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I couldn’t stop looking out the window as we drove back home.

I now had eyeglasses on recommended by the doctor.

Absentmindedly I heard him giving me instructions not to go out into the sun without it.

Nothing interested me cos once I’m back home, I won’t find Vicker who I’ve always wanted to see.

How could he hurt me this much?

I’m never gonna forgive him for this.

“Sarah? You are crying.” Dad said and then I noticed I really had tears on my face.

I wiped it away furiously and looked away. I put on my glasses and looked away.

Dad stared at me silently but I did not spare him a glance.

“You look furious. Are you okay?” Dad asked and I suddenly became touchy.

“Please dad can you be silent till we get home? I don’t wanna talk!” I snapped.

Dad was a big startled but patted my hand and left me alone.

Soon we pulled in front of a big white gate. I came down from the car and stared at the beautiful house.

Is there where I’ve lived for the past nine years?

“Is this Vicker’s house?” I asked Dad who smiled and payed off the cab man before answering me.

“Yes. This is where I work as a gardener for one of the most kindest person on Earth, Mr McDonald. ” Dad replied.

The smaller gate was opened and we walked into the compound.

I couldn’t stop staring.

The front garden was amazing. It had a great sight but due to the fact that I had so much bitterness in me, I couldn’t feel as happy as I wanted.

“That’s where we stay.” Dad said, pointing to a smaller house beside the garden.

I looked at it and we started heading towards it when suddenly two girls rushed outside towards us.

“Wow,Sarah! Can you see now?”

I stared at them. Joana and Rosetta.

The two sisters that showed me h*ell even when I couldn’t see the h*ell.

I stood and folded my arms. “I can see your evil faces now. What do you want?” I threw harshly at them.

They took few steps back, surprised.

“Dad, is she alright?” Joana asked.

“Sarah is mad right now. Let her be.” Dad said softly and I walked past them.

I had show them the same h*ell they showed me.

Two weeks later ??

It’s been two weeks since I’ve regained my sight.

Mr McDonald and his family had travelled out of the country since then so I haven’t gotten the chance to go into the big house to say thank you.

Although I knew going there will only frustrate me more cos of Vicker.

At school, my classmates were all amazed and most of the boys had started warming up to me.

One of these boys caught my interest. His name is Williamson and he’s as cute as ever.

He’s in the same class with me. Though I would never love him like I had loved Vicker but I thought of him as a soothing friend.

We’ve gotten a bit closer and gradually Vicker seems not to exist to me anymore.

Tuesday afternoon,I came back home from school after Williamson saw me off.

Then I noticed there was another new big car in the compound.

Mr McDonald is back.

I thought and asked one of the maids who confirmed that he’s truly back.

I walked towards the main entrance and found myself inside the visitor’s room.

A maid told me to sit down and I did, looking around.

Even the visitor’s room only looked so big and beautiful.

“President says I should lead you upstairs.” The maid came back and told him.

I stood up and followed her up a long staircase.

We came out into another big open space and at the far end,I saw a man sitting.

He looked up and smiled when he saw me walk in. “Sarah. Congratulations.” He said and I moved closer to him.

I stood before him and bowed. “Thanks for everything sir. Someday,I’m gonna repay you for your kindness and love.” I said and looked at him.

” Repay me for my kindness by forgetting about my son and moving on with your life Sarah.” He said, starling me.

I looked seriously at him. Did he knew about Vicker and I ?

I looked downwards and nodded. Yes,I gat to move on.

In fact, I’ve moved on already. “I have to leave now. Thanks once again.” I said and got ready to leave.

I turned and saw a woman walking towards us.

I frowned. This must be Vicker’s mom.

The nagging witch that showed me hell all because of her disappointment of a son.

“So, finally you can see hun?” She asked.

I smiled evilly. ” Yes. Finally I can see your wicked evil face.” I whispered at her.

“What? ” She shrieked and raised her hand to slap me.

I only stopped her with the look in my eyes. “If you try it, even your husband is gonna be sorry for you.” I said into her face quietly.

I turned and looked at Mr McDonald with a smile before cat walking away.

I heard her gasp Behind me and smiled.

She must be stupid to think I’m still the quiet and shy blind girl she knew.

I got into our small apartment and put my bag on the chair before going into the little kitchen for a bottle of cold drink.

I came back into the sitting room and saw Rosetta speaking to someone on phone.

“Oh,she’s right here now. Hold on!” I heard her say and watched her walk up to me.

She stretched out her phone towards me.

“Here. It’s Vicker on line. He said he’s been trying dad’s line like eternity but now it’s gotten through. Yeah… speak with him.” Rosetta said.

I looked at her and then the phone. Ignoring her I continued sipping my water.

“Sarah…Vicker is on the line. Waiting!” Rosetta whispered and that got me infuriated.

“What the h*ell is everyone’s problem? Why can’t you just get the hell out and leave me alone! Isn’t it obvious I don’t wanna take the phone?” I yelled at her.

Rosetta stood dumbfounded.

My cellphone which Williamson got for me three days back began to ring.

I looked at the caller and smiled when it turn out to be Williamson.

“Here. I’ve got a better call.” I threw at Rosetta and walked out on her, leaving her standing there with the phone still in her hand.


Hmm. What’s gonna happen next???

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