?The fallen Angel ????



? Episode Eighteen??

?? Corovi’s POV ??

The fight is becoming more tougher than I expected..

Geez! How could she had practice amidst those terrible punishment I unleashed on her..

Zach was right, maybe I shouldn’t have spared her life..

Its time I put an end to this..

I stamped my foot causing dust to blew into her eyes..

She tried to see through the dust but it was too late..I grabbed her neck and tried str@ngling her..

“Arrrrgh” she yelled,trying to set herself free..

I was almost strangling to death when suddenly forced a strong wind from her mouth..

I tried to resist the wind but it was too pushed me back, causing me to fall..

Sht!! How could she be so strong?

“You think you can kill me that easily right? Now take this” she yelled and use her powers to uproot a huge tree which was close to me..I tried to shift but the tree fell on my right leg..

“Argh” I cried out in pains and turned into my dem0nic form..

I angrily charged towards her..I could see fear in her eyes..

“Stay away from me you m0nster” she yelled, slowly moving back..

“I’m not gonna spare you today” I vowed,still charging towards her..

She kept on moving back but unknown to her there was a cliff behind..

“Watch out!!” I screamed but it was too late, she had already put forth her right leg..

“Jeffrey!!!!” She screamed as she slips down..

I quickly flew in her direction and caught her..

I drew her back as both of us lands on the floor..For some strange reasons, I kept on staring into her eyes..

Lost in my world, I didn’t know when she released a powerful blow on my heart..

I gasped in pain, shocked at her sudden reaction..I tried to stand up but I couldn’t, it was as if my whole body has being paralyzed..

“You btch! How could you do that?” I yelled as I clutched my bleeding chest..

“Everything is fair in love and war” she replied with a smirk..

I tried to stand up but I couldn’t..

What’s going on?

This isn’t good at all..

I forced my self to stand up but all to no avail, so I had no choice than to disappear..

I appeared in my secret chamber and summoned Zach..

? Saphira’s POV ?

I woke up this morning filled with happiness and joy..

Yesterday is one of the best days of my life..

I can’t believe I defeated corovi yesterday..

I’m sure the fallen angels will be proud of me..

I took my bath and got dressed up in a jeans trouser and crop top..

I’ve to look beautiful today..

I brushed my hair and put on a light make up..

I took a glance at my dressing mirror and was satisfied with what I saw..

Just then, the door cracked open to reveal Lela with a tray of food..

“Hey! Can’t you knock before entering?” I yelled..

“Why should I? This isn’t your house after all” she said and dropped the tray on the table..


“Yeah! Just because my Jeffrey brought you here doesn’t mean you’re now the boss” she replied..

“Oh! I’re also one of his stupid admirers” I sneered..

“I’m not just his admirer, I’m his wife to be” she bragged..

“”I’m not just his admirer, I’m his wife to be..just take a look at yourself, you’re a maid and a maid you will remain forever” I mimicked..

“How dare you?” She yelled and raised her hand to slap me but I caught it and pulled it back as she wince in pain..

“I might be a captive here but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that.” I yelled and pulled her hand harder..

“Argggh! It hurts..I’m sorry, please let me go” she begged..

“I’ll spare you today but next time you might not be lucky” I said and freed her..

“You’re gonna regret this” she vowed before leaving..

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