THE HEARTS : Episode 1 – 10

(He’s her idol?)

Episode 10?

By:Tofunmi Nikky?

?Amy’s pov?

I looked at my front to see Carl, facing me with a drink in his hand

“You can go”he said to the lady,she bowed and walked out of the room


“Good morning sir”I said,my head lowered to the floor

“Take that guitar and follow me”he pointed behind me and started walking away

I went to take guitar beside the bed and I was about to turn when I stopped

I looked at the frame beside the side lamp, there was three little boys with a girl in the frame

I guess these are the rockboys but who is that little girl,that’s the least of my problem now

I quickly walked out with the guitar

I stopped at the doorstep and looked to see him walking away from afar,,I followed

I ran to catch up with him, we stopped at the front of a door, he looked at me and I quickly lowered my gaze to the floor

“Come in”he said, I looked up to see him walking inside

I followed and shut the door behind me

I turned to see two of the Rockboys,they sat on a king sized bed with Carl beside them

They all looked at me;

“Don’t tell me she’s the one peeping on you,Carl”Rockboy Roy said

Gosh,I can’t believe he told them, heavens-I wanna disappear right now

“Amy”I heard Carl called,and that’s when I looked up

“That’s Max and that’s Roy”he said pointing to each one of them and I just nod

“We need a female singer among us,the board has chosen about three for us(each group)but we’re asked to bring one”

“If you impress us then you’ll be among the contestant, between now and tomorrow you have to come up with a song,, beat the ones the board are bringing and you’ll join us”Max said

“So are you sure you can do this?”Roy asked and I gulped

Come on Amy, you can do this

“Yes,,I can”

?Jenna’s pov?
“What are you saying Jenna”he said moving closer

“I want you to be the one to join us,,you can sing and I know that,,please”

He scoff;

“So you can come to me now?there are many cute guys that would love to sing for you”he said and poured himself a drink

“But you’re the one I choose,okay,,what do you want? Am gonna do it”I said and he smiled

“Really?when is the contest?”



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