THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 5 – 8

During the later part of our marriage, It was an achievement for me if and when Uzor approved of my outfits or hair as it leaves me smiling like a teenager. I once loosened an hairstyle Uzor discredited, in his words “You look So old and really matured, one would think you’re my mother”.
“Daddy!!!”. Ada screamed immediately she saw Uzor.
He hugged her closely and I could swear I saw a tear drop down his face. It made me smile. Maybe he missed his daughter and actually cared after all.
Ada showed him around the house and they played and laughed. My heart was filled with joy. He stole a few glances at me from time to time which I wouldn’t lie, made me blush. I miss how we used to be. Miracles can happen.

Food was ready, I served Uzor his meal and he ate the meal down to its morsel. He assisted in clearing the dishes and doing of the dishes. We sat in the sitting room and watched tv and made random jokes. It was a beautiful evening. It left me hopeful, maybe he had changed.
It was 7pm when he said he was ready to leave and pleaded I bring Ada to spend the weekend at his house. Ada insisted I come with her which I agreed to and we saw Uzor off to his car.
Had God answered my prayer? I prayed for strength to start again and stand on my feet. Was my marriage undergoing self repair?

I heard my phone chime around 7.30pm. I opened the phone and found a message from Uzor.
“I’m home and I had a nice time today. I miss you Sinach”.
I started to type that I missed him too but stopped. I deleted the message and began to type “ I had a nice time too”, I deleted the message and began to type “ Thank God and then I asked myself what I was I thanking God for exactly. After 10 attempts to type an appropriate reply, I dumped my phone and walked out of the room to watch Tv.

After preparing Ada for school and dropping her off on a Friday morning. I made my way to my favourite saloon and decided to change my hair. I had told Aunty Tina about the event of the previous day. She was happy and danced around a little bit. I didn’t know how to react to this new development.

As I sat on the saloon chair, I received a message from Yemi saying he just got into town and wanted to see me. He travelled out of the country immediately I moved for a business trip. He called frequently, we skyped most times as the time difference was an hindrance to constant communication. I was excited to see him and I sent him the address of the salon.
He came into the salon, he stood so tall and everyone turned to steal a glance. He stood and stared as our eyes met. My heart skipped a beat, he looked so handsome and neat. The weather of the country was good for him as he looked so healthy. I wanted to run into his arms but I was only able to walk up to him and shake him.
“How was your trip”? I asked
“It was fine”? He replied smiling.
“I’m almost done with my hair, please just wait a while”.
He nodded and sat down close to me. I introduced him to Aunty Tina and we talked on and on about the country he visited, he also showed us pictures and after plenty ohhh and ahhh, my hair was done and we left the salon.


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