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Episode 48

Final Episode

Monica opened her mouth but no words came out of it, the word I like you rang in her head instead.

“I said I like you, Monica,” he repeated when she wasn’t saying anything. She likes him too but was nervous, something was stopping her from confessing her feelings.

“I can’t date you, Felix,” she blurted but instead of a sad face, she saw a smiling face. “You are smiling?” She asked.

“I know you want to finish high school before getting a boyfriend,” he stated. “I’m sorry,” she apologized and bow her head.

“Don’t apologize, it’s fine that you want to wait I do too,” he said and she raised her head.

“You do? You want to wait for me?” She asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “Why? Why do you want to wait?” She asked.

“Because I love you and my love is worth waiting for,” he professed his love and she blush.

“Thank you, Felix,” she appreciated and hugged him.

He wrapped his hand around her as a smile escaped his lips, he has always wanted to confess his love and hug her. She might not be his girlfriend but he knows her heart beat for him.

She pulled away from him and stared into his eyes, she flushed as she remembered his words. She buried her face in his chest but he pulled away and raised her head.

“You look cute when you blush,” he said and she blushed more.

“We should head back,” she said.

“No, I want to spend time with you,” he said and she chuckled.

“Wanna come with us later? We are going shopping,” she said.

“Do you want me to?” He asked. “Of course,” she replied and he pinched her cheek playfully.


***** White House

Ariel stood in Tommy’s room waiting patiently for him to return from school, that was the first time she will be stepping into his room.

Ethan didn’t sleep in their room and she was bothered, she gave everything lots of thought and came to a decision.

“I will change and have breakfast,” She heard Tommy say to someone who she guessed to be his nanny.

Tommy gasped as he saw Ariel standing in his room, he was not expecting her and he was nervous about what she had in plan for him.

“Welcome,” Ariel greeted with a smile. “Aunt Grace?” He asks because he never expected the real Ariel to smile at him.

“It’s me, Ariel,” she said. “What are you doing here, Your Grace?” He asked closing the door behind him.

“I need to ask you a few questions and I need an answer,” she replied and went to sit on the bed, she tap the space beside her and he went to sit beside her.

“Grace is pregnant, right?” She asked. “Yes,” Tommy replied.

“I know Ethan loves her but does she feel the same way?” She asked.

“Yes, they are in love and their love has grown deep since they are expecting a baby,” he replied with a smile.

Ariel sighed as her hands became sweaty, she wanted to love him if Grace doesn’t. She thought she could have a chance in his life, but it seemed like it was too late.

“That is good to know,” she said. “I’m sorry,” she blurted and Tommy raised his head to stare at her.

“I know this is coming late but I want you to know that I regret everything I did to you, I am sorry for not being the type of sister-in-law you want. Please forgive me,” she apologized.

“Aunt Ariel,” he muttered as tears rolled down her cheek. “You should take care of your brother,” she said and pat his hair.

She wiped her tears and sniff before getting up, she wiped her face and left the room.

“Why is she like that?” He wondered out loud staring at the space she sat on.


The penthouse*******

There were clothes everywhere, and the twins, Missy and Felix were checking the things they bought.

Ethan and Grace were sited on the sofa cuddling each other, Ethan pecked her head and asked. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thanks,” she appreciated. “We will go shop for baby things alone,” he said.

“Let them come, they want to come,” Grace said. “I know but I want this to be special,” he replied.

“It will be more special with them around,” Grace said playing with the buttons on his chest.

“They will come with us on one condition,” he said with a smirk. “Am I safe?” She asked.

“Yes, so wanna hear the condition?” He asked. “Yeah,” she replied sitting up.

“Come with me,” he gestured getting up, she took his hand and he led her to the room.

He locked the door and turned to face her, “what are you doing?” She asked.

“They are going to shop with us if you give me this,” he said and reached for her top.

Grace was nervous that was going to be the second time she will be doing it, but she let him take her top off.

“Do you love me?” He asked. “Yes,” she replied and he kssed her lip, their to ngues battled with each other as he pushed her gently on the be d.

He reached for her skirt and took it off, he reached for her un.dies too. “You look beautiful,” he whispered and she blushed.

Her baby bump was still tiny almost unnoticed, he pecked it and trailed ksses below.



Ethan spent the night with her and had breakfast there before leaving.

“Ethan!” Tommy yelled as he saw him, he was sitting with Blair on the couch.

“Hey,” he said as he hugged him. “What’s wrong?” Ethan asked as he noticed the worried look on Blair’s face.

“She left,” Tommy said pulling away. “The First Lady left,” he elaborates.

“She packed her things and left yesterday,” Blair added, Ethan didn’t say a word but simply rushed to his room.

He met a letter on the bed and picked it up, he opened it and it started.

~Hey Ethan! I don’t even know what to write. I won’t waste your time reading this so I’ll head to the point.
On my dressing table are our divorce papers, you must be excited to hear this because you will be free to marry the woman you love and the mother of your unborn child.
I am sorry for all the pain I caused you, hundreds of sorry won’t be enough but I still want to say so.
I will find a way to raise my baby, I hope we meet someday in the future and greet each other like an old friend~

He stared at the letter not sure if he should be happy or sad but he knows one thing, he feels sorry for her.


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