?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Thirteen??

? Saphira’s POV ????

I feel so lifeless right now..

I don’t know how this beast did it but I think I will pass out any time soon..

I just laid down at the feet of Jeffrey, unable to go hug my mom..

“Mum! Is there anything you’re hiding from us?” Kizito asked for the second time..

But mum kept mute, she was just crying..

“Pumpkin t’s time to tell them who they really are..There’s no need of keeping it from them anymore” Dad said and cupped mums face…

“Uhm..I’m sure you guys were wondering why you all possessed supernatural powers..uhm..its because a fallen angel gave birth to you” mum finally said amidst tears..

“Fallen Angel? Is that a name of a person or a thing?” Mirabel asked..

“No..Its the name of a supernatural kingdom somewhere faraway and there’s were I came from..Your dad was filled with sorrow and anguish when his parents was brut@lly mur.dered, so i was sent to console and protect him..I was given only three months to spend with your dad but before it could elapse, we fell head over heels for each other which was against the rules”

“Interesting! But were you punished?” Mirabel inquired..

“Nope! A prophecy has been given long ago that our union will produce the chosen one, so for that reason we weren’t punished..We were asked to name our first child Saphira because she has been chosen to defeat Corovi and his followers” Mum explained..

I can’t believe my ears!

So Jeffrey was right…

I have never fallen in love before and when I finally did, it was a demon..

Why should it be?

Why does this monster have to take my heart and break it right away…

“ me this…a..long time ago..because..of…your..silly..mistake..I had…to..fall in love..with someone whom I’m supposed to kill” I managed to say..

“I’m sorry my child..I didn’t know it will result to this, I was only trying to protect you” mum cried..

“Do you really think that your sorry can solve this? My sister is in this condition and is all because of you mum” kizito yelled..

“Do you really think I wanted this to happen? Hell no! I ain’t happy that my own daughter is in danger and I can’t help her..I couldn’t tell you guys about it because I didn’t want you to live in fear..I didn’t want you to feel insecure or afraid of what’s to happen in the future..I don’t care about what others have to say but all I know is that I only did this because of the love, I had for my children” Mum yelled..

“Enough of all this drama! So you guys really think that your dumb Saphira can stop me..then watch this!” He said and turned at me..

“Don’t you dare touch my daughter!!” Mum yelled..

She stretched forth her hand and a lightening emitted from them,towards Jeffrey..

But before it could get to him, he quickly used me wedge it making me to get struck instead of him..

“Arrghhhhh!” I cried in pain, profusely bl.eeding from my nose and mouth..

“Saphira are you okay? ” mum worriedly asked and rushed to me..

Blinded by her worries for me, mum ran to me not knowing that it was a trap..

Before she could realize it, Jeffrey had already pinned her to the floor with a strange chain..

“I told you not to try anything stupid, now I have no choice than to kill you before killing your daughter..and anyone who tries to interfere will pay dearly with his life”

He stretched forth his palm at my mum and immediately lights emitted from the chain..My mum kept on screaming like someone who’s been shocked by electric..

“What are you doing to my mum?” Kizito thundered..

“I’m gradually su.cking away l!fe from her, in no time, she will stop breathing” He replied and gave out a loud and wicked laugh..

“Please don’t kill my can kill me but please spare her life” I cried..

“I’m a dem0n and mercy is my worst enemy” he thundered, still electrocuting my mum..

“Stay away from my mum!” Kizito yelled..

He super sped to Jeffrey but unfortunately Jeffrey can also super speed..

They both collided, the force used by Jeffrey was too much for kizito to bear and that made him collapse immediately..

“Why are you doing this? You’re angry at me right? Then kill me,why are you getting my family involved?” I cried..

“Pearls!! Your tears are turning to pearls!! Wow!! I will finally be rich! ” Jeffrey said with excitement..

“What do you mean by that?” I asked confused..

“Its simple! If you want me to spare your family, then you will have to accept to become my slave and your duty is to cry out two bags of pearls each day..”

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