?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Nineteen??

?? Corovi’s POV ??

I slowly opened my eyes..

I saw zach – he was sitting beside my bed..

I sat up as yesterday’s event flashed into my mind..

What the fk!

How can a single blow on my heart have such effect on me?

A whole corovi has been defeated by a lady..

What would my followers think of me..

No! This can’t be happening..

“Good morning my Lord” Zach greeted with a slight bow..

“What’s so good about this morning? My honor has been destroyed! My reputation has been toyed with” I yelled..

“I’m sorry my Lord! But I don’t understand” he replied..

“Exactly my point! I’m also confused..did you see the state I was yesterday?”

“Yes my Lord! I was shocked when you came back with a bleeding heart”

“And can you imagine that a single blow on my heart caused my entire body to be paralyzed?”

“What!! How can that be possible?” He asked..

“I’m also confused..I want you to find out the reason behind it”

“OK! I’ll work on that sir”

“ can go but most importantly, no one must find out about this” I warned..

“Yes my Lord” he said with a slight bow and walked out..

I have to go see Saphira..I still have an unfinished business with her..

? Saphira’s POV ?

Why isn’t that jerk here?

Oh! Looks like he’s ashamed of himself..

I mean who wouldn’t be?

Just then I heard a knock..

“Come in” I replied..

The door cracked open to reveal Jeffrey..

“Thank goodness you’re here! I thought you ain’t gonna come” I sneered..

“Why shouldn’t I? There’s nothing to be ashamed of..After all, you won by crook” he fired..

“Why? Does it hurt?? Have you forgotten how you trapped me with fake love ” I yelled as tears welled up in my eyes..

Why does it still hurt?

“I didn’t trap you – you were the one that foolishly fell for me, I never asked you to do so” he retorted..

“Really! Then what was that earlier?”

“I don’t understand”

“If you don’t love me then why did you save me?” I asked..

“Huh! That was nothing”

“Lies! I know what I saw in your eyes, you love me..I know you love me but you’re just pretending”

“No you’re wrong! I only saved you because of your pearls”

“I can’t believe this! So you only care about my pearls? You’re a monster Jeffrey..I hate you” I yelled..

“Of course you should! I’m a demon you know..Anyways, since you won the battle I know you would ask for your you’re free to go but that doesn’t mean I will stop hunting your life” he said and turned to leave..

“I’m not leaving!!” I blurted…

And he stopped immediately..

“What!!!” He asked surprised..

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