THE HEARTS : Episode 1 – 10

(He’s her idol?)

Episode 8

By: Tofunmi Nikky

?Jenna’s pov?
“I know you’re trying to get her in your band,you wanna hear her voice,but you know what?there is now way she’s joining you”I said and he smirk

He moved closer and his hand lifted me jaw

“Don’t you get it,I don’t want to have anything to do with you”he said,,I could feel hatred in his voice

“But I want to,we would make good partners”I said, he dropped his hand that was supporting my jaw and I scoffed

“See you later, Darling”I winked and blew a kss in the air before walking away

[Next Day]???

?Sandra’s pov?
“Love you mom”I said and pecked her cheek,she smiled.

I took my backpack and was about walking away when I felt dad glancing at me

I walked to where he sat:

“I love you too,dad”I winked and pecked his forehead

“Naughty girl”he said and I chuckled, he tried throwing a pillow at me but it went right on the floor and I ran out
I entered the class and few people were in class, I went to my seat

I dropped my backpack and glance over at Amy’s seat,,where is she? or isn’t she at school yet

?Amy’s pov?
“Please let me go inside”I said to the two guards positioned at the doorstep

“Can’t you talk!”I half yelled but they only stared at me

Fk!am sure they are dumb

I tried finding my way between them, I felt a grasp on my arms as they pushed me back

I almost fell but I staggered back

“No one is allowed to go in”the fierce built one said, so they can speak, I smirked.

“What the h.eck, am going to report you and you will be fired”I yelled at them cr@zily.

I later went to seat at a corner where I could see when anyone comes out

I blinked as I heard footsteps approaching, the three Greeks started walking away and I quickly ran after them

“Sir”I called after them,I struggled to go to his front but the bouncers held me back

?Awwn,,look at the demigods

?Who is this cr@zy girl

“Sir”I shouted and thank goodness the three guys stopped, Carl turned and looked at me,his eyes gleamed and he said:

“Leave her”
“It’s a coincidence Sir, am sure I fainted not because you asked me to sing”I said walking after him

“Really? meaning you can’t, just go please”he said, and stopped walking

“I can sing now, just give me another chance”I said,he stopped walking,his back at me

“And why should I?”

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