Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ??


The next morning was surprisingly dull for me.

Is it because it’s weekend and there will be no school? I thought.

No. I could feel something wasn’t right that morning as I tried coming down from bed.

I was greatly surprised when I heard Rosetta’s voice happily calling me outside the door.

The door bursted open and she ran straight to me. I was surprised.

“Oh,Sarah! I can’t believe this!” She said happily to me, sitting next to me on the bed!

I frowned. “I’m quite surprised,Rose. Are you talking to me?” I asked.

I heard her scoffed. ” Oh come on stop that! The thing is that i heard dad and Mr McDonald discussing and guess what?” Rosetta asked.

Curiously,I asked,” What?”

” Mr McDonald told Dad to bring you to Williamsburg hospital for eye surgery!!” Rosetta screamed happily.

I gasped and let my stick fall off my hand.

Is Rose pulling my legs? Is she making mockery of me?

No… she sounded so serious and excited.

“Mr McDonald? You mean… I’m gonna see again??” I asked with a quivering voice.

” Of course. Let’s hurry. I will help you get dressed so dad will find you ready after work!” Rosetta said and I couldn’t stop the tears from my eyes.

I searched out Rosetta’s hands with my hand and said hurriedly. “Where is Vick! Please, I need to tell him right now! “I said smiling happily.

The thought of seeing his face was overwhelming!

“Huh…. Vicker? I haven’t seen him this morning.” Rosetta replied.

What? That’s wield. Maybe he’s still sleeping. I thought.


I was really so excited when dad finally came into the room to take me to the hospital.

It was almost midday and still haven’t heard anything from Vicker even as we left for the hospital.

“You don’t know how excited I am Sarah. Seeing you regaining your sight is one of my biggest dream.” Dad said as the cab driver took us to thr hospital.

I smiled but iy disappeared almost immediately. “Dad? Is Vicker at home?” I asked softly.

Dad was so quiet for sometime before he finally answered.

“Hun….yeah. I think he has an headache and his mom has refused him coming out of the house.” Dad replied.

I was immediately worried. My heart was beating loud against my chest as I wondered what to do once i set eyes on Vicker.

“Sarah, what is the first thing you wanna set your eyes on? “Dad asked me and I smiled.

” Vicker then you.” I replied.

Dad went dead silent and i wondered why.

” Dad?” I called.

“We are here!” Dad announced dodging my question.

He took my hand as I gently climbed off the car.

He led me through an entrance and Immediately, I could tell we were already inside the hospital.

Dad made me sat down on a chair and about five minutes later, someone called dad’s name.

“Come on. We need to get you registered.” Dad said and left me through another entrance.

When I heard a man greeting dad,I immediately knew we were in the doctor’s office.

I sat quietly and listened as they talked. I couldn’t stop thanking Mr McDonald in my heart,for his help.

What would I have done without him. Thinking of Mr McDonald made me remember Vicker.

For some reasons, I felt uneasy about the whole thing.

After sometime in the doctor’s office,I was finally taken to the operation room with my heart beating loud with excitement.


I arrived at Seoul four hours later after the plane became airborne at the airport.

Dad had given me the address of my new school and the house which I was gonna stay in.

I stood at the park, my luggage beside me and took out my phone.

I switched it on and Sarah’s beautiful image appeared.

I took the picture without her knowing. She was standing beside the new growing flowers when I took the picture and she looked like someone from fairy tale land.

I checked out the addresses and was about leaving the park when a young man, probably Korean, walked up to me beaming.

” An–nyeong–ha–se–yo!” He waved and I smiled a bit.

What was that? And who is this? He must be the Mr Park dad told me was gonna put me through.

“You must be Xander,I s’pose?” He asked.

“Yeah and you are?”

” Mr Park. You dad told me you will be coming today.

Come on,I will take you to the house and show you your new school.” Mr Park said and helped me with my luggage while I followed behind.

“Seoul is a beautiful city,Xander and you are gonna find a lot of interesting things to do here while you study.

Trust me, our food delicacies are the best!” Mr Park chatted freely with me and I only nodded and smiled.

As we waited for a cab, I couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah.

By now, if the surgery was successful, my dear Sarah would be able to see now.

How would she feel if she can’t find me?, Maybe I should have just told her about my departure anyway.

Finally a cab stopped in front of us and Mr Park and I hopped in.
Six hours later??


I woke up with a start and touched the bandage around my face.

“She’s up!” It was dad’s voice.

“Dad? Why is my face being bandaged?” I asked.

Is the surgery over?

” Your eyes has been operated on,Sarah. Once the bandage is off,you are gonna see us.” Another man I presumed to be the doctor said.

My heart beat very fast as I smiled. “Really? Please tell me this is real!” I cried.

Dad hugged me. “Are you ready to see the world?”

“Yes! Yes!! Please dad,yes!!” I cried happily but stopped as soon as I remembered Vicker.

” Dad? Is Vicker here already?” I asked.

“He’s.. he’s still at home. I told you he had an headache.” Dad stammered. ” You are gonna see him when we go back home.” He added and I nodded.

I almost died of anticipation when a nurse started loosing up the bandage and when it came off,I slowly opened my eyes.

“Ahh!” I screamed out in pain and closed it back.

It hurts like h*ell as my eyes jammed together with something shining above my head.

Was that light?

The doctor laughed. “Sorry,Sarah. I think you should have some more sleep so the pain in your eyes will reduce.”

My eyes still closed,I shook my head. “No, please. I wanna see my dad.” I pleaded and tried opening my eyes again.

This time,I fought back the pain and finally settled my eyes on the floor.

I lift my eyes and I could see clearly the faces surrounding me.

“Sarah? Sarah…can you see me?” Dad asked.

I cried and hugged him instead.

I stared at everything around me, amazed.

It was like a dream to me.

“Congratulations,Sarah. I’m happy for you.” The doctor said and shook hands with me.

I smiled and nodded.

The nurse brought a full length mirror to me and I stared in.

I touched my face and smiled brightly.

My hair was longer than I thought and so dark and curly.

I was proud of my look. Now I believe it when Vicker said I look beautiful.

The doctor left with the nurse minutes later.

I turned to look at dad happily as soon as the doctor left with the nurse.

“I wanna go home! I wanna see everyone…. My sisters and Vicker. ” I said to dad as we disengaged.

Dad’s look wasn’t a bit disappointing. He looked younger than I thought with straight brown hair.

Dad sighed and slumped.

I was taken aback by his reaction. “Dad? Is everything alright?” I asked.

Dad placed a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry to say this Sarah but you won’t be able to see Vicker for some time.” Dad announced and I felt like I was stabbed in the chest with a hot Knife.

I swallowed hard and looked at dad more intently. What’s he talking about?

“Vicker….didn’t tell me he’s going anywhere. What are you talking about? Why won’t I be able to see Vicker? Dad, what is happening!” I asked.

” Right now, Vicker is in South Korea.” Dad said gently.

I shook my head as tears gushed out. ” No….no! Please tell me it’s not true!” I gasped.

” Sarah I know how much you want to see Vicker who was been there for you but right now you have to let go and start up a new life ” dad said and I glared at him frowning deeply.

How could he do this to me? All he had said that night were nothing but lies?

I wiped my tears away angrily and glared hard at dad. “Yes. A new life.”

The bitterness I felt in my heart was as heavy as a rock.

And this bitterness brought me a new life…a new me…a new beginning…a new Sarah Miller.

My story as a Gardener’s daughter began right here at the hospital…….


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