?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Sixteen??

? Saphira’s POV ????

“Yeah!! I know how that m0nster is treating you but don’t worry grandfather is here” he said,c@ressing my face..

“Thank goodness you’re here” I cried and gave him a tight hug..

“I’m tired Grandpa! I’m tired of being used by that life is now messed up,..but why me? Why do I have to go through all this Grandpa? Why me?” I asked crying my eyes out..

“Because you’re a strong are more powerful than you think my child”

“Oh spare me that Grandpa! That was what mum also said but I think you are all wrong..if I really posess powers then why can’t I make use of them? where did my so called powers travel to?” I half yelled..

“They’re inside of you my child, all you have to do is to believe..Be determined and you’ll see yourself doing exploits” he said..


“Yes! Listen to your heart..believe that you’re powerful, envision yourself killing your enemies and you will see how great you are” he said and touched my cheeks..

“I feel relieved right now..I don’t know what I would have done without you..wait corovi, I’m coming for you” I yelled..

“That’s the spirit! I love it when you speak this way..Anyways, it’s time to go now”

Before I could say anything, he pushed me back to reality..

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see Jeffrey sitting beside my bed..

Why do I have to see him now?

“You’re finally awake! I thought you were gonna die” he said..

Wait! I know that look..

He is worried..

Am I insinuating or what?

“I think is better I die than to stay close to a demon like you” I said and rolled my eyes..

“You’re not allowed to die, so don’t talk about death”

“Like you care?” I fired..

“Of course I do” he quickly replied..


“What I meant is that I still care about your pearls” he stuttered..

“Pheew!! Trust me if I’m given any opportunity right now, I won’t think twice about ending this miserable life of yours” I half yelled..

“Tsh..even if you were given thousand opportunities, you won’t still be able to bring me down” he bragged…

“Is that what you think of me? Do you really think that I’m that weak?” I asked trying not to freak out..

“Of course you are? I wonder what your kingdom saw in you that made them choose you?” He scoffed..

So he really thinks I’m useless..

He has not just insulted me but he has also made jest of the faith my kingdom has in me..

It’s time I accept my call and destiny..

It’s time I put Jeffrey back to where he belongs..

“Let’s make a deal” I suddenly said..

“Which deal?”

“Let’s engage on a battle if I win, you will grant me any wish of mine but if you win I will forever be your slave” I said, filled with hatred for him..

“Tsh.. you’re really would have tell me directly that you want to be my slave forever, instead of making this silly challenge” he teased..

“Yes or no” I fired..

“Look, I’m sure you will definitely there’s no need of all this”

“Why? Are you scared or what?” I asked..

“Why should I be scared of a weakling? OK fine! The challenge holds in three days time” he said..

“What! Three days is not enough for me to prepare” I exclaimed.

“Oh! Now she’s scared..just forget it, you can’t defeat me”

“I’m ready for the challenge..We shall see on the battle ground” I said..

“Good..” He said and walked out..

Omg! What have I gotten myself into?

I can’t even make use of my powers..

What if he defeats me? What if..

No! I will never let that happen..

“No more being weak! It’s time to be strong! Arise Saphira and show them what you’ve got” I yelled..

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