By Authoress Sylvia.



She’s born blind but beautiful.

She’s born into a little and low family.

And her father who is her only parent works for Mr Brown McDonald’s family,the managing director of McDonald trading company.

She’s got two sisters, Joanna and Rosetta.

She’s the last of the girls.

Her name is Sarah.

And she’s blind. A blind teenager.

And guess what?

Her sisters hate her.

They would never take her out with them!

They would never wanna have anything to do with her!

Only her father cares.

Sarah is always alone.

Crying, singing and doing everything with the help of her walking stick.

Then there came an helper.

Who is he?

He’s Vicker Xander McDonald,the only son of the McDonald’s family.

He was only nine when Sarah and her family started working and living with them.

And his heart cries out anytime he sets eyes on Sarah.

He helps her out whenever she’s left alone in the compound even when his mom would scold him not to go close to her.

He would always be there for her…

What happens between the Gardener’s daughter and the billionaire’s son?
Will she ever see again?,

What happens when Vicker falls in love with the blind girl and latter got dumped?

This is a heart racing piece you don’t wanna miss!!??




By: Authoress Sylvia.



“Joana! Joana,help me with the door.” I pleaded as I walked slowly across the room.

I heard a growl behind me. “Why don’t you get the door yourself,blind bat?”

I stopped. That was Rosetta’s voice. ” Come on,Rose! Just help me get the door.” I pleaded and felt tears pricking my blind eyes.

I tried blinking back the tears cos I’ve gotten used to my sisters taunts.

“You are such a pack of burden. Why don’t you go inside the room and have a long sleep? I don’t want you going outside the house and annoying Mrs McDonald!” Rosetta yelled.

I decided to ignore her and find the door myself.

We’ve been given a new apartment in the big compound and I’m finding it hard to locate my way around with my walking stick.

I was able to get out of the house. Slowly,I found my way to the garden where I knew father would be.

I got there and everywhere seemed to be empty and quiet. “Dad?” I called, trying to catch any noise with my ears.

But there was no noise.

“Father isn’t here.” I mumbled to myself and started retreating.

Not noticing the large flower vast in front of me,I hit my leg on it and stumbled then fell with a scream.

My stick rolled away as I groaned in pain on the ground.


I was dressing up for basketball practice when I heard the scream.

I rushed to the window and glared down then sighed.

The blind beautiful girl again. It hurts me every time I see her.

Why would someone so beautiful be blind?
I continued looking down at her as she searched around for her stick.

My name is Vicker and I’m currently seventeen.

I was nine when dad employed Mr Miller to be our gardener and ever since, they’ve been living with us.

And dad has been so nice to them by sending his daughters to school with me.

I’ve tried being close to Sarah, helping her out when she needs help but mom would never let me.

She had always been so mad ever since they started schooling with me.

I’m not a fan of girls but Sarah always captured my heart.

She finally located her stick and got up.
I watched on. She sat on the flowery ground and to my shock,she started singing with a melodious voice that pierced my heart.

I turned and took my jacket from the bed and walked to the door to see Mom standing at the doorway. I stopped abruptly at the grim look on her face.

“You’ve been watching that blind giagain,Xander.” She scolded.

I stopped and breathed in. ” Mom,I’m just feeling sorry for her plight. Why can’t I help out when her sisters wouldn’t?” I asked softly.

” Well, Doreen and Andrew are gonna be here any minute from now so you’ve got no time to waste.” Mom snapped.

” I won’t stay long mom. I’m just gonna help her leave the garden.” I said and left the room.

I headed outside and walked into the garden. She stopped singing immediately I approached her.

Her ears are the sharpest ever.

“Who is there?” She asked slowly.

“Hi, Sarah. It’s me,Vicker.” I said smiling.

I joined her on the floor when she smiled too.

“You have got a golden voice.” I said looking into her blue green eyes.

Sarah ducked and blushed. “Thanks Vicker but I don’t think you should be here with me. I don’t want Mrs McDonald to get upset.” She said in a small cute voice.

I smiled and took her hand then pulled her to her feet.

“Thank you Vicker. You are the only one who can do this. ” Sarah said, smiling up at me as though she could see me.

” I wish I can see your face someday.” She said again, smiling.

I watched her beautiful lips curiously and wondered what it would be like kssing her?

She’s gonna be my first if I do….

I smiled back.” You will. “I replied and helped her get hold of her stick before taking her out of the garden.


“I hate her so much!” I said furiously as Rosetta and I glared at them from the back window.

She’s the blind one here but she is the one getting Vicker’s attention! “Rosetta groaned.

I looked on furiously. I can’t just tell why she has to be our sister!


Being a year older than Vicker doesn’t mean I can’t have him to myself!

Why the fck is that blind brat getting his attention?.

I frowned deeply again before looking at a furious Rosetta. “Don’t you think it’s time we put that blind bat of a sister in her position? ” I asked.

” Yes, Joan. It’s time! She’s getting on my nerves and we have to do something! ” Rosetta whispered back.

I nodded. Yes, it’s time to do something.


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