The Hunted House : Episode 11 – 20

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 16

The words sounded like an echo in Mrs Ade ears as she jerked the doctor by his collar.

Mrs Ade: Gone, gone where?

Then she left him and held onto her husband.

Mrs Ade: Go and wake her up. Wake my baby up.

Loveth held onto Lilians tiny hands and cried, she cried, she wanted to believe that all was well but then she knew all was not well. She finally understood all that was happening. The house they moved into was an evil house. She looked from her dad to her mom. If only they listened to her. From the onset she never liked the house and now Lilian is gone because of their stubbornness. She cried even more as the nurses rolled Lilian away while their mom was wailing loud.

Mrs Ade: doctor please, do something, wake her up, please! (The nurses held her tight and tried to console her,/it was hard but finally they were able to do it)

Mr Ade walked away from the hospital, he didnt know where he was going to, he just walked along the road, crying and talking to himself.

John and Loveth held their hands tight. As they wept together. Nobody knew where Success was, if she was alive or dead, they didnt know.


Lilian was buried two days later. It was a sad moment for the Ade’s. After the burial they all went home.

Mr Ade: This is a sad time for us, but I strongly believe that God has not abandoned us. Lilian is gone and Success is still missing. This is a time for us to be united in love. I believe together we can overcome this evil let’s stay strong and be prayerful.

Mrs Ade: How about Success? Am I just going to pretend like all is well? I have lost a daughter, I can’t lose another.

Mr Ade: Honey calm down. We will find Success.

Mrs Ade: stop telling me to calm down. Calm down, calm down was how I lost my child, now you are talking me to calm down. Dont tell mr that.

There was a hitted argument between mr and Mrs Ade and no matter how John and Loveth tried to calm them down, they wouldn’t listen. When John was tired of settling them, he stormed out of the house. Loveth tried stopping him but he was already gone. And so she left her parents arguing and went straight to her room.

Mr and Mrs Ade kept up with the argument for quiet some time, Mr Ade even had to slap his wife for her to shut up. After the slap, Mrs Ade just kept mute. In their almost twenty years of marriage her husband had never raised his hands on her. Immediately Mr Ade began to regret what he had done and tried to pacify his wife. The whole house was quiet.


It was past 12 midnight and John was yet to be back. Mr and Mrs Ade sat at the sitting room pacing from left to right. Loveth sat opposite them watching them.

Loveth: Dad, mom you never listen to me, if for once you would listen probably things won’t be like this. The things that Lilian told me before she died I can see them already manifesting in this house.

Just then the door opened and John walked in, he was drunk.

Mr Ade: Sweet Jesus! John! What is the meaning of this. When did you start taking alcohol.

John: (laughing hysterically) dad since the day you and mom started arguing and quarreling like kids. Since the day my sister disappeared and instead of you too to be finding a way to get her back you do nothing but fight. Since the day all of this problems started. That is since when I’ve started drinking.

Mrs Ade: John do you realize you are talking to your father? Do you know he is the head of this house?And how dare you come to this house drunk. What is wrong with you?

John: Mom, did you realize you were talking to your husband when you were insulting and shouting at dad? Did you realize he was the head of this house before you shouted and talked rudely to him? Ever since daddy lost his job do you still regard him as a man? The way you treat him is that the way to treat a husband? Mom you are not even in a position to talk to me so please dont talk to me at all. The two of you shouldn’t talk to me. Allow me live my life the wat I want. (He started laughing as he climbed up to his room)

Loveth: Its happening! Its all happening. (She rushes to her dad who was staring at her confused.) Daddy we have to act fast, its all happening.

Mr Ade: What is happening?

Loveth: mummy, daddy, Lilian told me before she died that the man in the picture, (she points to the picture on the wall) she said the man fave her something to eat, and that the man tied you and mummy down and flogged you every day and that the man made John a drunkard and finally mad. Mom, dad, Lilian said we should leave this house. She said we must leave this house.

Mr Ade: What is this Loveth, how can you be fabricating stories against your own sister who is already dead. What is this?

Loveth: Daddy please you have to believe me, please! (Mr Ade turned and walked away,/Loveth runs to her mom) Mummy, tell me you believe me please. We need to get out of this place. This house is evil.

Without saying a word, Mrs Ade turned and walked away from Loveth, leaving her Alone in the parlour. She fell on the chair and cried. Confused in what next to do.

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