The Hunted House : Episode 11 – 20

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 11.

The next few weeks was hell for Mr Ade as everything seemed to be working against him. Wherever he went to seek for a job they always turned him down that they needed a younger man. Mr Ade didnt understand the reason for this because he was a young man. And on this faithful day he was fed up he decided to ask questions.

Mr Ade: Excuse me sir, why are you refusing my application, I am fit for this job, I have everything it takes and I am more than qualified for it, why are you not giving me the job?

D man: Am so sorry sir, you have the right qualifications and you are perfectly fit for the position but the thing is we need a younger person. A vibrant man. Am so sorry you don’t qualify in that area.

Mr Ade took a look at himself and was wondering what the man was talking about.

Mr Ade: How do you mean sir? No offence but what is the age range for the job sir.

D man: we need a man from age 30 to at least 50.

Mr Ade jumped up smiling.

Mr Ade: Then I am qualified na. Why did you say I am not qualified.

The man stared at mr Ade like a mad man.

D man: With all due respect sir, please you ain’t qualified for this job. We need a younger person and you are an old man. Sorry sir.

Mr Ade: old, old man? What are you talking about? Am not an old man I will be 42 by next month so what are you talking about!

The man looked at Mr Ade, from head to toe.

D man: Please Sir you have to leave my office now I have some work to do.

Mr Ade: I don’t understand sir. You said it yourself that I am qualified for the job why then are you refusing me sir. Please don’t do this to me please.

D man: sir please you have to leave.

Mr Ade picked his bag and walked out of the office. This is the 8th time he was been refused for the same reason and he couldn’t understand why.

There was no food in the house this morning when he left. And he had left with hopes of returning with some good news. Even Lilian was already sick from lack of good food. When he taught about this predicament he went back into the office.

This was the best opportunity for him of all the places he had been to. The man was surprised to sew him. As he barged into the office he went straight on his knees.

Mr Ade: Please sir, am begging you. My family is waiting for me to come home with a good news. They ate nothing this morning because there was no food in the house. My daughter is already sick. I really need this job. Please sir don’t turn me away.

The man ran to raise him up from his knees.

D man: please sir, papa please don’t kneel for me, in my village its an abomination for an elder to kneel before a small boy please don’t kneel.

Mr Ade: An elder? Who is an elder? Am I older than you? What are you saying?

D man: papa please, I need you to understand. If it were within power I will give you the job but I am just following orders. They need a young man.

Mr Ade: is 42 an old man? I am a young man. Why are you calling me papa?

The man looked at Mr Ade and concluded that he was sick.

D man: papa, you need to leave.

Mr Ade: shut up, and don’t you dare calk me papa again. Am I older than you? (Mr Ade starts shouting at the man as he held him in his tie)

The man quickly picked the phone and called for security and they rushed in carrying mr Ade and throwing him out of the office.

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