THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 5 – 8

He asked we drive to the house as he got food from a very lovely restaurant for lunch. My house wasn’t far from the salon and it was just 11am. Ada would close from school by 1pm, so I had 2 hours to spend with him.

Arriving at the house, we made our way to the sitting room. We had lunch and chatted about everything. When it was 1pm he was ready to leave as he hugged me for a moment. That hug held so many promises, warmth and hope. The hug was interrupted when my phone chimed. I glanced and saw it was a text message from Uzor. The message read “Looking forward to this weekend. I miss you so much Sinach, can’t get over the image of you from yesterday”.
Yemi promised we would do this more often and this time, Ada would be around. We made our way outside and he gave me a bag of goodies he got for myself and Ada.
When he drove out, I dropped the parcel and made my way to Ada’s school.
Ada back from school was excited about the gift Yemi got her. He got her a wrist watch, a Barbie board of stickers and sneakers. He got me a beautiful set of jewellery.

I tried to think of a way out of this. Do I go back to Uzor or try something new with Yemi. I called Dera to tell her about the recent events and she advised I don’t rush anything but take it a step at a time.
Saturday morning, Uzor had called me to ask when we would be in the house and requested we come for breakfast in the house as he made breakfast already.
“Daddy”. Ada screamed when she saw Uzor at the door entrance.
He looked so handsome I thought to myself, and he stood so tall and wearing the shorts I got him for Christmas. He hugged and held Ada tightly.
“Hello Sinach”. He said calmly as he stared at me with a hint of admiration in his eyes.
“Hello Uzor”. I replied.
He led the way into the house and with breakfast set, we were set for the morning. He planned the day already.

After breakfast, we saw a PG rated movie and then played board games, ordered pizza for lunch. Ada slept right off after having 3 slices of pizza. It was just me and Uzor. We told and reminiscence about the past. Yemi sent a text to ask how my day was going and if he could come over. I replied to say I was out and might not return until Sunday evening. He replied that it was okay and would come over on Sunday evening.

It was 5pm, With Ada awake, Uzor asked us to go out for dinner. We went to a very lovely restaurant, we had dinner and then went to a game arcade, played games and then retired for the evening. Ada was already asleep when we got home. I took her to her old bedroom and found out that Uzor laid the bed and the room was clean.

I walked into the sitting room and saw him switching channels on the T.v. I sat close to him and we settled on Mnet action.
It was 12 midnight when I woke up and I was naked. I looked over and saw Uzor cuddling me close. This felt weird but different.

I was happy and the flashback of the intercourse fizzled through my mind. He was gentle and calm. What did i do? Did i just have make love to my soon to be ex husband? On the other hand, it felt right. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a phone chime. It was so close to mine and it had same notification tone as mine. I picked up the phone and glanced at it. That singular statement broke me to the woman I used to know. It shattered the woman I’ve built up in the past months. The tears started and I knew the weakling was back. Curiosity got a hold of me when I opened the conversation between Uzor and the contact he saved as “My world”.
Apparently she was out of town and he told her he was bored and missed her terribly. She was aware I was in the house for the weekend with Ada.
She replied saying
“ Your old flame isn’t that hot anymore? See you soon my love”.

To be continued