her and she shrieked in plea$ure. I kept scking until she

“I want you to ta$te yourself” I said Huskily

I placed my l!ps on hers. I carefully entered int0 her considering she was still tght.


I drag the duvet to cover us. She rested her head on me

“I love you” she cooed

“I love you too”

“Cupcake” I called c@ressing her hair

“I know I can be a jerk at times but I love you so much. Lissa, we might not have know each other for long but I must say, you are the best thing that has happened to me. I want you to be my girlfriend, I know it’s not official but I promise to make it one. Just say yes to me” I said

“I…i…i….” She shuttered

“I……” She was about saying when my phone rang

“Excuse me” I said and picked the call

It was Viol


?We’ve gotten the name of the killer

?You did?

?Yes, it’s her ex boyfriend

?what? Her ex boyfriend??

?yes. Is name is Liam

?Liam??. You know what I’m coming right away

?Ok. I already text the address

?Thank you so much


The call ended and I dropped my phone.

“What’s wrong” Lissa asked

“Nothing, I just need to see a friend” I said

“I heard you say something about ex boyfriend and Liam. Is he responsible for Emily’s parents de@th?” She asked

The Lissa I know is very smart but I won’t let her get involve in this case. It’s a very risky case considering the fact that he’s Emily’s ex boyfriend

“Cupcake, it’s has nothing to do with Emily. I will just go see a friend and come back” I said and she nodded

For no reason will I get her involve. I love her so much and she will be my weak point. Emily also can’t get involve or Mason becomes a bait to get her.

If they get involve, we won’t succeed

I have a plan. Mason and I will have to map out a plan that involves them but in real sense we will be doing something totally different from theirs.

That’s it!!

To keep them safe, we have to make them believe they are involved.

Perfect plan!!!

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