Episode 41

“I need to see Ethan before I leave,” Grace said. “Are you sure? What if Her Grace finds you here?” Blair asked worriedly.

“I’ll be fine, accompany me to his study,” she requested and Blair nodded before leading the way.

“I’ll go and get her food, I will try to make his excellency come here as soon as he is back,” Blair said when they got to his study.

“Thank you,” she said and Blair bowed before walking away wich confused Grace, the real First Lady is back why is she still giving her the same respect.


She sat on the sofa in the study with a heavy heart, she wished they met in different circumstances.

Blair on the other hand stood beside Ariel who rushed the food as if someone would take it of she delayed.

She was still eating when her phone rang, a smile curve on her lips at he sigt of the name, “hey,” she said casually.

“It’s done,” the person said. “Good, you should receive the full payment soon,” she said and Blair stared at her suspiciously.

She cut the call with a satisfactory smile on her lips, she asked someone to get back all her money from Norman.

He is going to pretend to be an investor and convince him to invest all his money getting twice or thrice of the amount he invested.

Being an idiot he invested all his money, ‘he must be penniless,’ Ariel thought.

“How is Ethan? Is there a change that I need to know of?” She asked. “I don’t understand,” Blair said.

“Is he close to that imposter?” She elaborate. “Yes, they went out on dates and had fun in their spare times. She also acted like a mother towards Tommy, they became buddies,” she stated with a smile.

“Why did you let her do all those? You should have stopped her! I will have to pretend to be nice,” she groaned.

“Get me a chilled juice,” she ordered and Blair bowed. She bumped into Ethan on her way out, “Blair,” he called.

“Your Excellency, Her Grace is waiting for you in your study,” she informed. “Waiting? Why is she there?” He inquired and Blair was tempted to explain everything but she controlled herself.

“I don’t know but it looks like she is in a hurry,” she replied and Ethan rushed to his study.

He met Grace sitting on the couch, “Ethan,” she called with a sad smile. “Are you okay?” He asked walking closer.

“I am now,” she replied, she made him sit down and sat beside him. “Is something bothering you?” He asked.

“I was worried I won’t get to see your handsome face, there are spots around your eyes and I don’t like it,” she complained.

“What has gotten into you?” He asked with a nervous chuckle. “I don’t want you to stress yourself, you will grow premature wrinkles.

I know I was once a bada$s and I’m sorry for giving you headache then, I didn’t mean to,” she apologized.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, you have changed for the better that’s all I want,” he said.

“I’m apologizing because I might return to being a bada$s, I don’t want you to be mad at me, I want you to love and accept me instead. I want you to be patient, caring, and loving you can do those for me right?” She asked.

“I don’t understand you,” he said feeling scared and confused at the same time. “You will have a lot of difficulty and problems to deal with in the future, don’t give up when that time comes.

It might feel lonely and tiring but I want you to know that you are the best, you are love and supported. You are the most precious person in this country always remember that,” she said at the verge of tears.

“Ariel are you okay?” He asked checking her temperature with his hand. “Can you call the name Grace just once, please?” She pleaded.

“Grace,” he called after hesitating. “Beautiful,” she mutter and captured his lip in a deep kss. He could feel it all in the kss, her unsaid words which is pain and love.

He devoure her lips hungrily and she gave him full access that was the last time they will be kssing anyway.

She broke the kss and gave him a sad smile, “you look pale,” he complained.

“No, you look tired,” she said and he pecked her forehead. His phone rang so he excused himself, she smiled and walked out of the study.

“Ariel I have to,” he paused when she was no where to be found. He sighed and walked out of the study, he has some unfinished business to do.

Grace kept on crying as she walked towards her house, she took the first lady’s car but she ordered the driver to stop half way.

She knocked on the door as tears won’t stop streaming down her cheeks, “good evening,” Monica geeted as she unlocked the door.

“Grace,” Monica called with a smile that vanished almost directly she saw the tears on her face. “Grace, what happened?” She asked.

Grace just walked in ignoring her question, “Grace why are you?” She paused when she saw her expression.

“Is she okay?” Maria asked Monica who followed after locking the door. “Your guys should continue what you were doing,” she said before locking the door to her room.


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