?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Seventeen??

Unknown POV ????

Filled with determination, Saphira kept on practicing and preparing for the challenge..

She was surprised to find out that she is more powerful than she thought..

In order to stop her from practicing, Jeffrey increased her punishment from two bags to four bags..

Amidst that, she kept on practicing..she never gave up..

Do you wanna know why?

Because she is determined..

?? Corovi’s POV ??

“I can’t believe this! So that lady has the guts to challenge you” muyo said..

“It’s a big insult to you my Lord” Kiba added..

“Exactly my point! I never liked her from the beginning” muyo added..

Muyo,kiba and zach are my cabinets..

They agreed to follow me down to the earth because I promised to give them a share of the earth..

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach her the lesson of her life such that next time she will never dare to challenge the almighty corovi” I said..

“My lord, with all due respect I don’t think you did the right thing by keeping her alive..” Zach my seer said..

“Why? Do you think she can defeat me?” I asked..

“No my Lord,but that is what the prophecy said” he replied..

“I’m sure there’s a mix up somewhere, Saphira doesn’t look like someone who can do that..I mean she can’t even make use of her powers” I mocked..

“What if she discovers it before tomorrow?” Kiba asked..

“That’s not possible..with all the punishment I gave her, I don’t think she will be strong enough to practice”


“I don’t want to have this conversation anymore..Tomorrow is the d-day and there’s nothing we can do about it”

“As you wish my Lord” They chorused with a slight bow..


? Saphira’s POV ?

Finally, the long awaited day has arrived..

Corovi’s house is surrounded by a thick bush..Corovi had cleared part of the bush, so the battle will be held there..

My future depends on today..

What if i fail?

What if my power fails me?

G0sh, I’m scared..

If I fail today, then I’ll be doomed forever..

No! Why are my thinking like this?

Just yesterday I was sure of my victory, so what’s wrong with me?

No! Something is not right here..

Just then, I noticed a presence..

A supernatural force is in this room!

I closed my physical eyes and activated my spiritual eyes..

Thank goodness it worked..

Guess what I saw?

A dark scary being!!

She was trying to touch my heart!

Oh my g0sh!!

I quickly pushed her away..

She staggered back and burst out laughing..

“Hey!! What do you think you’re doing? And who the hell are you?” I yelled..

“Tsh! You make me laugh..I mean who doesn’t know me?” She rolled her eyes..

“Others might but I don’ can you fkin’ tell me who you are ?”

“Fine! I’m the spirit of fear”


“Spirit of Fear?” I asked,shocked..

“Yeah! And I’m here to prepare your heart for my brother who’s popularly know as failure” she said with a smirk ..

“What!! ”

“You’re surprised right? But that’s my duty and I was almost doing that before you interrupted” she bragged..

“Corovi sent you here right?”


“I can’t believe this! And you, if you don’t get the hell outta here I’ll be forced to use violence” I yelled and gave her a deadly stare..

“Easy!! I don’t force myself on people,rather they invite if you don’t want me, I’m gonna leave”

“You better do”

“You might have escaped me today but you might not be lucky tomorrow” she threatened and burst out laughing..

She vanished into thin air, before I could say anything..

I opened my eyes, sweating profusely..

“Corovi!!!” I yelled with a clenched fist..

I teleported to the field..

I took a thorough look at the environment..

But where’s that j.erk.?

“Looking for me?” He suddenly asked from behind..

“Oh! Here comes the demon in a human form” I teased..

“I’ll take that as a better accept defeat now before it’s too late”

“I think I should be telling you that..let’s begin the fight already, I can’t wait to bring you down” I said with a hard stare..

I gave him a blow but he dodged it and kicked me on my stomach..I staggered back..

He sent forth fire from his hand but I managed to dodge it..

“Nice try! Now take this” I said..i made use of my powers to pick up stones and throw them at him at high range..

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