?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Twelve??

? Jeffrey’s POV ????

Easy baby! I’m not really who you think I am” i said and let out a loud laugh..

“What!! What do you mean by that?” She asked,confused..

“ pretty doll looks confused..OK! Let me tell you an interesting story, there’s was a demon known as corovi..He was a good citizen of a supernatural kingdom named Hace, but unfortunately he was cast out from his kingdom because he tried to poison the king..Sadly,he was thrown into the sea to drown and die. But luckily a pretty Angel saved him not knowing that he will cause the doom of her kingdom” I narrated, pacing to and from..

“That was a nice story but how does it relate to you?” She inquired..

“Because I and corovi is one”

“What!!(chuckles) you’re kidding right? I know you’re angry at me but that doesn’t mean you should come up with funny stories like this” she said,touching my cheek..

She disgusts me..

“Take your hands off me! I AM COROVI..I’m gonna conquer this earth and make it mine..just get that into your dumb skull” I yelled and roughly pushed her away..

“No! I don’t believe you..this is not possible…Shout at me, hit me, but don’t tell me that the man whom I am madly in love with is a m0nster” she begged..

Aish! This lady is really cr@zy..

Is she dumb or what?

Oh now I get it! She is madly in love with me..

Aish! Love really sulks..

It turns one into a fool..

Her love for me was my greatest weapon against her..

“You don’t believe me right? Then let’s go to your mother”

“My mum?”

“Yes! Your mum..let’s go” I said and dragged her out.

? Pumpkin’s POV ????

We’re finally back from the hospital..

The doctor said it was a minor injury and assured us that it will get healed within a couple of days..

“Saphira!! We’re home baby” I called out but got no reply..

“Saphira!! Where are you?” I called,heading to her room..

But there was nobody there..

“Saphira!!!” I called out,checking other rooms..

But I couldn’t find her..

“Honey! Honey!! Saphira is no where to be found” I worriedly said running downstairs..

“She must be in one of the rooms” jun pyo replied..

“That’s the problem..I have checked everywhere and she’s no where to be found”

“Holy shit! What if she ran away” Mirabel exclaimed..

“Come on,we all know that Saphira isn’t that kind of a person” I replied..

“What if someone has kidnapped her? What if my Saphira is in danger? You have to do something jun pyo” I cried and slumped on the floor..

“Pumpkin you have to get a hold on yourself, she’s also my daughter you know” jun pyo said..

“You shouldn’t have shout at her the way you did? Maybe my Saphira has done something bad to herself due to guilt..Do something jun pyo, I can’t bear to lose my Saphira” I cried..

Just then the door cracked open to reveal Saphira..

“Mum!! ” she cried,running to me..

“My baby!!” I cried with a wide spread arms..

Before she could get to me, a force pulled her back and pinned her to the wall..

“Saphira!!” I called out in shock, running to her..

“Stop there or you might regret it” A familiar voice threatened..

I took a clearer look at the person..

“Jeffrey! You!! Are you…”

From the fragrance that’s emitting from his body right now, I don’t need a sooth sayer to tell me that he’s a dem0n..

?? Jeffrey’s POV ??

I love the shock on their faces..

“Aunt are you surprised to see me or should I call you mum ” I said and let out a loud laugh..

“So it has been you all this while? Don’t you dare touch my daughter, I won’t spare you” she threatened..

“No one dares to threaten me” I yelled..

I pointed my finger at one of the couches, I flipped up my middle finger and the couch also flipped up..

I use my finger to direct the couch to Sofia’s direction and immediately the couch flew to her..

But unfortunately, kizito was able to push her away before the couch could hit her..

“Impressive! Your son saved you this time but no one will save you when next you try to threaten me” I warned..

“Mum! Are you okay?” Saphira asked her mum who was still In shock at my sudden attack..

I moved closer to Saphira and laid my two hands on her shoulders..

I closed my eyes, rendered some incantations..

Just as expected the enchantment channeled all I strength to me, thereby making her completely weak..

She slumped to the floor, unable to move her body parts..

Although its effect its temporary but till then, its better she remains this way..

“What have you done to my baby?” Jun pyo said, running to his daughter..

“I just made her weak but I can do more to her if you take another step closer” I warned, making him stop immediately..

“You b@stard! My daughter loved you with all her heart so why are you doing this to her? ” He yelled filled with rage..

“And that was her biggest mistake because I’m going to ruin her and everything related to her” I thundered..

“What!! But why?” Kizito asked..

“Because your lovely sister here was chosen to stop me..She was chosen to stop the Almighty corovi..Isn’t it funny? How can a dumb lady like her stop me?” I said and let out a wicked laugh..

“What are you saying and who the heck is corovi?” Kizito asked,confused..

“Oh! Looks like your mum hasn’t told you about this..Anyways I’m happy she didn’t tell you guys, she has just made my work easier” I chuckled..

“About what??” Mirabel inquired..

“Uhm.. I think you should ask your mum,not me”

“Mum what’s this scoundrel saying? Its there anything you’re not telling us?” Kizito asked..

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