A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Chapter 26-30

🐲🐉A Howl In The Night🐲🐉 🌹She’s mine🌹 🌼From Novel R0mance 🌼 🍀Chapter 26🍀 🙈😋Puppy Love😋🙈 My b.ed is soft, but not nearly as warm as I wish it to be. I shiver underneath the thick covers, tossing and turning furiously. I struggle to get warm, yet only the cold embraces me. The desire for a … Read more

A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Chapter 21-25

🐲🐉A Howl In The Night 🐲🐉 🌹She’s Mine🌹 🌼From Novel Rom@nce🌼 🍀Chapter 21🍀 *** “Mona,” a voice whispers, on the edge of my almost nonexistent thoughts. I am floating, suspended in time. For now, I am dead. Dead to my hopes, dead to my troubles, dead to reality. A hand shakes my arm. “Please wake … Read more

A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Chapter 16-20

🐲🐉A Howl In The Night🐲🐉 🌹(She’s Mine)🌹 🌼From Novel R0mance🌼 🍀Chapter 16🍀 “will you still auction yourself? ” Xavier smiles. “Of course not, Mona. I’m all yours.” I look away to hide my growing blush. Why is it that I always get red around him? “You should have met Xavier before he got mated to … Read more

A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Episode 6-10

🐲🐉A Howl In The Night🐲🐉 🌹(She’s mine)🌹 🌼Authoress Gift 🌼 🍀Chapter 6🍀 I blink, wondering if I had heard him right. “Thirty-two years?” I squeak, my voice barely above a whisper. Even now, as we casually walk down the hallway, people are staring at him, gossiping about the new senior that is sizzling hot. “Yeah. … Read more

BETROTHED : Episode 11 – 20

👑👑BETROTHED💘💘 🌃✨🌇She has supernatural powers🌃✨🌇 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️Episode 11 I will make you happy ~~ I stared at James for a moment. He was so handsome; of course he could have a girl like Jennifer. I walked up to them and extended my hand. “Hi, you must be Jennifer McCoy, I’m Vanessa.” I said and shook her … Read more

BETROTHED : Episode 1 – 10

👑👑BETROTHED💘💘 🌃✨🌇She has supernatural powers🌃✨🌇 ✍️✍️Written by Authoress Favour✍️✍️ 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️Prologue ~~ I stared down at my daughter that lay asleep in my arm. I blinked several times, trying to make the tears go away. “I have some news regarding your daughter, Mrs. Halt. A group of doctors at this hospital ran multitudes of tests on … Read more

STRANGE BEAUTY: Episode 1 – 10

💄Strange Beauty 🌹 🍥[Diary of a beautiful she dev!l] 🍥 By: Blessing D writes A supernatural love story 😋 🌹Prologue 🌹 Writer’s POV A young orphan that’s often criticized about her ugly looks by her guardians was very bittered about it. She doesn’t have much friends both in school and everywhere. A day won’t pass … Read more