THE HEARTS : Episode 1 – 10

(He’s her idol)

Episode 3

By:Tofunmi Nikky?

?Amy’s pov?
D@mn,I stepped down and ran away,Sandra kept calling my name as she ran after me

I got to the class and ran to take my seat,I was breathing heavily

The Greek god_Carl saw me,like he fking knew I was peeping

“Why did you ran away,Amy?”Sandra asked,looking pissed as she sat down

I was about to say something when the teacher walked to the front of the class, she dropped her books on a locker

“Settle down everyone”she said; I got to know that was the last class for today,we’ve missed a lot

Sandra and I walked out immediately the class ended,I told her everything

“That was a narrow escape”she touched her chest and we stopped walking

“He caught me staring, Sandra”I snapped at her,just then two guys came to meet us

“We are asked to get you”the first one said,Sandra and I faced each other before turning to look at them

They took us with them,and after some walk;we stopped at a garden

Somewhere that I didn’t know exists inside the school

I looked at the figure; that sat on a park bench playing guitar,isn’t that Carl?

“You can go”his voice said, the guys left after a bow,leaving Sandra and I.

“S..sir”Sandra said nervously, after the long silence

“So peeping was what you came to school for?”he said, he placed the guitar on the bench as he stood up

He faced us and g0sh!those eyes

He walked to meet us with his hands crossed behind his back

Am fking scared

“Give me that”he snapped,I looked down to see he was asking for my locket

I looked at Sandra who gave me a “sorry”look

“Um..hmm it’s actually a gift from my dad,please,,,something else please”I stammered and he scoffed

“You won’t like it when I repeat myself, Amy!”he said and I gulped


He knows my name,,oh heavens

“Sandra Rogers,,come with me”he said and started walking out of the garden while Sandra followed

“S..Sir”I whimpered and he stopped, I ran over to him immediately

I unlock the locket and stretched it out to him quickly

He smirked and collected it,his touch made me shiver

“I want you here tomorrow”he said and I kept my head bowed

“Okay sir”I said and they started walking away,I took a turn and saw his guitar still laying there

“Sir your guitar”I shouted and only God knows where the nerves comes from

I looked at him from afar as I hope for an answer, or I can quickly go and give him

“Keep it”his voice cooed

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