?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Twenty??

?? Corovi’s POV ??

“I’m not leaving!!” She blurted…

And i stopped immediately and turned back..

“What!!!” I asked surprised..

“I can’t leave now”


“Hey! You forcefully took me away from my house and now you wanna throw me out just like that..At least give me a house to stay” she snarled..

“Tsh! You make me you think I’m doing charity or what?” I scoffed..

“I know you would say this but what if i pay you $1 million as rent” she asked..

“No! I’m not interested” I fired..

“$3 million ”

“No!! ”

“$5 million” she insisted..


That’s a huge sum of money!

“OK fine!! I’ll take you to your new home tomorrow” I said and walked out..

I got to my secret chamber – zach was still busy with his incantations…

I sat on my throne still wondering why Saphira is willing to pay such huge amount of money ..

I don’t trust that Saphira…

I wonder what’s she’s planning now..

“There’s trouble my Lord” Zach suddenly said,bringing me outta my thoughts..

“Huh!! What do you mean?” I asked confused..

“I couldn’t find out the reason why Saphira’s blow was able to have such effect on you” He sadly said with a slight bow…

“What!! How’s that possible? You’re one of the best seer ever ”

“Exactly my Lord! It beats my imagination..I tried finding out but it seems as if someone out there is hiding it from us”

“Strange!! Something is not right here..I don’t feel good about this”

“Don’t worry my Lord! I’ll keep on trying” he assured..

“I hope it works out..summon other dem0ns, it’s time to go trap some humans” I said..

“Yes my Lord” he replied with a slight bow and zoom off…

? Saphira’s POV?

You’ve been wondering why I’m ready to pay such huge amount of money for the house right?

I’m gonna tell you a little..

I can’t afford going away from Corovi – if I’m close to him, I’ll be able to know his ev!l plans and stop him..

Moreover, I can’t return back to my family until I have fulfilled my mission..

I really miss my family, I hope they’re happy..

I was still lost in my thought when I perceived the fragrance of Corovi..

I came out and saw him heading out of the house with two men alongside..

I couldn’t see their faces but I’m sure they’re his ev!l followers..

Whatever! It’s none of my fkin’ business..

Wait! But why are they going out in their dem0nic form?

I’m sure they’re up to something – so I decided to stalk them..

After much walking, we finally came out in a busy street.

I stood afar still wondering what they’re up to..

Corovi suddenly stood at the middle of the road but since he isn’t in his human form, the humans couldn’t see him..

He stretched forth his hand towards the forth coming driver and immediately he started driving amiss..

What’s going on?

I used my supernatural sight to find out what’s happening to the driver and I was shocked to find out that the driver is struggling with sleep – corovi has inflicted the spirit of sleep on the poor driver..

The driver tried his best to control himself but unfortunately, the car collided with other on coming cars leading to serious accidents and de@th..

“This is fun!!” Corovi yelled and they all burst out laughing..

“I think we should do this more often” one of them said amidst laughter..

“Get ready humans! Cus’ your doom has began and soon this planet called earth will be mine” Corovi echoed..



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