The Hunted House : Episode 11 – 20

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 18.

Loveth prayer through out the night, she didnt hear a word either from her mom or dad.

At about 6am she carefully opened the door and ran all the way to pastor Mike’s place. Unfortunately pastor mike and his family had travelled for a church program. Loveth was informed that he will be returning the next day. Not knowing what to do she ran to the church to look for brother Dele.

Brother Dele was the prayer band leader. When Loveth got there she met brother Dele about leaving the church. The prayer band group has an allnight program till morning.

Brother Dele: ah sister Loveth, how are you? What are you doing here so early alone? Where are your parents.

Loveth: Brother Dele thank God I saw you, I need you to…..

Just as Loveth was about to speak she heard a voice that told her to stop.

Brother Dele: What is it Loveth? Tell me,

Loveth: I came to call you to fol….m.

Just then she heard the voice again telling her to stop.

Loveth had grown so spiritually strong to understand when the holy spirit was trying to communicate with her. And so she asked

Loveth: But why? Who then do I go to? There is no one here!

Brother Dele: Loveth, who are you talking to? I dont understand what you are saying?

Loveth: am sorry brother Dele for taking your time, I have to go. (She turned to leave)

Brother Dele: wait, wait…(but then Loveth had already gone. Brother Dele stood there watching her wondering what it was she wanted to say.

Loveth went back home wondering why the holy spirit didnt want her to talk to bother Dele. She was thinking by the time she got home, her parents might be awake and even John. But when she got there she met things the way they were. And it was already some minutes past 8am. She decided to go look for somebody, anyone to help her break the door.

It took quiet some time but Loveth finally found a house. She knocked gently on the door and a man opened the door.

Man: yes! Who are you looking for?

Loveth: Good morning sir, please I need your help.

Man: please I dont have any money to give you this morning. (He made to lock his door but Loveth quickly stopped him)

Loveth: No sir, please listen to me, I haven’t come here to beg you. I just need someone to help me break our door.

Man: break your door?/what do you mean by break your door. Did you lost your key?

Loveth: No sir I didnt, I heard my parents scream in the night I ran to their room but couldn’t get in because its locked from inside. And up till now they are still not awake.

Man: Jesus, that is serious o. Wait let me get my cutlass and hammer.

The man ran inside and got a cutlass and a big hammar. Then he called someone that look like his younger brother to accompany him. And together they followed Loveth. On their way the man asked.

Man: are you the only child?

Loveth: No sir, my brother is in the house too but he is too drunk to even stand up.

Then they got to a bend corner that leads straight to the house. The man and his brother suddenly stopped

Man: Wait, where is your house.

Loveth: it’s no longer far sir, its just down the road (she pointed inside the road)

Man: Down the road where, be specific.

Loveth: Sir , its inside. A duplex it’s just inside, it’s well fenced, its the only house on the road very fine house like that.

The cutlass the man held fell from his hand.

Man: hey! Eh, ewooooo

His younger brother quickly turned and gave Loveth a distance.

Man: Who sent you? Who sent you this girl?/(he jerked Loveth on the dress and started choking her up) answer me now before I kill you with my hands. Who sent you?

His brother ran and quickly separated his hands from her neck.

Man: who sent you this morning?/see whoever sent you, tell him you didnt meet me at home.

Loveth: (coughing) sorry sir. Nobody sent me, I just wanted someone to help me break the door down.

Man: And it was my gate you saw. Listen I jump you pass. You hear me? I jump you pass.

He picked his cutlass and hammar and turned and walked away with his brother. Loveth stood there confused as he watched them walk away.

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