?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Fifteen??

? Pumpkin’s POV ????

Its almost a week now, since Saphira left the house..

I find it hard to believe that I can no longer see my Saphira’s face every morning..

Each day I visit her room and can’t help myself than to wonder how she’s faring out there..

What could that beast be doing to my child?

I force myself to smile whenever people are around me but later I crawl back to my room to cry my heart out..

My poor child is out there alone without her mother’s love or care..

“Mum what’s bothering you” Mirabel called out, bringing me out of my thoughts..

“Uhm..nothing” I replied..

“And you expect me to believe that, like I called your name more than twice and you didn’t hear..what’s wrong mum?” She worriedly said..

“It’s nothing..I’m okay” I replied and forced a smile on my face..

“But why aren’t you dressed? Where’s your brother? Kizito!!” I called out..

“Yes mum” he replied coming downstairs with his eyes stuck in the game on his phone..

“What exactly is wrong with you guys? I told the both of you to get dressed on white, why aren’t you dressed yet?” I scolded..

“Eww! But why mum?” Kizito asked..

“Cus the ruler of the fallen angels will be visiting us today” I explained..

“Really!! ”

“Yeah! His name is Lord Andrew..we’re expected to dress on white whenever he is visiting..So go quickly dress up ‘cus he will be here any moment from now”

“Sure mum”

“Oh! I also forgot to tell you that your grandfather will be coming along”

“Wow! I can’t wait to meet him”


Saphira’s POV ????

Life with Jeffrey has been really tough..

I had to go through terrible punishment everyday in order to cry out two bags of pearls..

Sometimes he pierces my body with hot iron, forces me to walk on hot coals and lots more..

At the end of the punishments, he usually carries me to my room to receive treatments and care..

But the good news is that all my wounds gets healed within the space of one hour..

Jeffrey lives in a huge mansion which has secret rooms underground..

Suprisingly,he allows me to move around the house in the evening..

There are a lot of maids who works in the house..

Jeffrey has become wealthy overnight due to my pearls…

He bribes government officials in order to get his dirty jobs done..

I have just finished crying out two bags of pearls..

Aish! My life sulks…

“Well done’re really doing a good job” he said,smiling..

How could he be smiling while I’m in so much pains..

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked as tears welled up in my eyes..

“What? I’m just making a living..” He replied..

“But what you’re doing is causing me pains..I’m not a money making machine you know” I yelled..

“No you’re wrong..I no longer see you as a’re now my ATM” he coldly said and gave out a scary laughter..

“You’re monster! I hate you” I cried as pains surge through my bones..

“Of course you should, who wouldn’t hate a dem0n?” He scoffed..

“Mark my word! I will make you pay for all the pains you caused me” I vowed..

“You are really pissing me off! If not for the pearls, I would have killed you a long time ago” he angrily said, running his hand through my neck..

His touch now disgusts me..

“What’s the need of living? I have lost everything, why not kill me” I fired..

“Of course I will but as for now you’re still useful to me” he said..

“Enough of all this arguments! It’s time to go to your room” he said and forcefully carried me over his shoulders..

“Don’t touch me! Drop me now” I yelled but he paid deaf ears..

The pain became unbearable causing me to pass out..

I saw myself in a dark environment..

A few steps ahead, I saw a man clothed on white garment..

He didn’t say anything, he just kept staring at me..

I went over to him..

“Who are you sir?” I asked..

For some strange reasons, I feel like we’re connected..

“How’re you my child? When I last saw you, you were still a baby..And now you’re all grown up” he said ..

“Do you know me?” I asked with wide opened eyes..

“Of course I do! I’m your grandfather”


“Yeah!! I know how that m0nster is treating you but don’t worry grandfather is here” he said,c@ressing my face..

“Thank goodness you’re here” I cried and gave him a tight hug..

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