?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Fourteen??

? Saphira’s POV ????

“Its simple! If you want me to spare your family, then you will have to accept to become my slave and your duty is to cry out two bags of pearls each day..” Jeffrey said ..

“What!! Have you gone mad?” I forced myself to say..

“I will never be a slave to a heartless demon like you?” I added..

“Really!! That’s cool but I just wish you don’t regret it later” he said with a calm voice..

Isn’t he angry?

Why is he still calm?

I was still lost in my thoughts when I noticed that our curtains is on fire..

How is that possible?

Just then my eyes came in contact with Jeffrey’s …His eyes were completely white, his lips kept on moving and fire emitted from his hands…

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Sending your family to hell” he said aloud and gave out a scary laughter..

“What!! No ! Please don’t do that” I cried..

“In no time this house will be completely burnt down, including your family members”

“Saphira please help me! I’m suffocating here” my poor little sister,cried out..

The house was now filled with smoke, the kept on escalating..

“No! Please don’t this! I’ll do whatever you want, just put off this fire” I cried, begging at his feet..

“I’m sorry baby but you will have to watch your family die..” He coldly replied..

“Don’t beg my child..we the fallen angels don’t beg” Mum who has been released but completely weak, managed to say..

“No matter what happens,just remember that I love you and will always do” dad said,coughing his eyes out..

Kizito was still unconscious..

“I might be strict sometimes but you know mum loves you right?” Mum weakly said..

“Same here! even if I stop breathing today i will be forever grateful to God for giving me a big sis like you” Mirabel said, still gasping for air..

“No! No!! Why are you guys talking like this? Nothing will happen to you okay” I said,sweating profusely…

I managed to stand up, to go try save them but was stopped by Jeffrey..

“Where do you think you’re going” He said and roughly pushed me down..

“Let me go! I want to save my family” I cried..

“Really!! Then go ahead but I won’t let you leave this very spot” he warned..

The fire was now getting fiercer…

My heart temporary stopped beating as I saw my family gradually dying before me..

The good memories I spent with them, kept on displaying in my head..

I remembered how mum will massage my head and put me to sleep when I was still little..How she will cry and worry whenever I’m sick.

How dad will always take my side when I’m arguing with mum..

How kizito will get angry and beat the hell outta any guy who tries to mess with me..He might be rude sometimes but he is like a dad to me and I don’t joke with him..

I kept on crying profusely as I remembered how I and Mirabel do sit down and gist about all the cute guys in our class..

Mirabel and dad has already passed out but mum mysteriously kept on gasping for air..

“Let me go! Please don’t do this to me” I cried, clouded with the fear of losing my family..

But he refused to let me go..

“I might have failed you but just know that I love you all” I yelled with my eyes closed..

All of a sudden,a strange mighty wind occurred and instantly blew off the fire..

And guess what!! That strange wind is actually coming out from my mouth!!

I’m I’m really breathing out a heavy wind or should I call it a magical tornado..

The wind was really strong that it can even blow off a house, I closed my mouth and the wind seized immediately..

“You did it! You saved us my child” mum happily said ..

“Yes mum! I hope you’re fine” I worriedly asked..

“Yeah! Don’t worry about us, we will be fine” mum said..

I don’t know how that happened but I’m so happy that my family is saved..

“Wow! I didn’t expect that from you but I must say that I’m impressed” Jeffrey said and laughed..

Laugh as much as you want now because my mission onwards is to make you pay for breaking my heart and for trying to kill my family..

Maybe I should try using the wind to blow him outta here..

I opened my mouth but nothing came out..

“Oh! Looks like your powers has gone back to sleep” he scoffed..

“Saph, don’t listen to him..For you to effectively make use of your powers, you will have to master them” mum said..

“This old lady is now talking too much, I think it’s time I silence her forever” Jeffrey threatened..

“No need for that! I’m ready to go with you” I said..

“Good girl! You’ve finally made a good decision” he grinned..

Such a handsome face but inwardly filled with wickedness..

Yeah! You’re right, coming with you it’s a good decision because I will have many opportunities to send you to h.ell..

“Take care of your self mum..protect dad and my siblings, also tell them that I’m really sorry..All this happened because of my foolishness and now I’m gonna make all things right..I’m really gonna miss you all ” I cried..

“Since this is your destiny, I’m not gonna stop you.. I tried doing that but it was futile, but are you sure of what you’re doing?”

“Yes mum..and promise me that you won’t come looking for me”


“Please mum!! ”

“Okay! I promise but you will have to also promise me that no matter what happens, you’ll come back alive to us” she said amidst tears..

“OK mum! I promise to fight death ,if that will make you happy..” I cried..

“Argh! Enough of this drama! It’s time to go” Jeffrey said and forcefully dragged me out..

“Don’t be scared my’re more powerful than you thought, just believe in yourself” mum yelled..

“Good bye mum! I’m gonna miss you all” I shouted,hoping she heard me..

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