Helena’s condition worsened after Kira left. She became weak. The chemotherapy is not giving her a positive response anymore.

After ten months of battling with her illness, Helena’s body couldn’t take it anymore and she d ied.

During the burial, Tim stood in front of Helena’s tombstone. She’s like a family to him. It is also hard for him to lose her.


Tim waited for Kira to come to the burial, but she did not show up herself. He did not see her even just her shadow.

Tim left the cemetery with his shoulders dropped.

Kira did not show her self during the burial of the person who took care of her when she was young. Did she already forget us? Is she not coming back anymore?



*Four years later since Kira left*

Tan Corporation,
The man wearing an eyeglass was busy tapping his laptop. He has a short beard that wasn’t there before, but he still looked clean tho.

He looked more matur?d and masculine than four years ago. He looked cold and there traces of loneliness in his eyes.

“Good morning Mr. Tan!” Coby greeted Tim as he entered his office.

Tim shifted his gaze to Coby, “Good morning,” he replied.

“Mr. Tan, have you checked the business bulletin today?” Coby talked about the news online. It is the online news that usually publishes about the business industry.
Most featured in this news is the business tycoons.

“Not yet, why?” Tim asked as he continued tapping his ??ptop.

“Mr. Tan, the launching of the company’s first two cruise ships have been successful that the news bulletin featured it on their news today,” Coby said.

“That’s good then,” Tim said.
“This is just the beginning, Coby, the next will be the first flight of the Far Travel’s airplanes to travel domestic and abroad,” Tim said as if he is so sure.
He made himself busy after recovering from depression.

During these years, he had achieved a lot. They were able to launch a shipping line, they extended their bus services to the other provinces of the country and yesterday, they launched the first two cruise ships that would start to travel this month. The cruise ship was his biggest project of this year for it costs billions.

But Tim is still not happy with all his achievements. He felt like there is still a missing piece of him. Is it because of Kira?
Tim took a deep breath as he thinks of his wife. She’s gone for a long time.

He wonders if she is still coming back to him.
Is it time for him to give up on her?
Is it time for him to open up his heart to another one?

Tim’s deep thoughts were interrupted when a woman came into his office. The woman was so beautiful. She is tall and she has long hair and she looked simple and approachable.

She is Dana Diaz, a psychologist who helped him when he suffers from depression.

When Kira left, she also left a wound in his heart. It was so painful. The pain is so hard to endure.

There was a time that Tim keeps on drinking liquor just to forget the pain that he felt. But it was just temporary because every time he lost his drunkenness, the pain will also get back.

He was so down when Kira left him. He got sick physically, emotionally and mentally. He has to seek an expert to help him overcome his anxieties and that was Dana.

“Hey!” Dana greeted Tim.

Tim snapped back to his senses, “H-Hey!” He replied.

Dana was also a friend to Tim. The two of them have known each other for four years and it made them get more close to each other.

Coby doesn’t want to disturb the two of them so he decided to excuse himself.

“I have to go now, Mr. Tan,” He said before he left Tim’s office.

“Did I disturb you?” Dana asked when it remain only the two of them in the office.

“No, we were just talking about something,” Tim replied.

“Oh! ” Dana blurted out.

“Why are you here, anyway?” Tim asked Dana.

“Oh, I heard that the launching of your cruise ship has been successful, so I am here to congratulate you!” Dana said.

“Uh, thank you!” Tim said as he revealed a smile.

“Nah!” Dana reacted.
“I don’t accept thank you,” She joked.

“What do you want then?” Tim asked.

“Lunch?” Dana replied.
“In our favorite restaurant!” She added.

Because they were quite close to each other, they often eat outside together.

“Call!” Tim agreed.
“Just wait for me, I just have to talk to my ?ssistant,” Tim said and then he called Coby again through the intercom.

Dana sat on the couch and waited for Tim.

Coby went back to Tim’s office.

“Mr. Tan?” He called.

“Hey Coby, I just forgot to tell you that you should start teaching Ella about your work,” Tim said.

Coby froze and threw Tim a meaningful look.
‘Is he going to fire me?’ Coby asked himself.

Tim seems to understand Coby’s look to him.

“Ah, it’s not what you think it is!” He cleared.
” I was just thinking that you’re going to be busy for your upcoming wedding, so, I just want you to train Ella Villariez to substitute you whenever you’re not around,” Tim explained.

Coby has a sigh of relief, “Oh,” He blurted out.

“Alright, sir, I’ll start to train her!” he said.

“Good!” Tim replied.
“And also, I’ll be out for lunch, just call if Mr. Samson from Carson’s Auto Care arrived.”

“Copy that sir!” Coby replied.

“That’s all, you can leave now,” Tim said.



In the afternoon, a car parked in the Tan Corporation’s car park.

A tall man, wearing sunglasses, a white shirt with a black necktie, and a black tuxedo got off the car.

The man has abroad shoulders and well, a handsome face. He looked like he is in his late twenties. The man took his attache case bag before he closed his car.

The man headed to the Tan Corporation Building’s entrance and he approached the front desk.

“Good afternoon,” The man greeted the receptionist.

“Yes, sir?” The receptionist was attracted to the man for she can’t hide the smile on her face.

“I am Drake Samson, from Carson’s Auto Care, I have an appointment with Mr. Tan, I wonder if he is already available right now?” Samson asked.

“I will just call his assistant, sir, could you wait for a moment?” The receptionist asked.

“Sure!” Drake replied with a smile on his face.

The receptionist talked to someone on the intercom.

After a while, she put it back down and faced Drake, ” The Assistant is on her way here, Mr. Samson, please take a seat while waiting for her,” The receptionist said politely.


“Thank you!” Drake said before he turned and headed to the lounge.

Drake put down his attached case bag on the glass table. He leaned his back as he waited for the said assistant.

*After about ten minutes,*


The elevator opened and a woman in her early twenties came out. The woman is Ella Villariez, she has changed a little bit.

Her shoulder-length hair is now a waist-length long.

Ella approached the receptionist,” Where is Mr. Samson?” She asked.

Coby let her do this job, because of Mr. Tan’s order to train her.

“Mr. Samson is in the lounge, Ms. Villariez.” The receptionist said.

Ella turned her head to the lounge, “Is he that young man?” She asked the receptionist again.

The receptionist smiled sweetly, “Yes, Ms. Villariez!” she said.

“Alright, thank you,” Ella said before she turned and she approached the man.

“Good afternoon, sir, are you Mr. Drake Samson of Carson’s Auto Care?” Ella asked politely.

Drake raised his head to Ella, ” Yes, It’s me,” He replied politely..

“I am Ms. Ella Villariez, Mr. Tan’s substitute assistant,” Ella said as she stretched her hand to Drake.

Drake took Ella’s hand, “Nice to meet you, Miss Villariez, ” He said with a smile on his face.

“Mr. Tan is not here yet, but he is on his way, shall we go to the conference room and wait for him there?” Ella asked.

“Oh, sure!” Drake replied.

He took his attache case bag as he got up from his seat.

Just then, his phone rings.
Ella looked at Drake when she heard the ring tone.

“Oh, can I pick this call first?” Drake asked Ella.

“Of course Mr. Samson!” Ella replied.

Drake swiped his phone and answers the call.

Ella silently observed Drake. She heard when Drake answered the call and she was a bit stunned when she heard Drake say a familiar name!

Ella blinked her eyes a few times, ‘Oh what am I thinking?’ She asked her self.

‘They might just have the same name!’ Ella tried to erase her thoughts.

After a few minutes later, Drake has finished talking to the person who called him. He then turned back to Ella.

“I’m sorry, shall we go now?” He asked Ella.

Ella stared at Drake for a moment before she nodded her head,” Ennn…”

The two fo them headed to the elevator.



“Please have a seat, Mr. Samson,” Ella said when they reached the conference room.

“Thank you, “Drake said and then he seated in one of the chairs in front of the long wooden table.

Ella served Drake a coffee.

“Thanks!” Drake said.

Just a few minutes later, Tim came into the conference room. Drake instantly stood up from his seat and greeted Tim, “Good afternoon, Mr. Tan!”

“Good afternoon, I’m sorry if I kept you waiting,” Tim apologized.

“Oh, it’s alright, Mr. Tan, I haven’t waited for long anyway,” Drake replied politely.

“So, shall we start?” Tim asked Drake as he seated in the other chair.

“O-Of course, Mr. Tan,” Drake replied.

“So, what your shop could offer me?” Tim asked straight forward. He doesn’t want to waste time.

Drake took a deep breath. He cleared his throat before he started to speak.

“Well, Carson Auto Care has the latest and high-tech tools and machines. Carson’s will give you high-quality services, we won’t make you wait for long before your units get a fix. With the help of our professional and faster workers, not to mention our high-tech machines and tools, Carson’s, will fix your units in no time.”

Tim nods his head as he listened to Drake.

Their meeting took a few hours of discussion. But in the end, Tim chooses to sign a partnership contract.

They are extending their services in many provinces in the country, so, they have a lot of bus units and the maintenance department couldn’t do all the works at all, so they need to find an auto care company that could help do the works.

“Thank you for giving my company a chance to work with your company, Mr. Tan!” Drake said excitedly.

Tim just nodded his head.

Drake took a deep breath as he rode in his car.

To work for Tan Corporation is such an achievement. remembered when he was still the happy go lucky guy who doesn’t think about his future.

Parties, womanizer and a black sheep of the family, he was like that before. But his life has changed when a woman and a baby came into his life. They were the reason why he changed. He becomes a different person, he left his old lifestyle and become a better man. He becomes responsible and its all thanks to them.
Hope you’re all feeling the heat?


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