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The car stopped me in front of a large beautiful gate.

“Watson estate,miss.” The driver told me.

I came down and payed. I stood in front of the white gate and dialled Williamson’s line.

I rang for a long time but no one was picking.

I redialed the line but still yet,there was no response.

I wasn’t sure if it was his house and o couldn’t just go in.

I stood closer to the gate and dialled his line again it still yet,there was no response.

I had to leave.

I waited for another cab.

Minutes later,I got into one and headed back home.


Shit! I cursed when I woke up and found missed calls on my phone.

Missed calls from Sarah.

I slept off without knowing. I called back her line.

“Hey….Sarah…I saw your call. Where are you now?” I asked eagerly.

“I’m home now. I couldn’t wait because of the sun.” Sarah replied from the other line.

I felt like smashing my phone on the ground.

“No! You can’t just go back! Can you make it back to the estate? I’m gonna come pick you up.” I said.

Sarah sighed. ” I’m sorry Willy. I don’t think I can come back.

I’m exhausted and I need to rest.” Sarah replied.

” Don’t be silly! What’s your problem? I’ve been waiting all day for this!” I unconsciously yelled.

Sarah was silent at the other end of the phone and Immediately realised my mistake.

“I’m sorry I yelled.” I apologized.

“What do you mean by what you just said? What have you been waiting for?” Sarah I asked.

Shit! I cursed silently and thought of what to say.

But she cut the line before I could say anything reasonable.

Furiously,I finally smashed the goddamn phone on the floor.


I cut the call and looked slowly down at the screen.

My mind told me something I didn’t wanna believe.

The way Williamson sounded on the phone…he sounded so desperate and mad. And what was he talking about?,

What has been waiting for?

I was still lost in thought when the door opened and my two sisters walked in.

They had a sorry expression on their faces.

I glared at them, wondering what the hell was wrong.

“Sarah…. Rosetta and I have come to realize made a grave mistake treating you like an outcast when you were blind.

Sisters are supposed to love and stand up for each other.

We are ever sorry. Can you please just forgive us?” Joana asked in a voice I never knew she had.

At some point,their faces and voice touched my heart.

I had decided to be mean and unreasonable but I felt my eyes becoming watery. “You made life so hard for me.” I said with my quivering voice.

They sat beside me and together, we hugged.

I felt some tension release inside me.

I felt a part of me finally loosen up it’s tightness.

“Are we forgiven? I want us to be the best sisters and graduate from school with flying colors. ” Joana said and I smiled.

It was the first time I smiled at them ever since I’ve regained my sight.

“It’s okay, Joana. I….I was frustrated.” I said and they both looked at me with understanding.

“I know.” Rosetta breathed.

“He was your helper then. He could do anything for you then.” Joana added.

I stopped to think about Vicker and realised I didn’t forget about him a bit.

I might be mad at him for leaving without telling me but no one can ever take his place in my heart.

He was once my helper…how can I ever forget him.

With tears in my eyes,I turned to look at Joana. “Am I ever gonna see him again?” I asked.

Instead of answering me,Joana brought me close and hugged me.

Dad entered just then and saw us. He smiled sadly.

We looked at his sad face.

“Dad? Are you alright?” Joana asked.

“I’m just too excited at the turn of events. You girls finally getting along.” Dad said and joined the hug.

A part of me was happy and another part of me was deeply sad.

I wish I could see him right now and asked him why he left without a word. I just need to know.

??? Korea,Seoul???


That morning,I was happy as usual.

Ever since my new Namja chingu arrived,it’s been so lovely and great to go to school!!

I’m Kim Seo Hyun but I prefer being addressed as Kimmie.

I’m the type that hates schooling with passion but that changed immediately I set my eyes on Xander.

And to top it all…he’s someone dad knows and treats like his own child.

Xander is the most cutest, humble and quiet guy I’ve ever met.

I’m the principal’s daughter but I hate studying!

Not anymore. Xander’s presence brought new meaning to my life.

Everyone must have noticed cos right now,Eomma is looking suspiciously at me as I wore my shoes.

“These days…you seem to always be in high spirit,Kimmie. Mareeba…. what’s happening?” Mom asked.

Mom and I are best of friends and very close. Mom is actually an Americana who got married to a Korean.

She’s the most prettiest mom in the world. Yes…I can vouch for that. ?

“Nugu?{who?}” I asked, feigning to be innocent.

She gave me a knowing look. ” Tsh. Look at the young brat trying to lie. Who’s begin this sudden smiles of yours? Oh! I know.” Mom laughed and I rolled my eyes.

” Mom, I’m late for school. Can I go now?”, I asked feeling bored already.

“You will gist me when you get back.” Mom winked.

“Of course mom! An–nyeong–hi–ga–se–yo {Good bye}!!”I shouted and zoomed out of the house with my umbrella and backpack.

I got into the car downstairs and the driver took me to school.


I was sick worried when I got yo school and went Xander’s class but couldn’t see him nor his bag.

I was pissed off. He should be in class by now although it wasn’t assembly time yet but then, Xander would never be late to school.

“Kimmie! You are here!” I turned to see my closest friend, Lee boo na coming into the class.” What see you doing here?” She asked looking at my worried face.

” He isn’t here yet. ” I mumbled looking around.

I couldn’t ask anyone cos Xander never speaks to anyone.

“I-hae-mot-hae-yo.{I don’t understand}” Lee bo na replied.

” I’m heading somewhere Lee. Don’t tell anyone. I will be right back!” I said be zoomed off heading straight to Xander’s house.


I lay on the bed,still feeling so feverish. I had woken up some hours ago to dress up for school but couldn’t.

I had a serious headache and had to go back to sleep after taking some pain relievers.

But it only got worse.

I didn’t need to ask myself why I fell sick. Badly, I’ve been thinking about Sarah.

I couldn’t just stop thinking about her.

The main entrance door opened and I heard footsteps coming towards my room.

Moments later, the door opened and I turned to see the intruder.

“Oh my goodness… Xander!” Kimmie cried and ran to me.

She touched my head and gasped. “You are running a very hot temperature.

Why didn’t you call anyone? ” She asked, getting on her knees and taking off the blanket on my body.

“You should be in school Kimmie. I’m fine.” I tried saying.

She shook her head. ” No. You are burning up.” She said and touched my head again.

I looked into her face and suddenly, all I could see was Sarah.

My hammering headache suddenly cleared off as I continued looking into her eyes.

Kimmie smiled at me, maintaining her position.

I brought her close and fastened my mouth on her l!ps.

It was as if Kimmie was waiting for that kss. She totally pulled into me and wrapped her arms around me.

I pulled her down on the bed and covered my body with hers…….


Is he gonna sl.eep with her????



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