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Episode 43

“Have you seen Blair?” Tommy asked a maid who was cleaning. “She is in the kitchen,” she replied.

“Thanks,” he muttered and rushed to the kitchen, the maids bowed as he walked past them but he ignored them.

“Blair we need to talk,” he said and left the kitchen immediately. Blair was confused but she followed him anyway.

“She is gone isn’t she?” He asked. “I don’t understand you,” she replied. “Grace,” he blurted.

Blair bowed her head slightly as she felt guilty, “she said her goodbye,” that was what she said.

“I don’t want her goodbye, I want that woman out of here. Call Grace, tell her to come back,” he said on the verge of tears.

“I’m sorry I can’t do that,” she apologized. “Bring her back or I’m going to tell Ethan,” he threatened and left.



It has been two months since Grace left the white house, she has gotten better and the twins now know why she left.

She felt sick recently and decided to visit the hospital, she sat on the bed waiting for the doctor. They ran some tests on her and ask her to wait, she fidget with her fingers as she waited.

“Sorry for the delay Miss Darwin,” the doctor apologized as she walked into the ward. “It’s fine, what’s wrong with me?” She asked.

“Nothing is wrong,” the doctor replied. “What do you mean nothing is wrong? I feel sick,” she said.

“Yes nothing is wrong, but…” The doctor said and purposely trailed off. “But what?” She asked.

“You are two months pregnant, congratulations, Miss Darwin,” the doctor said and it sounded like gibberish to her ear.

She believes she can’t be pregnant, ‘it’s not possible she thought. They did it once, how come she is pregnant.

What is she going to do? Different thoughts ran through her head as tears fall out of her eyes. “Those are tears of joy I suppose,” the doctor said.

She snapped back into consciousness and wiped her face, “what can I do about it?” She asked. The doctor furrowed her brows and asked, “I don’t understand you,”

“Thanks,” she said and took the result in her hand, she rushed out of the ward as tears kept flowing out of her eyes.

She halt a cab and told him her address immediately, she cried until she got home.

‘What am I going to do? How am I going to raise this baby? What will people think of me? A wh.ôre? I was so stupid! What was I thinking when I gave him my body?’ She thought as she sat in their sitting room.

She cried herself to sleep, “We are home!” Maria yelled as they entered the house, they were with Missy, she has been spending most of her time in their house.

Monica and Felix are back to being friends too, “Grace!” Missy called tapping her. “Hey girls,” she mumbled as she opened her eyes.

“You are back,” she uttered sitting up. “Obviously,” Maria replied and Monica hit her head. “That was rude,” she said.

“I’m starving,” Missy blurted. “So am I,” Maria agreed. “I’ll prepare something for my princesses,” she said getting up.

“You look tired, I’ll prepare it,” Monica volunteered. “I have been sleeping the whole day, you guys just returned from school you need the sleep more than I,” she said and went into the kitchen.

“Something is weird about her smile,” Maria said and Monica’s eyes caught the pregnancy test, she took it and opened it.

“What’s that?” Missy asked. “Did she get a job?” Maria asked. “No….., she’s….., this can’t be,” Monica said with a sad expression.

“Is she sick?” Maria asked. “No, pregnant,” Monica blurted. “PREGNANT?!” Maria and Missy freaked.

“I don’t understand,” she said still going through the result. Maria took it from her, and she and Missy went through it.

Grace rushed out of the kitchen when she heard the word pregnant, she was watching them with teary eyes.

“This can’t be Grace’s I mean, she doesn’t have a boyfriend so there is no way she can be….., pregnant,” Missy uttered.

Monica raised her head to find crying Grace staring at them, “is it yours?” She asked and the girls turned around to find her staring and crying.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized and they sighed. “I’m sorry I disappoint you girls,” she sobbed, Monica found herself moving closer, she hugged her when she was close enough.

“I’m sorry Monica, I shouldn’t have made this kind of mistake,” she apologized. “It’s fine, we are not mad,” she uttered patting her back.

Maria and Missy joined too and she cried more.


Minutes later Maria gave her a glass of water they were seated around her. “Thank you,” she appreciated Maria.

“Who is the father?” Monica asked. “Ethan,” she answered. “Who is Ethan?” Missy asked.

“The President,” Maria answered instead. “You are pregnant with the president’s child?” Missy exclaimed.

“Have you told him?” Monica asked. “No,” Grace replied. “When do you plan on telling him? He needs to know you are carrying his child,” Maria said.

“I can’t tell him,” she blurted. “Why can’t you?” Missy asked silently. “He didn’t know it was me, telling him is like cooking up a lie,” she replied.

“What bullsht are you saying? He is responsible for this and it’s only normal for him to take responsibility, we are telling him,” Maria said.

“I agree with Maria you should tell him, Monica said. “Me too,” Missy supported.

“You girls don’t understand, he had no idea he lived and slept with a different woman. You expect me to just show up at the White House then what?

Hi Ethan, my name is Grace I pretend to be your wife for a few weeks, we had séx while I was an undercover now I’m pregnant, is that it?” She asked.

“I don’t care how you say it,” Maria said. “None of you understand how hard this is,” she said and left their presence.


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