I wiped the sweat off my face as I stepped back into the compound.

Keeping the gardens clean can be so stressful especially when the sun is high up in the sky.

I headed straight to the bungalow building in the compound to freshen up.

I walked into the living room and saw Rosetta sitting idly. “There are still many things to do in the house, Rose. It’s Saturday morning. ”

Rosetta stood up angrily. ” Why is it always Joana and I doing all the work dad? What of Sarah? She’s lazy about doing nothing but staring like a princess!” Rosetta fumed.

I breathed in, remove my hat before taking a seat.

“Rose, I don’t want you talking to your younger sister that way. You can’t blame her for not being able to work. She’s handicapped. ” I replied softly.

“Well, I’m getting tired already!” She snapped and left.

I inhaled deeply again and watch her leave.


I was trying to pull my shoes when the door opened. I turned back and sniffed the air. Immediately I knew it was Rosetta.

“You are so useless you know. You can’t even do the dishes! ” She yelled at me.

” Of course I can but father will be mad at me if I do. ” I responded.

She scoffed. ” Really? Well, I don’t care what dad is gonna say. Just go in there and be useful for once. ” She barked.

I nodded and started heading to the door opened with my stick.

I opened the door and traced my step to the kitchen.


It was almost twelve noon and I was getting bored in the big house with maids.

I sneaked to mom’s room and found her sleeping.

Dad was out on a business trip as usual so no one is gonna stop me from going out.

I quickly stepped out of the house and headed straight to the bungalow building.

I knocked at the door and almost immediately, someone opened the door.

“Hi! Look who we have here! Master Vicker!” Joana blushed.

I smiled and looked past her. ” Is Sarah inside? I wanna see her ” I Said and was amazed to see Joanna’s face immediately changing into a big frown.

“You wanna see who?” She asked.

“Sarah .” I replied.

” You wanna see someone who doesn’t even know how you look like? “She asked with amusement.

I frowned slightly. ” Excuse me? She doesn’t know how I look like doesn’t mean I shouldn’t see her. “I replied.

” Well, she’s in the kitchen. Washing! ” Joanna replied.

” What? Washing? ” I asked.

” Yeah, she can’t be completely useless. At least, she eats. Doesn’t she? ” Joanna asked wickedly.

I shook my head. ” Can I see her?” I asked.

She stepped aside and I walked into the house. I could hear the sounds of plates crashing each other in the kitchen and I quickly walked towards the kitchen, ignoring the wicked grin on Joanna’s face.

“Vicker?” She asked immediately I got in.

I was amazed. How did she..?

“You knew it was me?” I asked, going nearer.

“I recognize people’s presence with the air around them but what are you doing here? It’s dangerous. ” She whispered.

I smiled, looking at her beautiful face. I took the soapy dish wash from her and continued washing the plate.

Sarah gasped and darted her dark eyeballs about. “No! You can’t do that please. Your mum…”

“It’s okay. My mom is fast asleep now, okay? You don’t have to worry.” I replied.

She smiled and nodded. ” Thank you, Vicker. Thanks.” She said, still smiling.

“You don’t have to thank me. I will always be here for you. Call me when you need help. “I said softly.

” Can I touch… your face? “Sarah suddenly asked.

I laughed.” Oh sure!” I chuckled and stood directly in front of her.

Sarah raised her hand in front of me and touched my hair then down my cheek bone. She traced her long nail down my jaw and gasped. “Vicker! You must be so cute!” She said and I laughed.

” How did you know? “I asked.

“When I touch things, I know exactly how they are gonna look. Right now, I have a picture of your face in my heart.” She said and I looked at her.

” Wow. That’s lovely.” I replied and laughed when she blushed.

She’s an amazing kid. I thought.


I was so furious at what I saw when I opened the door.

How dare her touch him with her dumb hands!

Why would Vicker come into our house just to wash dishes with her?

“We have to tell Mrs McDonald that her son is right here in our kitchen! ” Rosetta said angrily.

” Yes. I think you are right about that. Come on let’s go!” I snapped and together we both stormed out of the house.


“And where is my son? Rhea, have you seen Vic around?”

“No ma’am! ” The stupid maid replied sharply and disappeared.

I walked upstairs to his room but found it empty again.

I was immediately furious. “So many useless maids!!” I yelled angrily as I walked back downstairs.

Where could he have gone to!

Rhea walked towards me with one of the gardener’s daughters. “Ma! She’s here with young master’s whereabouts!”

I glared dangerously at her. ” Where is he?”

” In.. in.. our house. The kitchen.” She replied and I gasped out loud.

” Oh my! Where?” I screamed. “, That stinking hole? ” I cried.

” It’s…. It was …. My blind sister who invited him into the kitchen and made him wash dishes… ”

” How dare her! ” I yelled and stood up. ” Take me there! I’ve had enough of this!!” I yelled and stormed out of the house.

Furiously,I barged into the Gardener’s house and threw the stupid kitchen door open.

Then I saw them myself. “You dirty evil thing!” I yelled at the blind girl and raised my hand to slap her but to my utmost surprise, Vicker rushed forward and held my hand tightly.

“Mom! No you can’t!” He said aloud.

I gasped. ” Vicker, let go of me! She made you wash plates!!” I thundered.

” Mom,I came here myself and decided to help her. Please, don’t do this. She’s already crying and it hurts me so much!” Vicker pleaded. I stared on dumbfounded.

Never know my introvert of a son could stand up and defend a girl!


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