By: Authoress Sylvia



“We are here!” Dad announced as we got out of the cab.

I could feel it… I could hear voices.

Yes,I’m surely in front of a school gate! Happily,I reached out and hugged father.

“I’m so happy.” I said and suddenly became anxious. What would today be like?

“Make sure you wait on class for me because I’m pretty sure Rosetta and Joanna aren’t gonna help you come back home ” dad said softly and I smiled.

” It’s okay dad. I’m already used to them.” I replied and looked in front of me again, wishing I could see the school right now.

Dad held my hand as we walked towards the gate.

“Dad, are we in the compound now?” I asked happily.

” Yes we are but I’m trying to locate the staff rooms. It’s been long since I’ve been here last. Oh,right there. Come on.” Dad said and led the way.

I just followed happily. I couldn’t wait to be in class.

“Oops…. is she a student?”

“Oh my g0sh…why would she come to our school with a blind sight?”

I could over hear students whispering all around me but dad squeezed my hand in assurance.

“It’s okay.”Dad whispered and I nodded with a smile.

Minutes later,we we ushered into the principal’s office.


“I’m going crazy!!” I fumed as Joana and I paced about in front of the school cafeteria.

What was dad thinking? Why would he bring Joana to school! And worst still, she’s been admitted into the same class with Vicker and I!!

“This is totally absurd. I will make sure I’m gonna avoid her totally! What rubbish!” Joana yelled.

” I can’t go back to that class. We have the same surname! Students are gonna find out!” I cried.

We stood there,at loss of what to do.

We really don’t have a choice but we are really gonna make life unbearable for her,for choosing to humiliate us.


I finally stepped into the class and placed my stick in front of me.

The once noisy room became extremely silent.

All eyes were on me,I could feel it.

But I smiled with excitement, knowing fully I’m standing in front of the class.

Someone beside me touched my shoulder and I immediately knew it was the teacher.

“Welcome, pretty.” The teacher said and I knew immediately she is a lady from the sound of her voice.

“Thanks ma’am. I’m so excited to be here! So excited!” I said happily and heard some people gasping.

” You have a wonderful voice. Will you please tell us your humble name?” The teacher asked.

I smiled and was about talking when someone from the students cleared his throat. “Her name is Sarah. Sarah Miller.”

More gasps! And I had to smile with tears as soon as I recognized the cute voice.

Vicker! He actually introduced me?

“Wow,Vic…you seem to know her?” The teacher asked.

I stared blindly on with smile, waiting for his next response.

It appeared he was popular and important because of the way the teacher spoke to him and the loud gasps from students.

“Yeah, Miss Aubrey. She’s the best friend I will always wanna be with. Welcome to the class, Sarah.” Vicker added and I nodded with a smile.

Almost immediately, I felt his presence beside me as he took my hand and led me to an empty seat.

“I’m behind you.” He whispered into my ears before retreating back to his seat.

” Thank you, Vicker.” I whispered softly.

“Okay now. Due to Sarah’s plight, she’s privileged to sit and listen without writing but you’ve got to be attentive so you are gonna meet up with the syllabus.” The teacher said and I nodded.

Miss Aubrey continued teaching and I focused all my attention on her like she was my saviour.

At the end of the fantastic class, I had a lot stored inside my brain.


I had to laugh out loud when Miss Aubrey finally left.

Like,oh my g0sh! Rosetta who has been bragging with me is actually a sister to a blind girl and now she’s in my class?


I’ve got to find her and give her the insult of her life.

Wondering who I am? Well,I’m Nellie and I’m the students body president!

I’m more popular than any fcking girl in Houston high school.

What’s more? Most students thinks Vicker and I should be an item but bad news,the proud head never likeed girls so everyone was kind of surprised when he introduced the blind girl and even took her to her seat?

Winifred and Rhea came over equally amused.

“Wow! I can’t believe this! Are you sure they are sisters?” Rhea asked.

” Look at the resemblance and check out the last names,dummy!” I whispered furiously and glanced at the new blind girl.

She was only looking downwards and moving her legs about. I scoffed. Like she could even see the legs!

“She wasn’t in class during PE. I think she went out because of this. Let’s go find her! She’s so dead!!”


Minutes after the teacher left,I felt someone walking towards me angrily.

I immediately recognized that foot steps and scent.

“You b!tch! Did you have to make them know we are sisters!!” Rosetta yelled at me.

I glared up and was quiet for some time. ” You are ashamed of me.”

“Oh yes! Of course,I won’t fcking deny it! Do you even know what you’ve just done?” Rosetta raved.

I could tell the few students in class were all looking at us.

I looked down at my hands which I couldn’t see and sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“No you are not! If you are,then pick up your bag and leave right now!!” Rosetta yelled.

” She’s going no where.” Someone interrupted and I looked at the direction,then smiled happily.

Someone is always gonna be there for me. I really don’t need to be afraid.

I thought as I recognized Vicker’s cute voice.


What do we do with these sisters of Sarah????

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