THE HEARTS : Episode 1 – 10

(He’s her idol?)

Episode 7?

By: Tofunmi Nikky?

?Roy’s pov?

“There is something strange about her,Carl. You just have to get your mind off it”I patted his back as I took my seat beside him

“Try to understand Roy, we need a girl in our midst,someone who has this golden voice, there is a musical contest ahead in next two weeks”Carl said

“Why don’t we find someone else”Max said, climbing down the stairs

“But who?are we going to start searching for girls”I scoffed, I stood up and started walking away

“Carl,someone is here for you”Mom shouted from downstairs

I looked at Carl and he just rolled his eyes

“Hey Max”Jenna smiled and walled up to the stairs to meet me

“Hi”I replied and walked downstairs

?Amy’s pov?

I sigh,why did I went unconscious when I strummed this guitar

Does my power has anything to do with this,I need to know

I stood up from the floor and ran out, I got to where my scooter is parked

I climbed it and zoomed off,I wanted to play the guitar in school,

But I don’t want to destroy anything

I will try it at home
“Am sorry,I want to go and check something”I said, as I stood up

Mrs Morgan glare at me while Patsy just rolled her eyes

I started walking away,I got into my room and shut the door

In seconds,i was already sitting on the bed,with the guitar

I somehow wish i don’t create a mess,,i gulped and strummed it

This time,i felt something different and my eyes brighten

I strummed it as i sang one of my favorite song,

Nothing happened

?Jenna’s pov?
“Come on Carl,listen to what i have to say”i said,hurrying behind him as he walked away

“Jenna leave,i don’t want to see anyone”he said and i stopped,he was still walking away

“Okay,,i want to tell you something about that Amy girl”i said,and he stopped still not facing me

“Amy?what do you mean?

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