I paced angrily about in the living room waiting for the wretched gardener.

I had better warn him to tell his kids to stay clear of my property!

I heard a movement behind me and I snapped around to see him coming in.

“Mrs McDonald, you sent for me ”

“Yes I did! I’m sure you must have heard that I scolded Sarah not long ago. ” I said harshly.

He bowed slightly.” I’m sorry for the inconveniences. It won’t happen again.” He replied.

” You know what? I really don’t know why my husband chose to let you guys stay here. It’s freaking me out! My son is a prince! A rare gem! This shouldn’t happen again! ” I yelled.

” Yes, Mrs McDonald. ”

” Get out please.” I scoffed and watched him leave.

Vicker emerged from the stairs and walked up to me. “Mom, I told you already. I went there myself. Please, don’t be hard and mad at Sarah. You know her condition ”

” Of more reason you should stay away from her. You are supposed to be at the basketball practice right now. Your friends has been calling like eternity.” I said, touching his hair.

Vicker nodded. ” I’m set already. See you later mom.” I gave him a peck and watched with pride as he left.

Hmm. While some kids are born blind, my own Vicker had got everything a man has got to have. I’m proud of him.


As the driver drove me to practice,I let my thoughts wander off to Sarah.

No matter what happens, I’m gonna always be there for her and protect her.

My phone rang and I absent mindedly looked at the caller.

It was Andrew. I looked at my wrist watch and discovered how late I am.

Well, I’m the captain and I’m supposed to be there before anyone else.

I got to the practice hall in school and some boys ran towards me.

I looked around to the cheerleaders and as usual, their eyes were all on me.

I could see Sarah’s sisters. Talk of the dev!l.

“You are late! Thank goodness couch isn’t here yet. ” Andrew said, putting a arm around me as we walked to the dressing room.

“You look solid and bothered. What happened?” Andrew asked as he watched me dress up.

I shrugged. “We will talk about it after practice.” I said and both of us left the room.

Monday morning…??


I tried zipping up my skirt and finally succeeded. I smiled broadly and touched my face, wondering what I look like while smiling.

I reached out for my stick and was about sitting down on the chair opposite me when the door bursted open with laughter.

“Sarah, don’t tell me you really wanna go to school with us? ” Joana laughed.

I sighed. ” I want to. I know I can’t see but then I can hear perfectly well and I know I can do it. ” I replied, feeling happy despite the mockery.

” Look, I couldn’t believe it when dad told me. Come on! The students there are cr@zy! They are gonna bully you!” Joana said and I smiled.

” You guys already made me strong in that term.”

” Well, if I were you kid sister, I’m gonna remain stuck up with the private lessons. How are you gonna write? Yuck! I’m off! ” Joana said and laughed again before leaving.

I sighed and sat down before Putin on my shoes.

Vicker’s dad must be an angel for doing this for our family. One day,I wish to pay him back.

I wished I could see how I look like right now in my new uniform. I wish I could see the colour of my hair… I wish I could see how I walk.

I had so many wishes I do not know if they would ever come to pass.

Well, right now, one of my biggest wishes cane to pass.

Going to a big school like my sisters.

I stepped out of the room, searching the road with my stick. It wasn’t hard locating my way cos I already studied the surroundings.

“Sarah ” I heard dad call from a distance.

I smiled and looked at his direction. “Dad? I’m ready.” I said, stretching my hand out so he would hold me.

It took some time before he did. Is dad hesitating?

“I’m bothered about you going to that big school. Who’s gonna be there to direct your steps around? “Dad asked and I smiled.

” Dad. Don’t worry. Once I get to my class, I will surely stay there till the end of the day then I will wait for you so you can come pick me up. “, I replied.

Dad inhaled deeply as we walked outside the house. “Be careful.”, He finally said and led me outside the compound where we waited for a cab.

Minutes later, we got into one and that’s how I found myself going to a big school finally.

I hoped I wouldn’t have to be in a lower class.

I thought about Vicker. Is he gonna talk to me in school and help me just like he used to do at home?

Or is he gonna be ashamed of me and pretend he doesn’t know me?

How is my first day in school gonna be like?

I can’t wait to know……


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