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??? Korea,Seoul ???


I stared down at the phone in my hand confused.

Was that Sarah’s voice I just heard?

No, that isn’t her. I redialed the line again.

It was picked up by Rosetta.

“Rose, I asked you to put Sarah on the line. What happened?” I asked.

“I’m… Vicker I wouldn’t lie to you. I don’t know what has come over Sarah.

She’s acting differently since she started seeing.

I suppose you heard her say she doesn’t wanna take the phone. I’m sorry.” Rosetta said and I stood dumbfounded.

The phone slipped off my mind and I fell against the wall inside my room.

My system changed. A sudden headache hit up my head and I held unto my chest so tightly.

My heart was thorn into tiny shreds. Did all that really came out from my Sarah?

I’m a man quite alright but Sarah is my weakness.

I couldn’t bear it.

The tears rushed out… I sat on the bed and held my head with my shaky fingers.

I was tempted to call back the line but refrained.

I have to see Sarah and explain things to her. I’ve got to see her and let her know what I did was for her.

I’ve got to see her to bring her back to the loving and quiet Sarah I know.

Without thinking, I picked up carry all bag and rushed to my wardrobe.

I flung it open and started throwing out my clothes.

The door opened and Mr Park came in.

He looked confused as he stared at me. “Hey… what you doing?” He asked.

“I’m going back home!” I yelled without looking away from the clothes.

“Nah! Come on you must be joking.” Mr Park said and when I turned to look at him with my red eyes,he covered his mouth with his hand.

“Xander! What’s wrong with you!” He exclaimed.

” I need to go home Mr Park… please.” I was crying now. I couldn’t just hold it inside me.

Whenever I remember all what I heard from Sarah….I just had to cry.

“Tell me all that happened! I’m here for you,son. Just calm down and talk to me.” He said softly.

Mr Park has been a wonderful man to me and I knew I could trust him.

I sat back on the bed tired and poured out my heart to him.

He sat beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. “Xander,you know it’s impossible to go back to New York now. You’ve got important things you are doing at school.

Do you wanna repeat a goddamn class all because of a girl who reciprocated your sacrifice with being ungrateful?

You have to forget her for now and face your studies first.” Mr Park said and I looked at him.

” Mr Park….I can’t and will never blame Sarah. I love her beyond that. I blame myself for this. I should have told her everything.” I said with pain.

” Xander still yet,she shouldn’t have done that!” Mr Park admonished.

” Make better friends Xander. You’ve been an introvert since you’ve come here.

Even the students sees you as an introvert cos you’ve never spoken to anyone.

Warm up to the students and make good friends. It’s gonna help.” Mr Park said.

The past weeks that I’ve started schooling at Shaolin international School has been h*ell cos I’ve refused to cooperate with the students who wanted to be friends with me.

The principal, Mr Hwang Woo Yum is dad’s business partner and the principal has been treating me like a son.

Most of the students sees me as the principal’s son, coupled with the fact that I’m intelligent and bright, I’ve become quite popular within these few weeks but I never needed any of it.

All I needed was to see Sarah again.

I’m dying to meet her… I’m dying to finally get her to see me but hearing her speak right now shattered my heart.

I stood up and wiped my tears. No mater what happens, I’m never gonna despise her.

Mr Park stood up with me with a smile. “You are gradually becoming a man a d you have to face anything that comes your way. ” He said and I nodded.

“Thank you. ” I simply said and got ready for school.

Just then the door opened and someone else came in smiling.


Mr Hwang Woo Yum’s daughter who has been among those trying to get close to me.

She’s super excited about me or maybe cr@zy.
But how did the got to know where live?

I looked at Mr Park with accusation.

“She begged to follow me, Xander. I couldn’t say no to that beautiful face.” Mr Park said.

” Xander….can I come in? I wanted us to go to school together.” Kimmie said.

I looked back into her beaming face but all I could see was my blind beautiful Sarah.


I sat in my bed, trying to fight back teas after answering Williamson’s call.

He already left me .. why the h*ell does he wanna speak with me?

I frowned deeply and only got more frustrated because of the call.

I moved towards my bag and changed out of my uniform.

I had plans to meet Williamson at his house.

It would be my first time going to his house though.

I’m a bit apprehensive but the anger in me gave me boldness and once I finished dressing up in a pink gown that reached above my knees, I got ready to go.

“And where are you going?” Joana asked once I stepped into the living room.

I turned to look at her with a scowl. ” It’s none of your business where I’m going.

At least I’m no longer blind and I don’t fcking need anyone’s help. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted dear sister?” I asked.

“You are being too saucy,Sarah! I’m your elder sister!” Joana gasped.

” Elder sister my cute ass. An elder sister who ditches her youngers sister all because she’s blind?

I’m sorry but I’m never gonna recognize you as my sister. Not you. Not Rosetta.” I said into her face before stalking off.

I met dad on my way out. I stopped and looked away.

“Sarah,I won’t have you speak to your sisters that way. What has come over you,my dear?” Dad asked, pulling off his work boots.

” You can’t have me talking to them that way dad?

But you had them talking to me like I’m a piece of trash when I was blind!” I said back.

Dad breathed in. ” But I was there to protect you, remember?” He asked and smiled. “It’s alright. I know what you went through.”

I tried smiling back but couldn’t. I suddenly wish everyone would just leave me alone.

“You are dressed up. Where are you headed?” Dad asked.

“A friend’s place for some school works. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.” I said and quickly left the house.

I walked out of the compound and took a cab straight to Williamson’s street.


I couldn’t be more happier when she finally agreed to come over to my place.

I’m Williamson Jones.

I live with my ever busy mom who’s currently out of town.

And since the beautiful blind girl in school finally got to see,I had the boldness to make her mine.

And I can’t wait to have her.

I figured out she’s still untouched and I can’t wait to be her first.

I freshened up after the call and put on a casual wear.

I dressed up my room and left the door open.

I looked into the mirror and smiled.

She wouldn’t know what’s coming her way. Young. Ignorant. Pure. Innocent.

I wouldn’t blame her though with all these attributes.

I thought as I anticipated her arrival.


Is Williamson for real?? ?

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