?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Eleven??

? Sapphira’s POV ????

“I’m sorry..I don’t know what entered me..I didn’t mean to hurt you” I begged..

“But you did..stay away from me, you’re a m0nster” kizito yelled..

My heart shattered into many pieces hearing my own brother call me a m0nster..

“Dad I didn’t mean…” I tried to say but he cut me short..

“I don’t even know who you pains me to know that I’m the father of a terr0rist like you” dad yelled causing shiver to go through my spine..

I quickly ran to mum..

“Mum..I don’t know what happened to me..Do you also think I’m bad?” I cried, holding mum’s hand..

“No my child! I understand what you’re trying to say but right now your family is hurt because of you..Give them some time I’m sure they will forgive you” mum said wiping my tears..

“Can we go already” kizito said..

“OK! Mirabel stay here with your sister, we will soon be back” mum said..

“No mum! I’ll go with you, I can’t stay here with her” Mirabel said and ran to mum..

“You’re so silly..Saphira don’t feel bad about what your sister said..uhm..there’s a secret I want to tell you about yourself” Mum said..

“What’s it mum?”

“Your brother is bleeding,we have to take him to the hospital..just wait for me, I’m gonna tell you when I get back home” mum said..

“OK mum” I sadly said as they all walked out..

“What have I done.? My family is hurt today because of me..I’m a bad person” I cried..

I slumped to the floor,crying my eyes out..

I have lost everything! I have lost my Jeffrey! Even my own dad is ashamed to call me his daughter..

I will have to punish myself..

I angrily stood up and went close to the wall..

“I’m a bad person” I cried,punching the wall..

I kept on hitting the wall until my hands began to bleed profusely..

Just then,my phone began to ring..

I ignored the call hoping the caller will get tired …

But hell no! The damn phone kept on ringing..

I angrily picked up the phone..Guess who is calling?

Jeffrey!! My Jeffrey is calling me!!!

“Hello I’m sorry, please don’t be mad at me” I cried into the phone..

“I don’t want to speak to you through the phone..let’s meet” he replied..

“I would like to do that but mum won’t be happy when she finds out”

“I can’t believe this! I thought you said you love me? So I mean nothing to you?” He said..

“No baby! You know I love mean the world to me” I said filled with emotions..

“Then prove it! I’m gonna send you the address”


“I will be waiting for you there..i will break all ties with you if you don’t come” he threatened and hung up..

My phone beeped revealing the address to me..

What should I do now?

I really love Jeffrey and I can’t afford to lose him..

But mum will be hurt when she finds out that I disobeyed her..

But what’s the big deal there? All I have to do is to go meet Jeffrey..

I will quickly rush home before mum gets back..

I grabbed my car keys and rushed out..

I drove down to the street Jeffrey sent me..

When I got there, the street was empty and lonely..

“Maybe I’ve got the wrong address” I muttered..just then a figure approached me..

I was scared hoping its not a thief..

I finally saw the face of the person..

It’s Jeffrey!!

“Jeffrey” I called out and hugged him..but his face was expressionless..

“What’s wrong baby? Aren’t you happy to see me?” I asked surprised at his reaction..

“Follow me! There’s something you need to know” he said and held my hands..He closed his eyes and was muttering some strange words..

“Where are we going to?And what are you doing?” I asked confused..

“You will know when we get there” he chuckled..and before I could say anything,we both disappeared..

I suddenly found myself in a dark and strange environment..

Gripped with fear, I stood transfixed wondering what had just happened..

“You’re shocked right?” Jeffrey suddenly said from behind..

“Thank goodness you’re here! I don’t understand how we got here? But wait! Could it be that you’re were the one that made us disappear?” I asked confused..

“Yes baby..isn’t that wonderful?” He said smiling.

“I’m serious right now! And you think this is a joke ? You’re a human so how can you disappear?” I yelled..

“Easy baby! I’m not really who you think I am” he said and let out a loud laugh..

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