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I paced about in my room, anxiously.

Dad had said he would think about it. I was in deep thought and did not notice when mom came in.

“Any penny for your thoughts?”

I turned around and looked away again. I wondered why mom seem to hate the gardener and his daughters but I didn’t say anything to mom.

Dad might as well go on and help the gardener without mom’s knowledge.

“I’m fine.” I replied, sinking into my bed.

Then I was quick to notice mom had tears in her eyes. “Mom? Are you okay?” I asked and she say beside me.

” I’m okay just that I’m gonna miss you.” Mom replied.

I frowned. What’s she talking about? ” Mom, are you going somewhere?” I asked.

She stood up and wiped the little tear on her left eye away. She folded her arms, glaring at me. “No. You are the one who’s going somewhere. I’ve made preparations for you to study in South Korea. ” Mom said and I almost laughed.

” Mom, who? ” I asked.

“You weren’t deaf when I said you. I’ve discussed with your dad and I’ve finally accepted that we help out Sarah on one condition, that you will go study in Korea. The choice is yours.
By next weekend, you are off. ” Mom said and I looked her, bewildered.

I stood up, shocked.” Mom why? Why are you doing this to me!” My voice shook terribly.

” I’m doing this for your own good, Xander. I don’t like the way you mingle with those stinking brats! Especially that blind girl. Even now that she’s blind,you can’t do without her. Then I’m sure you are gonna marry her once her sight is restored!, I can’t take that.

Just recently, you brought back that blind girl from school. You don’t know who you are!

A prince! Your dad is popular.. we are popular.

What would people say when they see you with a blind girl in school! I’ve had enough of that shit.

You are going to Korea and there is nothing…. Absolutely nothing you can do about it. If we are gonna help her then you have to do as I say!. ” Mom said as I looked at her, amazed.

I paced about still shocked at the news.

I turned to face mom again. “I know no one out there!

How do you expect me to go to somewhere so strange and stay on my own! ” I yelled.

” Don’t yell at me. You are gonna do as I say, okay? No more questions.” Mom blurted out.

I placed my palm in my forehead and sighed.

No way! This is not happening! Not now when dad’s gonna help Sarah regain her sight!

“Mom… Please I don’t wanna go! Please!” I was at the verge of tears now.

“I’m sorry, Vic. Preparations has already been made and I can’t take back my word.

This is for your own good. You are a prince and you should live like one. ” Mom said with a mark of finality.

I sat back on the bed and let the tears fall. I felt like dying right now.


Dad and I finally left the doctor’s office after some hours.

I noticed some people looking at dad, probably impressed to see him in person.

Dad is popular on TV and I was surprised at all the staring.

The embarrassing part was that the girls wouldn’t stop gasping and making dramas.

It was a relief when we were finally back into the car.

I was extremely excited cos dad paid half of the money requested for Sarah’s surgery.

But another part of me was sad.

In less than two days, I’m gonna leave for Korea.

“Thanks Dad. You don’t know how happy I am. I really want her to regain her sight and that’s why I’ve chosen to go to Korea for my studies.”

” You know how your mom is. That condition she gave was a way of saying no to me helping Sarah out but it was brave of you to do it. You are someone’s hero now for what you’ve done.” Dad said and I hugged him feeling so grateful.


I slowly stood up from bed and located my stick before moving forward.

I moved quietly so I wouldn’t wake up my sisters.

I stretched my hand and searched out the door then quietly went out of the room.

Sitting outside in the cool breeze of the silent night when everyone else is asleep really calms me down.

I stepped into the familiar garden and traced my way to the bench.

I sat and put my stick beside me.

I sniffed the air and was quick to know someone else was there with me.


“Vicker?” I called, looking blindly all over.

“How did you know I’m here? I was as quiet as ever.” He said with a laugh and joined me on the bench.

My body stiffened when I felt a tickling sensation as he put his arm around me.

I was so uncomfortable cos this feeling was new to me.

“Relax.” He whispered to me.

“Are you okay, Vicker?” I asked cos I could tell he was sad from the sound of his voice.

“Yeah. Sarah?”


“Are you gonna remember me no matter what happens?” Vicker asked and I was taken aback by the sudden question.

“Of course. Vicker…you are the only one who keeps me going. You help me at school, at home…anywhere! I’m never gonna forget you.” I replied softly.

” I….I…love you,Sarah.” Vicker said into my ear and I gasped.

” Vicker!”

” Yeah I Know we are young to talk about love but what I feel inside right now is not something I can ignore. Do you feel the same way?” He asked, holding my hand.

I could tell he was looking deep into my sightless eyes and it made me really shy.

I had to look away.

“You look beautiful,Sarah…even when you are blind.

Your eyes are the cutest ever,you don’t have to be shy when I’m looking into your eyes.” He said as though he could read my eyes.

I smiled at that and thought about his question.

Of course,I feel the same way! He’s the first person and only person who had made me feel wanted.

“I feel the same way, Vicker but you know that’s all. We can’t have anything together cos we live in two different worlds.” I replied.

” I’m gonna bring you over to my,Sarah if I have to.” Vicker replied.

I smiled and blushed. “Don’t leave me,Vicker.. please don’t.” I said and curled my fingers around his hand.


My heart did a double flip when she said that. Do I sound wield tonight?

Should I just tell her about my long trip to Korea?

No….I don’t wanna hurt and see her cry.

Nothing hurts me more than seeing Sarah cry.

My bags and plane ticket are all ready and by dawn the next day,I would be off.

“Vicker?” She called and bolted back to reality.

” Yeah,I’m here.” I replied, rubbing my thumb against her fingers.

My gaze dropped on her lips and I swallowed hard.

They look so full and beautiful.

Tonight is gonna be my last day with Sarah in a very long time.

I want her to be my first….and I want to be her first too.

Lunging forward,I tilted her head up towards mine and took her l!ps softly into my mouth.

She gasped into my mouth but stayed still.

I deepened the kss and watched her eye lashes flutter down and I could swear I’ve never seen someone so beautiful.

How would she feel if she finds out about my trip to Korea?

That last night with her was the best I’ve ever had.

As I led her back to the house that night,I couldn’t stop looking at the door she walked through.

Goodbye,Sarah. Till we meet again….


Sarah is finally going to regain her sight but there will be no sign of her Vicker!?

Will they meet again??

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