THE HEARTS : Episode 1 – 10

(He’s her idol)

Episode 4

By:Tofunmi Nikky?

?Amy’s pov?
The blaring sound of the alarm rang loudly in my ear, I stretched my hand over and stopped it

I covered myself with the blanket,,

Let me sleep for some minutes, am sure it isn’t morning yet,I went back to sleep

???10:49 Am

I stretched on the bed and got up,I yawned and that was when my eyes ran over to the wall clock


Am damn late, I dashed to the bathroom and brushed mg teeth

I turned off the shower and in few minutes,I ran out with towel wrapped around my body

Few minutes later,I was already dressed and ran out of my room with the guitar

“Morning ma’am”i said as I bumped into Mrs Morgan

I ran off immediately avoiding her glare;

“Come back here,Amy!”

I got on my scooter and raced off

?Max’s pov?

“That son of a btch”Carl snarled, Roy, Carl and I sat on a round table,each one of us with a guitar

“Let’s start”Roy said,I quickly sipped from my drink

?A perfect world with you
?Great moments with you
?That’s all I wish for
?Baby,would you stay with me

“Sir am so…”we all turned to face the door when someone bumped in,she paused immediately she saw us

“I don’t mean to bump in Sirs”she stammered, her gaze on the floor as she moved back

I tuck my hand into my hair,I can’t control it.I almost laughed

“Follow me”Carl said as he rough his hair and walked away,she follows instantly

“Don’t tell me she came for Carl”Roy said as he stood up,I chuckled.

?Amy’s pov?

I rushed after him,he was already seated in the class when I got in

“What do you mean?”A girl In miniskirt said,she stood at Carl’s front with three other girls

She’s cute though,I finally stepped in

“It’s simple Jenna,I wanna use the classroom and I want you out”Carl said

That’s when I noticed no one was in except her and her group?

“Okay,fine”she said and made to touch Carl

“Don’t! Get out”he said and she flinched_why is she fl!rting with him

She made for the door after giving me a glare, they finally left

Wait! Just Carl and I

?Jenna’s pov?

“He got the nerves to send me out”I barked, with a cigarette in my hand

“Calm down Jen”Rose pouted and I started pacing

“It’s obvious is because of that new girl, just take a look;she’s cute,s*xy and…”

“Stop it Sara”I said and threw the cigarette, my eyes bl00dshot

“Who is she?”I asked

“Am sorry Jenna, I will find out immediately”she said and walked away

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