THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 5 – 8

Episode 8

A month later, with the divorce almost finalised and with my business booming, I made up my mind to secure a befitting accommodation for myself and Ada. Yemi had turned to a constant I wasn’t ready for. He came as a friend and I wanted him to stay as a friend even though the bells that rang in my head rang a different tone and he looked at me and treated me like I was fragile.
I secured a house with the help of Yemi and paid almost immediately. It was a 2 bedroom apartment with a very big kitchen . Immediately I got home, I went searching for Uzor and found him in his bed room.
“I’m moving out this weekend “. I said
“Why? Is this house not big enough for us? Where are you going to?”
“We would cease to be husband and wife soon. I need my own space”. I replied
“Who would cook for me?”
“You asked for a divorce, remember? That nullifies my role and duty as a wife. Go and get a maid or tell your girlfriend to do the cooking”.
“You’ve grown wings o”. With this he stood up from the bed and walked towards me.
“How dare you speak to me in a such manner, I own you Sinach”.
“You do not own me”. I wasn’t scared as I stood my ground.
“Shut your mouth woman, I can decide to stall the divorce and keep you in this house”.
“That’s to your own detriment because I care less about you or your wellbeing.

I would only be the biggest headache you could ever have”. That said, I walked away.
I was moving out of this house whether Uzor liked it or not.
Friday night, I called Ada and spoke to her about the current happenings.
“Do you know what that means”. I asked her
“Yes I do mummy, It’s when the husband and wife stop being husband and wife. Dad has been cruel to you mummy. I see when he beats you up”.
I was dumbfounded, she noticed everything but kept it to herself.
“My love, please do not hate your dad”.
“I don’t hate dad. I love him very much even though he doesn’t care about me.whenb I come with you to your new house?” she replied innocently.
Tears welled up in my eyes but I chose not to cry, at least not in her presence.
“Of course my love, you’d have your own room” I said smiling.
It was Saturday and I was so happy. I packed my clothes into my boxes and Ada did the same. Uzor just stared at us and knowing he couldn’t take care of his daughter, he didn’t oppose. Yemi helped me with a mover’s number and by 12noon, I and my daughter embarked on a new journey.

With time I increased my business, I became an event planner. I barely had time for anything other than myself and daughter. I was home on a Thursday afternoon after school runs when Uzor called me to say he was at the gate. It’s been four weeks since we moved out of the house. I dropped my new address with him if he wanted to see his daughter. He called frequently to check and talk to his daughter.

I went outside and told the security man to open the gate
“Welcome Uzor, how are you?” I said immediately he alighted from his car.
He stared at me for what seem like an eternity before he responded to my greeting.
“Thank you Sinach, I’m fine and you”? He responded with a cheerful demeanor.
He seemed excited and happy. I couldn’t place the last time he was so cheerful and responded to my greeting without a hint of sarcasm. I led the way into the house.

My house was a small 2bedroom apartment but it befitting for myself and Ada. The sitting room was sparsely decorated with few arm chairs , a Tv on the wall, a pale blue curtain and a dark blue rug on the floor. He entered the house and stared not in disgust but with an unreadable facial expression. I was happy a part of me didn’t need his approval anymore.


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