I stood in front of Rosetta and glared angrily at her. “Have you no conscience hun? You are gonna have problems with me if you try this again. ” I told her.

Rosetta looked at me furiously before walking off.

I looked at Sarah and breathed in. “It’s okay.” I said, patting her shoulder.

Sarah shrugged and smiled. “It’s okay. I’m used to all that. When are we having our next lesson? ”

I looked at my wrist watch. ” Anytime from now. “I replied.

“So, who’s gonna take you home? ” I added.

“My dad is gonna come pick me up. Don’t worry about me. “Sarah said with a smile.

I smiled back and gave her a soft squeeze on the shoulder before walking back to my seat.


It’s lunch time and Joana and I were at the cafeteria having tea. “I don’t think I can go back to that class. I’ve got to change classes. How come she’s admitted into my class? I’m older than her for crying out loud! “I raved.

Joana looked thoughtfully at me for a while.

“The only way we can make Sarah stop coming to school is by making her life unbearable right here in school! “Joana said slowly.

I nodded, really interested to know her plans.

“So, what are we gonna do? How are we gonna do that?” I asked curiously.

Joana smiled at me and glanced back. I followed the direction of her eyes and saw Steve, the famous principal’s son and Vicker’s rival.

“What are we supposed to do with him? Why are you looking at him? You still gat a crush on him? ” I asked.

” Of course yes but right now, I have a plan. Steve is so funny and evil…

Everyone knows.

So, we are gonna go to him now and tell him to help us deal with Sarah. He’s gonna happily do it.

He’s the biggest bully ever. ” Joana said with a smile.

” Wow! That’s fantastic. I never thought of that! Are you sure he’s gonna cooperate?” I asked.

” Don’t worry. Leave that to me.” Joana replied.

We stood up and walked towards Steve who is busy with his phone.

“Hello, Stevenson!” We chorused.

He glared briefly up at us and continued what he was doing. “,What??” He snorted.

Joana sat down and smiled. “Well, Stevie, we get a job for you. You will love it!”


The bell rang almost after Vicker told me he was going out to get snacks for me.

I couldn’t wait to tell Dad how I enjoyed my day at school even though the bully was much.

I could hear and feel students all around going about the class and going out of the class.

I heard them talking about the school project and practices.

I felt left out and it hurts so much.

I suddenly felt someone touch my arm. I immediately knew it was a stranger.

“Who are you?”

“Hi! You are sitting alone in class? Oh, well….I can give you a hand to the hall. You are gonna love it there!” He said.

From the sound of his voice,I knew he was a boy. “Thanks for offering me help but I’m waiting for someone.” I replied.

” Come on,I mean no arm. Everyone is in the hall,the person you are waiting for is gonna meet you there ” he replied.

I listened and truly the class was empty. “Okay ” I replied and was trying to reach out for my stick when the stranger handed it over to me.

“Thank you. What’s your name?” I asked with appreciation.

“Stevie. Come on.” He said and led me out of the class.

Soon, we were passing through an entrance and there were noise all over.

“We are in the hall now ” Stevie said and I nodded.

” Thanks,will you please help me look for Vicker? He must be looking for me too.” I said.

” Oh sure!” The Stevie guy said and fled.

He left me standing there like a statue and I began to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t know where I was standing but I could hear noises. It was impossible to move.

Just then something hit my head and I cried.

I heard laugher all over. They just hit me with a ball.

Another ball hit me and I fell with a gasp.

“That’s great!!” I heard Rosetta roared with laughter from crowd. They are behind this?

I felt tears pricking my eyes as I stared helplessly,then I felt a familiar presence behind me.


I was so mad at what I saw.

My hands tightened into a fist. “You imps!” I roared and charged forward.

“How could you do this to someone blind! Have you no conscience!” I yelled at them as everywhere became still and quiet.

I was Joana and Rosetta and shook my head. “If I had sisters like you two,I will surely disown you. How could you let them do this to your own blood?” I asked.

They smirked and looked away.

I walked back to Sarah and lifted her up. Her eyes were full of tears.

No,I’ve got to do something.

I can’t take this again.

“Come on. I will take you home.” I said picking up her stick.

“No you can’t, Vicker. We’ve got practice.” My friends shouted.

“Shut the h*ell up!” I yelled at them before leaving the hall with Sarah.


I was putting on my clothes when Rhea knocked at the door of my room and shyly entered.

Rhea is the youngest of our fourteen maids and she always had this strange air around her when close to me.

She even blushes all the time and mom already assigned her as a personal maid for me but I had to quickly object to it.

It was alarming and embarrassing to me.

I looked at her as she came in looking downwards. “Di …. dinner is ready.” She announced.

“Alright. I’m coming down now. Is my dad back?” I asked her.

She quickly nodded and fled.

I quickly wore my clothes and headed straight to dad’s room first before the dinning.

I knocked twice before going into the large room and as expected,dad was on his laptop.

“Here comes my boy!” Dad laughed as he brought me close and gave me a bear hug.

Dad left home three weeks ago for a business trip and now he’s back.

After all the greetings and all,I finally settled down for the reason I came.

“You look bothered son. What’s the issue? Girl problem?” Dad laughed and I smiled.

” It’s more like it dad and this girl is someone you know too well. It’s Sarah. Mr Miller’s last daughter.” I replied.

” The blind girl? How is she doing at school?” Dad asked with a smile.

” She’s doing great dad. Something happened today at school and it really made me sad.”

Dad frowned. “What happened? Was she bullied?”

“More than that. Dad,what really is the cause of Sarah’s blindness? Whenever I look into her eyes,it feels as though she can see me.

Her eyes are very clear and cutely large. What seems to be the problem?”I asked.

” I believe her eyes happened to be mishandled while giving birth to her by her late mother.

Well,son. Sarah’s blindness can be cured. Her sight can be corrected and restored.”

I gasped and looked more harder at dad. “Really? How? Where! Please dad! Just tell me. Sarah is my friend..a friend I love so much!” I said hurriedly.

Dad shrugged. ” Well her sight can be restored but it’s gonna cost a lot of Fortune. I’ve thought about helping the gardener but your mom would never hear if it …the money is urge.” Dad said softly.

Tears pricked my eyes as I fell on my knees. ” Dad! You can do this! Please,don’t listen to mom. You are a billionaire dad…not just rich. You can do this. I want Sarah to see. I want her sight to be restored!”


Uh uh!!?

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